Match Report: St Helens 57 Wigan 16
Posted by Bilko on May 05 2008 - 16:18
Embarrassing, pathetic, gutless, passionless, disgrace to the shirt - all words to describe St Helens performance against Wigan on Sunday. I just can't understand why the Saints fans didn't boo there tea off the park??
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Sunday 4th May 2008
Wigan Warriors 16 St Helens 57
Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
(Played Indoors with Stadium Roof Closed)
Engage Super League 13 - Round 13 of 27 (Magic Weekend)

Kick Off 6:30pm


- Wigan       - St Helens      
1 Richard Mathers       1 Paul Wellens      
14 Liam Colbon       2 Ade Gardner  T2     
3 Darrell Goulding       3 Matt Gidley    G   
4 George Carmont       4 Willie Talau  T2     
5 Pat Richards    G2    5 Francis Meli  T     
6 Trent Barrett       6 Leon Pryce      
7 Thomas Leuluai  T      7 Sean Long  T3   G7   DG 
8 Stuart Fielden       10 Jason Cayless      
9 Mick Higham  T      9 Keiron Cunningham      
19 Paul Prescott       17 James Graham      
16 Harrison Hansen  T      11 Lee Gilmour  T     
15 Andy Coley       16 Chris Flannery      
13 Sean O'Loughlin       12 Jon Wilkin  T     
10 Iafeta Paleaaesina       14 James Roby      
22 Joel Tomkins       15 Mike Bennett      
24 Eamon O'Carroll       18 Bryn Hargreaves      
25 Thomas Coyle       21 Paul Clough      


Embarrassing, pathetic, gutless, passionless, disgrace to the shirt - all words to describe St Helens performance against Wigan on Sunday. I just can't understand why the Saints fans didn't boo there team off the park??

I mean for them to let that shower of s*** in Cherry & White put 16 points past them is disgusting really. They'll never be able to hold there heads high again. And they only scored 57 - how is rubbish is that!!

This image sums up the Wigan effort.......

........that's the surrender flag going up about 6:25pm (before the game kicked off!).

The effort of all 17 was pathetic. Us that went will have spent a fortune this weekend and for what?

It is clear to see that since Andy Farrell left there is no passion in the side, no leadership and very little quality. Most fans I think expected us to lose but the manner was unacceptable to the legends of the past who have worn the Cherry&White shirt.

I mean Brian Noble's post match comments included.....

"The first half was particularly embarrassing and the fans deserved a lot better. The plan is to put it right and soon as possible and that will involve plenty of straight talking and a lot of hard work."

What a load of cr*p that is. I must have imagined us getting pumped in similar fashion at Knowsley Road on Good Friday because by the sounds of talk like that - it never happened! Us Wigan fans must have walked off that day with smiles all round!

Surely Sunday's game should have been about putting right the wrongs of Good Friday??? That's really what wrangles me the most. The players have clearly not been too bothered about the Good Friday defeat because if they had been they'd have given fifty times better that what we saw in Cardiff.

Saints didn't even have to be that great. They were in first gear all game and just found the gaps with ease.

Sean O'Loughlin should perhaps resign now as captain. His pre match comments included.

"Last year we didn’t get the result we wanted against St Helens but we’ll be going all out to put that right."

All Out???? What a joke! That was a worse collapse that the regular ones we seen over the years from the England Cricket Team.

And as for our full back. I stuck up for him earlier in the year but lets get Pat back there.

Could go on moaning but there's nothing much that I can add to what every Wigan fan will be feeling. We are hurting badly but do the players care? Not on the evidence of that showing.

St Helens scrum-half Sean Long cast his spell on woeful Wigan to add some late gloss to the Millennium Magic weekend in Cardiff.

Still smarting from their 34-18 defeat at the Millennium Stadium 12 months earlier and a 46-10 Good Friday mauling at Knowsley Road, the Warriors suffered yet more misery at the hands of their arch rivals.

With Long in magnificent form, Saints were simply irresistible as they cut loose against some pathetic defence with six high-class tries before half-time, when they led 35-0, and they added four more after the break.

When Saints reached the half-century mark, Wigan fans among the 32,516 crowd - which took the total for the two days to a bumper 63,144 - began to head for the exits, even though there was still half-an-hour of the match left.

Long, so often Wigan's nemesis, was at the heart of the destruction, scoring three tries and kicking seven goals, including a cheeky drop goal, for a personal haul of 27 points.

Long kept his footing on the slippery surface to wrongfoot Wigan captain Sean O'Loughlin and swerve past full-back Richard Mathers for the game's first try after only five minutes.

If Mathers was uncomfortable over his role in the first score, he will be having recurring nightmares over his part in Saints' second try, a 70-metre effort which highlighted the current gulf in class between these two old rivals.

Second rower Jon Wilkin took Jason Cayless' pass to go through a gaping hole in the Warriors defence and, without support, decided to take on the full-back. A thunderous hand-off sent Mathers sprawling and left the second rower with a clear run to the line.

Long converted both tries to give his side a 12-0 lead and it got even worse for Wigan on 19 minutes when Saints winger Francis Meli grabbed a controversial 60-metre try.

Meli looked to be offside when his centre Willie Talau palmed the ball back from an offload by O'Loughlin and appeared to be waiting for the whistle after collecting the ball.

Referee Phil Bentham allowed play to continue before passing the decision on to video official Richard Silverwood, who stunned Wigan fans by giving the green light.

