Under 19s: Wigan 38 St Helens 22
Posted by Bilko on July 04 2015 - 17:28

Extended News

Wigan Under 19s v St Helens Under 19s - Under 19s Academy
Saturday 4th July 2015. Kick Off
2:00pm at Edge Hall Road, Orrell.

Match Report

This was a clash between two sides with identical 14-1 records at the top of the table with the victors being able to go clear top. The one Wigan loss had been away at Saints in April, when they went down 44-24, so they had that to avenge and did so after a second half fright.

Matty Peet's side dominated the territory in the first half but after 25 minutes they only had one try to show for it. That came in the 7th Minute with Oliver Gildart scoring and Jake Shorrocks converting for 6-0. Opportunities to improve the score had been wasted with two forward passes towards Jack Higginson on the right wing being disappointing.

Saints had one opportunity first half which came from a long 80 metre break from a Wigan error and they were unlucky not to win a penalty for holding down. But in the end, Wigan got the points their first half dominance of territory deserved with Shorrocks scoring in the 26th Minute and then Gabriel Fell going over three minutes before half time. Shorrocks adding two goals made it 18-0 at the interval.

Wigan should really had made it 20-0 when receiving a penalty twenty seconds before the half time whistle but going for a glory try, Nick Gregson quickly wasted gift points with a terrible offload.

Those two points could have come back to haunt Wigan as Saints remarkably hit Wigan with four tries in the a 12 minute spell after the interval. Wigan meekly knocking on their first possession of the second half set the tone and Wigan being penalised for offside at one kick off and a 40/20 helped Saints get an almighty roll on.

Those four scores made it 22-18 to the visitors and you really could only see one winner now but in saying that, Wigan had been starved of good possession. Ironically, the game turned back Wigan's way though from Saints possession with Oliver Gildart returning an intercept on half way to make it 22-22, Shorrocks missing the extras.

Fifteen minutes still remained but I thought Wigan's forwards really muscled up to help Wigan close the game out better. Brad Lawrence particularly impressed but he wasn't alone.

The big try that was required came on 69 minutes with Higginson finally getting a good pass to go over in the right corner. Shorrocks nailing the conversion off the touchline, to make it 28-22, was a key mental moment as well for both sides.

Wigan were pushing on from this score and added two tries to seal the result. Both came on last tackles with Saints perhaps worrying about the drop goals. First Kyle Shelford took advantage before Gildart capped off an impressive display with a late hat-trick try.

In the end, both sides will look back at periods of disappointment in the game. Saints whole first half and Wigan's first twenty after half time but overall it was a good battle in hot weather. It was certainly the right result with Wigan having been the better side for 60 of the 80 minutes to Saints 20 minutes. If form continues these two should meet again in the Grand Final later in the year but plenty of games to play before then.

Team Sheet

- Wigan Position St Helens 1
1 Gabriel Fell Full Back Matty Costello 1
5 Jack Higginson Winger Dave Eccleston 2
4 Liam Forsyth Centre Jake Spedding 3
3 Oliver Gildart Centre Calvin Wellington 4
2 Liam Marshall Winger Regan Grace 5
6 Jake Shorrocks Stand Off Danny Richardson 6
7 Lewis Heckford Scrum Half Lewis Fairhurst 7
8 Paddy Jones Prop Ross McCauley 8
9 Luke Waterworth Hooker Aaron Smith 9
10 Brad Lawrence Prop

Joe Ryan


Nick Gregson

2nd Row Olly Davies 11

Macauley Davies

2nd Row Liam Cooper 12
13 Kyle Shelford L.Forward Morgan Knowles 13
15 Callum Field Interchange Josh Eaves 14
16 Josh Ganson Interchange Levy Nzoungou 15
17 Kieran Sherratt Interchange Jonah Cunningham 16

Jack Wells

Interchange Matty Lees 17
- Matty Peet Coach Derek Traynor -

Score Sheet

Wigan Under 19s 38 --- St Helens Under 19s 22
Tries (7):
Oliver Gildart 3
Jake Shorrocks
Gabriel Fell
Jack Higginson
Kyle Shelford

Tries (4):
Jonah Cunningham
Danny Richardson
Calvin Wellington
Dave Eccleston

Jake Shorrocks 5/7
--- Goals:
Danny Richardson 3/4

Scoring and Incident Pattern

7th Minute Wigan 04 St Helens 00 Try: Oliver Gildart
Wigan 06 St Helens 00 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (1/1)
26th Minute Wigan 10 St Helens 00 Try: Jake Shorrocks
Wigan 12 St Helens 00 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (2/2)
37th Minute Wigan 16 St Helens 00 Try: Gabriel Fell
Wigan 18 St Helens 00 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (3/3)
Half Time Wigan Under 19s 18 St Helens Under 19s 00
44th Minute Wigan 18 St Helens 04 Try: Jonah Cunningham
Wigan 18 St Helens 06 Conversion: Danny Richardson (1/1)
46th Minute Wigan 18 St Helens 10 Try: Danny Richardson
Wigan 18 St Helens 12 Conversion: Danny Richardson (2/2)
49th Minute Wigan 18 St Helens 16 Try: Calvin Wellington
Wigan 18 St Helens 18 Conversion: Danny Richardson (3/3)
56th Minute Wigan 18 St Helens 22 Try: Dave Eccleston
Wigan 18 St Helens 22 Missed Conv: Danny Richardson (3/4)
64th Minute Wigan 22 St Helens 22 Try: Oliver Gildart (2)
Wigan 22 St Helens 22 Missed Conv: Jake Shorrocks (3/4)
69th Minute Wigan 26 St Helens 22 Try: Jack Higginson
Wigan 28 St Helens 22 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (4/5)
74th Minute Wigan 32 St Helens 22 Try: Kyle Shelford
Wigan 34 St Helens 22 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (5/6)
77th Minute Wigan 38 St Helens 22 Try: Oliver Gildart (Hat-Trick)
Wigan 38 St Helens 22 Missed Conv: Jake Shorrocks (5/7)
Full Time Wigan Under 19s 38 St Helens Under 19s 22