Match Report: Wigan 47 Castleford 12
Posted by Bilko on September 27 2015 - 13:12
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Extended News

Wigan Warriors v Castleford Tigers - First Utility Super League - Super 8s Round 7
Friday 25th September 2015. Kick Off 8
:00pm at DW Stadium.

Match Report

On a night in which Wigan were denied the league leaders shield in the very last second of the regular season, it was almost forgotten in the end disappointment that Wigan had done a superb second half job on Castleford at the DW.

37-0 in the second half was a fantastic effort. Yes it fell away for Cas who had nothing to play but Wigan blew them away with a fast paced effort and I think that is a big key for us going forward.

We started fast but the more the first half went on, the more our pace fell away into a slow rhythm. That suited the visitors and they were playing some great stuff to come back from 10-0 down to 12-10 up.

When we upped the pace second half, Cas couldn't handle it. Sin binned helped but it was that upturn in pace that created the sin bin don't forget.

The night also leaves a big dilemma for coach Shaun Wane. John Bateman being left out, precaution we think, meant Joe Burgess slipped inside to play centre with Dom Manfredi coming in on the wing.

Wane wouldn't be drawn to an answer when BBC Manchester commentator Phil Kinsella suggested, in the post match press conference, that Manfredi surely couldn't be dropped after that but it is what everyone will have been thinking after that four try haul.

So what does he do? Bateman is expected to return but given his superb form it seems a waste to leave him on the interchange. But I also like the idea of having the trio of Josh Charnley, Joe Burgess and Dom Manfredi all out there to utilise the pace to the maximum potential. It wasn't like Manfredi scored four tries by just walking over in the corner, he used his power and some lovely steps at times to get over.

Frankly the only thing I can be certain of right now is that Gildart will start but elsewhere your wondering who will get dropped. Someone has to, even if it's Bateman to the bench. In one sense it's not a good thing to not be settled so late in the season but on the other hand it's a nice dilemma.

Elsewhere in this game, I thought Matty Bowen responded well to his second Langtree nightmare of the season. He had a good night here, although again we are left worrying about goal kicking after just 5 kicks from 9.

Who knows what the next two weeks will bring in terms of a title charge. We could easily have our chances ended on Thursday but my biggest hope is that we do look fresh. Our pack is making excellent metres with this game being dominated by 1526 metres to just 815 by Cas. Yes we lost to Saints with a similar advantage but if we keep up those standards, we will be hard to beat, unless we beat ourselves. We shall see.

Team Sheets

- Wigan Position Castleford 1
1 Matty Bowen Full Back Luke Dorn 1
22 Dom Manfredi

Right Wing

Ash Robson 2
5 Joe Burgess Centre Mike McMeeken 24
34 Oliver Gildart Centre Ashley Gibson 26
2 Josh Charnley Left Wing Denny Solomona 20
6 George Williams Stand Off Ben Roberts 6
7 Matty Smith Scrum Half Luke Gale 7
8 Dom Crosby Prop Andy Lynch 8
9 Mike McIlorum Hooker Adam Milner 9

Ben Flower


Grant Millington

11 Joel Tomkins 2nd Row Oliver Holmes 11
12 Liam Farrell 2nd Row Junior Moors 16
13 Sean O'Loughlin L.Forward Scott Wheeldon 19
16 Sam Powell Substitute Matt Cook 12
17 Tony Clubb Substitute Will Maher 28
23 Lee Mossop Substitute Gadwin Springer 34
25 Larne Patrick Substitute Paul McShane 35
- Shaun Wane Coach Daryl Powell -

Score Sheet

Wigan Warriors 47


Castleford Tigers 12

Tries (9):
Dom Manfredi 4
Matty Bowen
Oliver Gildart
George Williams
Joe Burgess
Larne Patrick


Tries (2):
Luke Dorn
Junior Moors

Matty Bowen 5/9
--- Goals:
Luke Gale 2/2

Scoring and Incident Pattern

3rd Minute Wigan 04 Castleford 00 Try: Dom Manfredi
Wigan 06 Castleford 00 Conversion: Matty Bowen (1/1)
6th Minute Wigan 10 Castleford 00 Try: Matty Bowen
Wigan 10 Castleford 00 Missed Conv: Matty Bowen (1/2)
27th Minute Wigan 10 Castleford 04 Try: Luke Dorn
Wigan 10 Castleford 06 Conversion: Luke Gale (1/1)
34th Minute Wigan 10 Castleford 10 Try: Junior Moors
Wigan 10 Castleford 12 Conversion: Luke Gale (2/2)
Half Time Wigan Warriors 10 Castleford Tigers 12
48th Minute Wigan 14 Castleford 12 Try: Dom Manfredi (2)
Wigan 16 Castleford 12 Conversion: Matty Bowen (2/3)
56th Minute Castleford Sin Bin Denny Solomona (Holding Down)
59th Minute Wigan 20 Castleford 12 Try: Dom Manfredi (Hat-Trick)
Wigan 20 Castleford 12 Missed Conv: Matty Bowen (2/4)
61st Minute Wigan 24 Castleford 12 Try: Dom Manfredi (4)
Wigan 24 Castleford 12 Missed Conv: Matty Bowen (2/5)
66th Minute Wigan 25 Castleford 12 Drop Goal: Matty Smith
68th Minute Wigan 29 Castleford 12 Try: Oliver Gildart
Wigan 31 Castleford 12 Conversion: Matty Bowen (3/6)
73rd Minute Wigan 35 Castleford 12 Try: George Williams
Wigan 37 Castleford 12 Conversion: Matty Bowen (4/7)
76th Minute Wigan 41 Castleford 12 Try: Joe Burgess
Wigan 41 Castleford 12 Missed Conv: Matty Bowen (4/8)
80th Minute Wigan 45 Castleford 12 Try: Larne Patrick
Wigan 47 Castleford 12 Conversion: Matty Bowen (5/9)
Full Time Wigan Warriors 47 Castleford Tigers 12

Video Highlights

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Phil Bentham

Penalties Conceded

Wigan 7 Castleford 11

Match Attendance



Dry Night.