Match Report: Hull FC 24 Wigan 22
Posted by Bilko on February 23 2008 - 01:36
Three years go I got a brick round the back of the head whilst exiting the KC Stadium and tonight our coach window was smashed close to the ground delaying our departure by an hour. Shame dickheads have to tarnish what was a great game despite the bad result from our point of view.
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Friday 22nd February 2008
Hull FC 24 Wigan Warriors 22
Kingston Communications Stadium, Hull
Engage Super League 13 - Round 3 of 27
Kick Off 8:00pm

- Wigan       - Hull FC    
1 Richard Mathers       1 Motu Tony    
14 Liam Colbon       29 Danny Williams    
3 Darrell Goulding       25 Todd Byrne    
4 George Carmont  T      4 Craig Hall    
5 Pat Richards  T   G3    5 Gareth Raynor    
6 Trent Barrett       13 Danny Washbrook    
7 Thomas Leuluai       9 Shaun Berrigan  T   
15 Andy Coley       8 Ewan Dowes    
9 Mick Higham       23 Thomas Lee    
10 Iafeta Paleaaesina       26 Peter Cusack    
12 Phil Bailey  T      16 Willie Manu    
16 Harrison Hansen       11 Lee Radford  T   
13 Sean O'Loughlin       12 Danny Tickle  T   G4 
11 Gareth Hock  T      15 Paul King    
17 Michael McIlorum       17 Graeme Horne    
19 Paul Prescott       18 Scott Wheeldon    
24 Eamon O'Carroll       20 Danny Houghton  T   


I was hearing all game "ref was poor", "ref is rubbish, "ref not giving us anything" and we may well have been battered on the penalty count. But I always prefer to look at ourselves.

Simply we should have won that. When Bailey went over to give us a 22-14 lead we should of shut up shop, calmed down and seen the match out. We needed to keep Hull out for as long as we could but to let them score so quickly after we'd gone eight up was in the end what cost us.

We had a great 16 minute spell up to half time but for once we had a poor second half and that is credit to Hull I think.

One of the features of this match was the kick offs from Pat Richards which caused Hull all sorts of problems. Motu Tony, who is struggling to replace Shaun Briscoe at full back, fumbled the match kick off but Wigan failed to capitalise - they did get over but a Harrison Hansen touch down was pulled back after a forward pass.

It was Hull who scored first in the 7th minute. Danny Washbrook sent Shaun Berrigan over and Tickle's conversion made it 6-0.

Deja Vu as the restart was fumbled, this time by Ewan Dowes, but again Wigan failed to capitalise.

Apart from the kick offs, Wigan had started poorly and Hull should have gone further ahead. Washbrook had sent Tickle over but the ex Wigan man knocked on trying to score and to make it worse he did it in front of the travelling Wigan fans. Tickle did add a penalty goal on 20 minutes to make it 8-0 though.

Another restart and although not from the initial kick off, Hull fumbled again. This time Berrigan knocked on and finally Wigan made them pay. Tommy Leuluai sent Gareth Hock in for his first try of the season. His only try in 2007 came in the plays off at Hull and his last try before that was also against Hull in the last match of 2006 at the JJB - so Gaz would like to play them every week! Richards had an easy conversion which made it 8-6.

The next 15 minutes to half time was all Wigan and they cashed in with two more scores.

Down the left hand side Leuluai put a neat kick in which Richards patted back to Carmont for the score. He did well Richards as he must have been a bugs dick away from the try line. Richards then hit a beauty off the touchline to convert and Wigan led for the first time on the night - 12-8.

Right on half time we scored our third try. Again down the left, a neat kick caused confusion, Carmont returned the favour to Richards by sending him over with a sublime pass. Richards failed to convert this time though so the half time score was 16-8 to Wigan.

First try after the break was always going to be crucial and it was the home side which got it. Teenage hooker Danny Houghton  bounced over for a first senior try. Tickle converted 16-14.

Moments later Craig Hall broke clear but a brilliant tackle from Richard Mathers bundled him into touch.

