22nd October 1938: Salford 7 Wigan 10 (Lancashire Cup Final)
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Salford 7 Wigan 10 - Saturday 22nd October 1938
Venue: Station Road, Swinton
Competition: Lancashire Cup Final
Kick Off: 3:30pm


1. Jim Sullivan, 2. Jack Morley, 3. Ted Ward, 4. Gwynne Davies, 5. Denis Williamson, 6. Jack Garvey, 7. Hector Gee

WiganlForwards:l 8. George Banks, 9. Joe Egan, 10. Ken Gee, 11. Ike Jones, 12. Trevor Thomas, 13. Jack Bowen




Jim Sullivan 5


1. Osbaldestin, 2. Hudson, 3. Gear, 4. Brown, 5. Edwards, 6. Risman, 7. Watkins

SalfordlForwards:l 8. Davies, 9. Day, 10. Bradbury, 11. Dalton, 12. Thomas, 13. Feetham




Osbaldestin 1, Risman 1


Salford were favourites here but it was Wigan who claimed a record 7th Lancashire Cup success at Swinton. Jim Sullivan had kicked penalties in the 3rd and 13th minute to make it 4-0 before Risman missed with two attempts for Salford. Osbaldestin kicked a drop goal (worth two points) just before half time for a 4-2 score. Right at the start of the Second Half Wigan got another penalty which Sullivan dispatched for 6-2 but Risman claimed two points back with one of his own for 6-4. Then Gear scored a try which put Salford into a 7-6 lead, a third missed goal by Risman though would end up proving costly. Sullivan would go on to kick two more penalties for a 10-7 lead and although Salford hammered the Wigan line, the final whistle eventually relieved the pressure. 27,940 had attended the final paying 1,708 for the privilege.