20th January 1909: Wigan 16 Australia 8
Posted by Bilko on September 24 2014 - 20:49

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Wigan 16 Australia 8 - Wednesday 20th January 1909
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: Tour Match


1. Jim Sharrock, 2. Jim Leytham, 3. Bert Jenkins, 4. Gomer Gunn, 5. Joe Miller, 6. Johnny Thomas, 7. Fred Gleave

WiganlForwards:l 8. Dick Ramsdale, 9. Walter Cheetham, 10. Jack Barton, 11. Tom Whittaker, 12. Howell De Francis, 13. Jimmy Blears


Howell De Francis 2, Bert Jenkins, Johnny Thomas


Johnny Thomas 2


With their original visit to play Wigan on 9th January having been ruined by Fog, Australia returned to play again on a midweek afternoon at Central Park with 8,000 attending. Australia took the lead with a try from Alex Burdon but Dally Messenger couldn't add on the extras. That 3-0 lead was looking like holding to half time but Wigan would snatch an advantage with a Bert Jenkins try being converted by Johnny Thomas for 5-3 to Wigan. Into the second half and Fred Gleave combined with Jim Leytham to send Howell De Francis in for Wigan's second try but Jim Sharrock missed the extras. Then Johnny Thomas scored and converted his own try to put Wigan into a 13-3 advantage. Then a second try for De Francis made it 16-3 but Australia would find a consolation effort late on with Jim Devereux's try being converted this time by Messenger.