Under 16s: St Helens 34 Wigan 24
Posted by Bilko on April 09 2015 - 22:11

Extended News

St Helens Under 16s v Wigan Under 16s - Scholarship
Thursday 9th April
2014. Kick Off 7:00pm at Langtree Park.

Match Report

Quite a simple summary for this game. Saints were calm, composed and clinical throughout compared to a Wigan side that missed their opportunities and were guilty of conceding cheap penalties throughout the night.

Both sides bombed early chances with Saints having a try disallowed for offside and Caine Barnes blowing a try with a knock on when the try line was begging for him.

Eventually Saints found two tries in the 11th and 15th Minutes, both on the back of conceded penalties by Wigan. First Harry Coleman scored before Jordan Gibbons crossed but Gibbons failed to convert either try.

Wigan responded with a good spell in which they themselves scored twice. Declan O'Donnell went over from a metre out with the Saints defenders all falling for his dummy and then James Worthington finished. Ollie Russell converting both had Wigan 12-8 ahead.

Saints though I thought had been the better side and two tries either side of half time, from Harry Coleman and Kevin Brown put them back in command.

Conversions to both had made it 20-12 and for the next twenty minutes or so it was patience required towards the next crucial try. It fell to Saints with Sean Croston scoring on 56 minutes and a quick second try after that made it 32-12 and game over.

Saints added a penalty goal six minutes from time and although Wigan got late consolation scores from Gary McMahon and Alex Bolton, I thought the final score of 34-24 was a bit flattered.

Don't get me wrong, Wigan certainly had the territory to compete easily in this match but they wasted it with errors and lack of composure all night. Saints didn't really do that and they certainly defended far better than Wigan.

Team Sheets

- St Helens Under 16s Position Wigan Under 16s 1
1 Kevin Brown Full Back James Worthington 1
2 George Newman Winger Jack Mead 2
3 Cameron Brown Centre Alex Bolton 3
4 Sean Croston Centre Brendan Horrocks 4
5 Alex Burke Winger Jordan Parr 24
6 Jordan Gibbons Stand Off Ollie Russell 12
7 Ben Heyes Scrum Half Jamie Allan 7
8 Jordan Olmez Prop Zach Freer 8
9 Brad Pinder


Declan O'Donnell 14
10 Jorge Lewtas Prop Sammy Kibula 10
11 Harry Coleman 2nd Row Caine Barnes 11
12 Chris Follin 2nd Row Joe Pilling 23
13 Alex Eckley L.Forward Ollie Partington 13
14 Paul Nash Substitute Nathan Wilde 9

Lewis Gartland

Substitute Sam Storey 15
16 Danny Edwards Substitute Sammy Adejumo 17
17 Ben Twist Substitute James McDonnell 18
20 Jacob Cummings Substitute Shaun Jordan 19
21 Robbie Horton Substitute Gary McMahon 22
- - Substitute Callum Green 25


Under 16s matches are played 35 Minutes Each Way - 70 Minutes in Total

Score Sheet

Salford Under 16s 12 --- Wigan Under 16s 54
Tries (6):
Harry Coleman 2
Jordan Gibbons
Kevin Brown
Sean Croston
(Unknown Scorer)
--- Tries (4):
Declan O'Donnell
James Worthington
Gary McMahon
Alex Bolton
Jordan Gibbons 5/7
--- Goals:
Ollie Russell 4/4

Scoring and Incident Pattern

11th Minute St Helens 04 Wigan 00 Try: Harry Coleman
St Helens 04 Wigan 00

Missed Conv: Jordan Gibbons (0/1)

15th Minute St Helens 08 Wigan 00 Try: Jordan Gibbons
St Helens 08 Wigan 00

Missed Conv: Jordan Gibbons (0/2)

23rd Minute St Helens 08 Wigan 04 Try: Declan O'Donnell
St Helens 08 Wigan 06 Conversion: Ollie Russell (1/1)
26th Minute St Helens 08 Wigan 10 Try: James Worthington
St Helens 08 Wigan 12 Conversion: Ollie Russell (2/2)
33rd Minute St Helens 12 Wigan 12 Try: Harry Coleman (2)
St Helens 14 Wigan 12

Conversion: Jordan Gibbons (1/3)

Half Time St Helens Under 16s 14 Wigan Under 16s 12
37th Minute St Helens 18 Wigan 12 Try: Kevin Brown
St Helens 20 Wigan 12

Conversion: Jordan Gibbons (2/4)

56th Minute St Helens 24 Wigan 12 Try: Sean Croston
St Helens 26 Wigan 12

Conversion: Jordan Gibbons (3/5)

59th Minute St Helens 30 Wigan 12 Try: (Unknown Scorer)
St Helens 32 Wigan 12

Conversion: Jordan Gibbons (4/6)

64th Minute St Helens 34 Wigan 12 Penalty Goal: Jordan Gibbons (5/7)
66th Minute St Helens 34 Wigan 16 Try: Gary McMahon
St Helens 34 Wigan 18 Conversion: Ollie Russell (3/3)
70mins +1 St Helens 34 Wigan 22 Try: Alex Bolton
St Helens 34 Wigan 24 Conversion: Ollie Russell (4/4)
Full Time St Helens Under 16s 34 Wigan Under 16s 24


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