Midweek Blog: Round 12 ------> Round 13
Posted by Bilko on April 27 2016 - 12:03

Extended News

Last week’s game against Huddersfield was pretty much a carbon copy of the match against Castleford the week before. It was a great battle for an hour but Wigan finished the stronger to take the two points.

You have to be honest and say that Huddersfield going down to twelve men twice helped us but I did find Paul Anderson’s post-match towards referee Joe Cobb bizarre. He suggested he officiated the ruck differently in the second half to the first.

Personally I didn’t have much of a problem with the ruck speed first half and didn’t notice anything different with it second half, but could it be that the 7-1 penalty count against them second half was more because Wigan’s discipline was excellent rather than the referee being turned by John Bateman having a chat to him at half time?

I mean David Cameron and Barack Obama met at Downing Street this weekend and I assume it was to discuss sending Bateman out to Syria to sort the mess out there. If his powers of persuasion are that good, he is the right man for the job!

A lot of them penalties to my recall weren’t ruck penalties anyway. At least four were survival ones on the try line. Dean Hatton at Wigan St Pats was given a new world record for fastest try recently, well Huddersfield must have set a new record for quickest sin binning after a team warning. Just eight seconds of game time elapsed between the warning and Cobb getting the yellow card out his back pocket.

I still think the attack from Wigan clunked a lot in its execution but you have to admire the resilience of the side. I make that five times this year that Wigan have won a game that they’d be trailing in the final quarter. I think that is a sign of the squad maturing mentality with experience because I certainly think that’s where we fell just short last year and I’d point to our then poor away record to back that suggestion up.

Suggestions are that over the next fortnight Dom Manfredi, George Williams, Liam Farrell, Sean O’Loughlin, Dom Crosby, Ben Flower could all be available. With Sam Tomkins due back for the Hull game  also, the time will surely come for our attack to step up a gear?

I mean, Wigan went top last Thursday and on that night you had bottom of the table Huddersfield having scored more attacking points than top of the table. I genuinely wonder if that has ever happened in the history of sport? Certainly so deep into the season?

This week we go to Warrington with the team no doubt wanting to right the wrongs of the beginning of the month. I hope we can repeat what we did last year when we responded to a pretty poor 17-6 loss at Warrington in July with a 28-0 victory in August!

Obviously that will be easier said than done but it'll be a big result for Wigan if they can get it. They'll go above a Warrington side who've been on top form for most of the year whilst we've been rolling alone with a limp attack and plenty of injuries. It'll also send the Wires to four defeats in six matches if we win, which would add some self doubt to them and perhaps expose how reliant they are to Chris Sandow.

They'll be happy, fine and dandy with the victory though so it's up to us to put in a good performance. Should be a telling night I think.