Midweek Blog: Round 14 -----> Magic Weekend
Posted by Bilko on May 17 2016 - 17:02
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As appeared in Wigan Evening Post 18th Man Page - 17th May 2016

How disappointing last Friday against Hull to see Wigan 16-0 down within quarter of an hour and the match practically already lost. Fair enough to get back to 18-16 down was a good effort but this awful attack continues to be mightily frustrating to watch.

Dan Sarginson throwing a lazy pass into touch on the half way line set an early poor tone and I just found that showing really painful to sit through if Iím honest and I know a lot of fans are in the same mind-set.

The reason for that is because this isnít a one off. Chronic slow starts have been a problem all season, highlighted by the fact that Wigan have scored ten or less at half time in THIRTEEN of their sixteen matches this season and bear in mind one of those three exceptions was the cup tie at Dewsbury.

In Super League matches that is equating to a paltry 6.7 points per first half on average this year. Of course Rugby League is an 80-minute game, and it actually shows excellent character and bottle to have turned consistently bad starts like that into nine league wins, but mentally the slow, lackluster, error ridden starts are leaving a lot of supporters with a totally negative mind set of what they are watching and it has to be said the frustration is boiling up.

Absences of key players from key positions certainly havenít helped at all but I still not sure that can excuse for the fact that this current attack is performing WORSE than the attack of the 2006 season was doing after the same 14 games weíve played so far.

That side in 2006, that had lost twelve of their fourteen matches and sat bottom of Super League, had scored 266 points after 14 matches and this was the Dennis Moran led Wigan side before Michael Dobson and Stuart Fielden had got anywhere near the team.

Wigan of 2016 after 14 matches have scored 264 points. It is remarkable that we are performing with a relegation standard attack but yet are fifth in the league and only two points off top of the table. Absolutely remarkable.

I hope and I pray that our attack will finally spark into life this Saturday and put in performance that will surely condemn Leeds to the embarrassing indignity of Middle 8s Rugby come the mid-season split.

I have the faith to be honest, because weíve put in some great performances at Magic Weekend in recent years, but if we produce what has been a very typical first half display this season then I donít think weíll beat Leeds. I hope we are at this one from the off!