Hull were on top but Wigan scored next. Leuluai found the right pass to send Phil Bailey in for a score and Richards conversion made it 22-14 with 20 minutes left. We just needed to go slow and keep calm - see the game out. But Hull came back with a quick score.

I mentioned in the match preview how I felt despite injuries Hull would be on top in the forwards and I think its this department that would Hull the match. They made easy yards late on and this was a factor in the try Lee Radford finished off on 63 minutes. Tickle missed the conversion so Wigan led by four.

Hull though continued to stream forward at every opportunity and Wigan began to lose their discipline, conceding two vital penalties in a row.

After troubling Hull with kicks all night the fortunes were unfortunately turned. On a last tackle a bomb was put up, Liam Colbon dropped it in the in goal and Tickle pounced for the try under the posts. His conversion gave Hull a 24-22 lead with 9 to go.

Wigan never really looked close to coming back although a break down the left by Micky Higham gave us hope - but he didn't have the legs. I'm afraid their is still a big lack of pace in the Wigan side.

7th Minute Hull FC 04 Wigan 00 Try: Shaun Berrigan
- Hull FC 06 Wigan 00 Conversion: Danny Tickle (1/1)
20th Minute Hull FC 08 Wigan 00 Penalty Goal: Danny Tickle (2/2)
24th Minute Hull FC 08 Wigan 04 Try: Gareth Hock
- Hull FC 08 Wigan 06 Conversion: Pat Richards (1/1)
30th Minute Hull FC 08 Wigan 10 Try: George Carmont
- Hull FC 08 Wigan 12 Conversion: Pat Richards (2/2)
38th Minute Hull FC 08 Wigan 16 Try: Pat Richards
- Hull FC 08 Wigan 16 P.Richards Missed Conversion (2/3)
Half Time Hull FC 08 Wigan Warriors 16
45th Minute Hull FC 12 Wigan 16 Try: Danny Houghton
- Hull FC 14 Wigan 16 Conversion: Danny Tickle (3/3)
60th Minute Hull FC 14 Wigan 20 Try: Phil Bailey
- Hull FC 14 Wigan 22 Conversion: Pat Richards (3/4)
63rd Minute Hull FC 18 Wigan 22 Try: Lee Radford
- Hull FC 18 Wigan 22 D.Tickle Missed Conversion (3/4)
70th Minute Hull FC 22 Wigan 22 Try: Danny Tickle
- Hull FC 24 Wigan 22 Conversion: Danny Tickle (4/5)
Full Time Hull FC 24 Wigan Warriors 22

Gareth Hewer



Super League 13 - Round 3 Results
Fri 22 Feb Bradford Bulls 16 St Helens 22 10,756
Fri 22 Feb Hull FC 24 Wigan Warriors 22 13,226
Fri 22 Feb Leeds Rhinos 34 Catalan Dragons 6 14,083
Sat 23 Feb Harlequins 34 Wakefield Wildcats 18 3,176
Sun 24 Feb Huddersfield Giants 64 Castleford Tigers 12 7,184
Sun 24 Feb Hull Kingston Rovers 28 Warrington Wolves 29 8,704

Engage Super League 12 Table - After This Round
- Team P W D L F A Diff Pts
1 Leeds Rhinos 4 4 0 0 128 36 +92 8
2 Wigan Warriors 3 2 0 1 97 68 +29 4
3 Harlequins 3 2 0 1 86 71 +15 4
4 St Helens 3 2 0 1 74 62 +12 4
5 Warrington Wolves 3 2 0 1 83 78 +5 4
6 Hull Kingston Rovers 4 2 0 2 88 91 -3 4
7 Bradford Bulls 3 1 0 2 78 60 +12 2
8 Huddersfield Giants 3 1 0 2 86 80 +6 2
9 Catalans Dragons 3 1 0 2 47 72 -25 2
10 Hull FC 3 1 0 2 50 78 -28 2
11 Wakefield Wildcats 3 1 0 2 52 102 -50 2
12 Castleford Tigers 3 0 0 3 42 113 -71 0