The score clearly dispirited Wigan, whose defence cracked three more times in alarming fashion in a devastating seven-minute spell.

Right winger Ade Gardner pounced on a grubber kick from Matt Gidley for his 12th try of the season, second rower Lee Gilmour broke clear to get Talau over and Long supported a break by stand-off Leon Pryce to grab his second try.

Long took his goal tally to five from six attempts and edged his side further ahead with a one-pointer four minutes before the break, which could not come quick enough for a bedraggled Wigan outfit.

The Warriors at least they had the satisfaction of scoring the first try of the second half.

Scrum-half Thomas Leuluai, who will set off for New Zealand straight after the match to link up with his country ahead of Friday's centenary Test in Sydney, jinked his way over within two minutes of the re-start.

There would have been some concern from the Kiwis camp when Leuluai came up clutching his left arm but he managed to continue.

His problems did not end there, though, for he was put on report for an alleged trip on Gardner and could face the threat of disciplinary action.

St Helens, meanwhile, continued their impressive form from the first half, with Long supporting a break by Gidley to complete his hat-trick and full-back Paul Wellens creating a second try for Talau.

Gardner then grabbed his second try and Long took his goal tally to seven to bring up his side's half-century and extend their lead to 51-4.

Saints coach Daniel Anderson took the opportunity to rest both his half-backs ahead of next week's Challenge Cup-tie with Warrington and that allowed Wigan some respite.

Second rower Harrison Hansen and hooker Mick Higham both scored tries and Pat Richards kicked both conversions before Gilmour went over for Saints' 10th try and Gidley added the goal.

6th Minute Wigan 00 St Helens 04 Try: Sean Long
- Wigan 00 St Helens 06 Conversion: Sean Long (1/1)
14th Minute Wigan 00 St Helens 10 Try: Jon Wilkin
- Wigan 00 St Helens 12 Conversion: Sean Long (2/2)
19th Minute Wigan 00 St Helens 16 Try: Francis Meli
- Wigan 00 St Helens 18 Conversion: Sean Long (3/3)
28th Minute Wigan 00 St Helens 22 Try: Ade Gardner
- Wigan 00 St Helens 22 S.Long Missed Conversion (3/4)
32nd Minute Wigan 00 St Helens 26 Try: Willie Talau
- Wigan 00 St Helens 28 Conversion: Sean Long (4/5)
35th Minute Wigan 00 St Helens 32 Try: Sean Long (2)
- Wigan 00 St Helens 34 Conversion: Sean Long (5/6)
37th Minute Wigan 00 St Helens 35 Drop Goal: Sean Long
Half Time Wigan Warriors 00 St Helens 35
42nd Minute Wigan 04 St Helens 35 Try: Thomas Leuluai
- Wigan 04 St Helens 35 P.Richards Missed Conversion (0/1)
45th Minute Wigan 04 St Helens 39 Try: Sean Long (3)
- Wigan 04 St Helens 41 Conversion: Sean Long (6/7)
50th Minute Wigan 04 St Helens 45 Try: Willie Talau (2)
- Wigan 04 St Helens 45 S.Long Missed Conversion (6/8)
58th Minute Wigan 04 St Helens 49 Try: Ade Gardner (2)
- Wigan 04 St Helens 51 Conversion: Sean Long (7/9)
62nd Minute Wigan 08 St Helens 51 Try: Harrison Hansen
- Wigan 10 St Helens 51 Conversion: Pat Richards (1/2)
68th Minute Wigan 14 St Helens 51 Try: Mick Higham
- Wigan 16 St Helens 51 Conversion: Pat Richards (2/3)
71st Minute Wigan 16 St Helens 55 Try: Lee Gilmour
- Wigan 16 St Helens 57 Conversion: Matt Gidley (1/1)
Full Time Wigan Warriors 16 St Helens 57

Phil Bentham


32,516 (Combined Attendance for Magic Weekend - Day 2)

Super League 13 - Round 13 (Magic Weekend) Results
Sat 3 May Huddersfield Giants 34 Warrington Wolves 36 30,628
Sat 3 May Castleford Tigers 16 Wakefield Wildcats 54
Sat 3 May Bradford Bulls 26 Leeds Rhinos 40
Sun 4 May Catalan Dragons 18 Harlequins 16 32,516
Sun 4 May Hull FC 17 Hull Kingston Rovers 22
Sun 4 May St Helens 57 Wigan Warriors 16

Engage Super League 13 Table - After This Round
- Team P W D L F A Diff Pts
1 Leeds Rhinos 13 11 0 2 402 164 +238 22
2 Catalans Dragons 13 8 1 4 289 296 -7 17
3 St Helens 13 8 0 5 399 277 +122 16
4 Bradford Bulls 13 7 0 6 313 268 +45 14
5 Warrington Wolves 13 7 0 6 305 304 +1 14
6 Wakefield Wildcats 13 7 0 6 276 280 -4 14
7 Wigan Warriors 13 7 0 6 267 314 -47 14
8 Hull Kingston Rovers 13 6 1 6 255 275 -20 13
9 Harlequins 13 6 0 7 269 313 -44 12
10 Hull FC 13 4 1 8 232 291 -59 9
11 Huddersfield Giants 13 3 1 9 285 314 -29 7
12 Castleford Tigers 13 2 0 11 239 435 -196 4