Under 19s: Wigan 38 Widnes 22
Posted by Bilko on March 13 2016 - 15:41

Extended News

Wigan Under 19s v Widnes Under 19s - Academy Championship
Saturday 12th March 2016. Kick Off 2:00pm at Orrell Training Ground.

Match Summary

For an hour, Wigan were pretty lacklustre in this Under 19s match against Widnes but they remained composed to come from 22-14 down with 25 minutes to go to score 24 unanswered points and win 38-22.

The early story was like the first team on Friday. Setting up the position was fine but they didn't half feed worms with the ball a lot.

Defence on the try line wasn't great either and a try from Owen Farnworth saw Widnes take a 17th Minute 4-0 lead.

Wigan did quickly respond with a brace of finishes by Jack Higginson but Widnes went in 10-8 up thanks to an extra conversion to a Jack Houghton try.

Widnes started better second half and pushed to a two score lead with a Liam Walsh try but although Wigan quickly hit back through Sam Brady, the two score lead was soon restored with a second Widnes score for Houghton.

The visitors needed to sit of their two score lead for a bit, but they lost it within four minutes again as Jack Wells reduced the deficit to 22-20.

That narrow two point lead for Widnes held until the 69th Minute but Lewis Heckford's try broke the deadlock and the spirit of the young Vikings.

Tom Davies then settled things for Wigan with a lovely chip ahead and finish in the right corner, which made it 32-22 and then with a minute to go full back James Worthington finished for 38-22.

That end score was harsh on Widnes to be fair but for Wigan it was a good result in the end. The performance was a little bit rusty in places but that can happen early in the season when you are introducing so many young new faces that have upgraded from last years Under 16s.

Team Sheets

- Wigan Position Widnes 1
1 James Worthington Full Back Olly Ashall 1
5 Tom Davies

Right Wing

Nathan Holbrook 19
4 Jake Moore Centre Keenan Brand 3
3 Paddy Casey Centre Ross Webster 4
2 Jack Higginson Left Wing Ryan Ince 5
6 Lewis Heckford Stand Off Joe Lyons 6
7 Josh Woods Scrum Half Jordan Johnstone 7
8 Max Dudley Prop Jack Armstrong 8
9 Josh Ganson Hooker Danny Walker 9

Caine Barnes


Owen Farnworth

11 Jack Wells 2nd Row Jack Houghton 11
12 Macauley Davies 2nd Row Liam Walsh 12
13 Kyle Shelford L.Forward Brad Walker 13
14 Sam Kibula Substitute Lloyd Roby 14
15 Oliver Partington Substitute James Routledge 15
21 Callum Field Substitute Pat McCarroll 16
24 Sam Brady Substitute Connor Cutts 17
- Matty Peet Coach Brett Hodgson -

Score Sheet

Wigan Under 19s 38


Widnes Under 19s 22

Tries (7):
Jack Higginson 2
Sam Brady
Jack Wells
Lewis Heckford
Tom Davies
James Worthington


Tries (4):
Owen Farnworth
Jack Houghton 2
Liam Walsh

Jake Moore 5/7
--- Goals:
Brad Walker 3/4

Scoring and Incident Pattern

17th Minute Wigan 00 Widnes 04 Try: Owen Farnworth
Wigan 00 Widnes 04 Missed Conv: Brad Walker (0/1)
26th Minute Wigan 04 Widnes 04 Try: Jack Higginson
Wigan 04 Widnes 04 Missed Conv: Jake Moore (0/1)
33rd Minute Wigan 08 Widnes 04 Try: Jack Higginson (2)
Wigan 08 Widnes 04 Missed Conv: Jake Moore (0/2)
38th Minute Wigan 08 Widnes 08 Try: Jack Houghton
Wigan 08 Widnes 10 Conversion: Brad Walker (1/2)
Half Time Wigan Under 19s 08 Widnes Under 19s 10
44th Minute Wigan 08 Widnes 14 Try: Liam Walsh
Wigan 08 Widnes 16 Conversion: Brad Walker (2/3)
47th Minute Wigan 12 Widnes 16 Try: Sam Brady
Wigan 14 Widnes 16 Conversion: Jake Moore (1/3)
52nd Minute Wigan 14 Widnes 20 Try: Jack Houghton (2)
Wigan 14 Widnes 22 Conversion: Brad Walker (3/4)
56th Minute Wigan 18 Widnes 22 Try: Jack Wells
Wigan 20 Widnes 22 Conversion: Jake Moore (2/4)
69th Minute Wigan 24 Widnes 22 Try: Lewis Heckford
Wigan 26 Widnes 22 Conversion: Jake Moore (3/5)
75th Minute Wigan 30 Widnes 22 Try: Tom Davies
Wigan 32 Widnes 22 Conversion: Jake Moore (4/6)
79th Minute Wigan 36 Widnes 22 Try: James Worthington
Wigan 38 Widnes 22 Conversion: Jake Moore (5/7)
Full Time Wigan Under 19s 38 Widnes Under 19s 22


Marcus Griffiths.