Wigan Evening Post 18th Man Column - 17th March
Posted by Bilko on March 20 2015 - 09:11

Extended News

I know it wasnít a pretty watch for many Wigan fans last Friday but after Castleford, you have to take the result we got against Hull FC. Castleford was so unbelievably low a performance that we probably needed to strip back to absolute basics first and in a way, we did just that.

For example, last week I talked about some of the faults this season. The main ones being the amount of penalties conceded and the lack of metres from the pack so far. Against Hull at least we rectified those faults. The penalty count was low and we made 1,527 metres in go forward, which is a great return in any Super League match.

So I think there was progress made but by the same token Iím not sure what to make of the fact that we fell over the finishing line in winning the match. Itís a bit of a glass half full or half empty scenario for me.

One on hand you can look at it and say that after losing big leads to drop points at Widnes and Hull KR that we can take the positive that after being back at 12-6 early second half and then 13-12 with still seven minutes to play, we actually hung on to a lead this time. There werenít any real signs of panic given what had happened in the past and the majority of that last seven minutes was actually seen out pretty well by Wigan.

Or you can think the other way in that once again we have a good platform at 12-0 but we didnít kick on and dictate the rest of the game from that score, just like against Widnes and Hull KR. Is that a worry?

Iím now arguing with myself writing this on which side of that coin Iím backing but one thing is for sure. Having ran a ďfrom a fans perspectiveĒ website (cherryandwhite.co.uk) for the past fourteen seasons, which in turn contributed me to becoming commentary summariser on Wish FM, I get to see a ton of feedback from supporters and there is no denying that the ultimate feedback is that Wigan have been a hard watch so far this season.

What we really need now is a breakout performance and Leeds away this Friday is the perfect opportunity to produce just that. Itíll be tough without Josh Charnley, and perhaps one or two others, but I think this game is going to tell us an awful lot about the rest of the season ahead.