Match Report: Wigan 106 Whitehaven 8
Posted by Bilko on May 13 2008 - 19:56
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Monday 12th May 2008
Wigan Warriors 106 Whitehaven 8
JJB Stadium, Wigan
Carnegie Challenge Cup Round 5
Kick Off 7:30pm

- Wigan       - Whitehaven    
5 Pat Richards  T   G17    1 Gary Broadbent    
2 Mark Calderwood  T2      2 Craig Calvert    
3 Darrell Goulding       3 Rob Jackson  T   
4 George Carmont       4 Scott McAvoy    
14 Liam Colbon       5 Ade Adebisi  T   
6 Trent Barrett  T3      6 Carl Rudd    
29 Sam Tomkins  T5      7 Marc Bainbridge    
15 Andy Coley       8 Ryan McDonald    
9 Mick Higham  T      9 Graeme Mattinson    
10 Iafeta Paleaaesina  T2      10 Karl Edmondson    
11 Gareth Hock       11 Howard Hill    
12 Phil Bailey  T      12 Spencer Miller    
13 Sean O'Loughlin  T      13 Saial Makisi    
1 Richard Mathers       14 Derrie Elibeck    
8 Stuart Fielden       15 Davy Ford    
16 Harrison Hansen  T2      16 Danny Barker    
19 Paul Prescott       17 Scott Teare    


Well with a final score of 106-8 their isn't much you can say.

Sam Tomkins - what a debut. He was like the spark when you flick the ignition on a gas cooker. Ok it was against weak opposition but to score five tries and an hat-trick inside just 13 minutes on your debut is outstanding. Every break he was there in support and had a good turn of pace - something that is lacking very much in our side. I wouldn't drop him even on that show - at least in my view he is worth a place on the subs bench.

Feka Paleaaesina was also immense tonight. He topped his night off with a late run which saw him barge many defenders over in a 60 metre dash. His head gear was left on our own 30 as he went towards Whitehaven's 30. He didn't score from that run but did manage the first and last tries of the night.

Have to say though I thought our performance dropped when Stuart Fielden replaced Feka on 20 minutes. We went from scoring 7 tries in Feka's spell to just one. Maybe a coincidence I dunno but I suppose its harsh to criticise as it was a complete non event.

The result is Wigan's highest ever win against a professional side and only the second time in history that they topped 100 points. The only other time they hit a century was when they beat amateurs Flimby & Fothergill United 116-0 on 14th February 1925 (that was under 3 points for a try). Sam Tomkins 13 minute hatrick is not a club record. Attie Van Heerden scored 3 in the first 12 minutes that day v Flimby,

Pat Richards just fell short of beating Jim Sullivan's long standing most points in a match record which dates back to that Flimby & Fothergill game. Pat's 38 was just shy of Sullivan's 44 points - It also trails 40 points in a match by Martin Offiah and Shaun Edwards back in 1992 when they both scored a record 10 tries in matches against Leeds and Swinton respectively. No doubt in my mind though that Pat would have blitzed that record had he played out on the wing - because he'd had scored a lot more than 1 try to add to his 17 goals.

This was also Whitehaven's heaviest ever defeat - there previous worst was also inflicted by Wigan when we won 98-4 at the JJB in February 2000.

02mins:20Wigan 04Whitehaven 00Try: Iafeta Paleaaesina
-Wigan 06Whitehaven 00Conversion: Pat Richards (1/1)
04mins:10Wigan 10Whitehaven 00Try: Sam Tomkins
-Wigan 12Whitehaven 00Conversion: Pat Richards (2/2)
07mins:02Wigan 16Whitehaven 00Try: Sam Tomkins (2)
-Wigan 18Whitehaven 00Conversion: Pat Richards (3/3)
12mins:12Wigan 22Whitehaven 00Try: Sam Tomkins (Hatrick)
-Wigan 24Whitehaven 00Conversion: Pat Richards (4/4)
14mins:35Wigan 28Whitehaven 00Try: Trent Barrett
-Wigan 30Whitehaven 00Conversion: Pat Richards (5/5)
17mins:07Wigan 34Whitehaven 00Try: Sean O'Loughlin
-Wigan 36Whitehaven 00Conversion: Pat Richards (6/6)
20mins:39Wigan 40Whitehaven 00Try: Mick Higham
-Wigan 42Whitehaven 00Conversion: Pat Richards (7/7)
25mins:09Wigan 42Whitehaven 04Try: Ade Adebisi
-Wigan 42Whitehaven 04C.Rudd Missed Conversion (0/1)
32mins:13Wigan 46Whitehaven 04Try: Harrison Hansen
-Wigan 48Whitehaven 04Conversion: Pat Richards (8/8)
40mins:00Wigan 48Whitehaven 08Try: Rob Jackson
-Wigan 48Whitehaven 08C.Rudd Missed Conversion (0/2)
Half TimeWigan Warriors 48 Whitehaven 08
40mins:14Wigan 52Whitehaven 08Try: Harrison Hansen (2)
-Wigan 54Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (9/9)
42mins:22Wigan 58Whitehaven 08Try: Mark Calderwood
-Wigan 58Whitehaven 08P.Richards Missed Conversion (9/10)
48mins:22Wigan 62Whitehaven 08Try: Sam Tomkins (4)
-Wigan 64Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (10/11)
54mins:39Wigan 68Whitehaven 08Try: Trent Barrett (2)
-Wigan 70Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (11/12)
65mins:07Wigan 74Whitehaven 08Try: Trent Barrett (Hatrick)
-Wigan 76Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (12/13)
67mins:12Wigan 80Whitehaven 08Try: Sam Tomkins (5)
-Wigan 82Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (13/14)
71mins:29Wigan 86Whitehaven 08Try: Mark Calderwood (2)
-Wigan 88Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (14/15)
74mins:23Wigan 92Whitehaven 08Try: Pat Richards
-Wigan 94Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (15/16)
76mins:56Wigan 98Whitehaven 08Try: Phil Bailey
-Wigan 100Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (16/17)
79mins:24Wigan 104Whitehaven 08Try: Iafeta Paleaaesina (2)
-Wigan 106Whitehaven 08Conversion: Pat Richards (17/18)
Full TimeWigan Warriors 106 Whitehaven 08

Richard Silverwood




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Monday 12th May 2008
Wigan 106 Whitehaven 8