9th March 1935: Barrow 13 Wigan 4
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Barrow 13 Wigan 4 - Saturday 9th March 1935
Venue: Craven Park, Barrow
Competition: League
Kick Off: 3:30pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Jim Sullivan, 2. Jack Morley, 3. Gordon Innes, 4. Gwynne Davies, 5. Vernon Case, 6. George Bennett, 7. Hector Gee
WiganlForwards:l 8. Bill Targett, 9. Joe Golby, 10. Harold Edwards, 11. Len Mason, 12. Albert Davis, 13. Charlie Seeling (Jnr)


WiganlGoals:l Jim Sullivan 2

BarrowlBacks:l 1. Bennett, 2. Johnston, 3. Barton, 4. Gummer, 5. Harris, 6. Maddock, 7. Little
BarrowlForwards:l 8. Yarr, 9. Martin, 10. Skelly, 11. Troup, 12. Ayres, 13. Mattinson


Ayres, Skelly, Troup
BarrowlGoals:l Troup 1, Barton 1


If Wigan had a bogey ground during the 1930s era, the Barrow version of Craven Park was it. The ground had opened in 1931 and Wigan had lost all of their four visits up to this date. So even though this was a 1st against 21st in the table cup tie, it didn't come as that big a shock that Wigan failed again. Wigan had dominated the opening 20 minutes but failed to convert that into points. So, Barrow took the lead in the 23rd minute and scored again ten minutes later to go 6-0 ahead after both went unconverted. Two penalty goals were exchanged for an 8-2 half time score. Barrow scored another try in the 44th minute which made it 11-2 and all Wigan could final in response was another two pointer from Sullivan. Barrow added a drop goal with eight minutes left but the match looked won long before then. 19,961 attended the tie.

1934-1935 Challenge Cup Quarter Final Results

Saturday 9th March 1935
Barrow 13 Wigan 4
Castleford 10 Hunslet 3
Huddersfield 4 Widnes 0
Wakefield Trinity 0 Hull 7

1934-1935 Challenge Cup Semi Final Results

Saturday 30th March 1935
Barrow 5 Castleford 11 (at Station Road, Swinton)
Huddersfield 21 Hull 5 (at Headingley, Leeds)

1934-1935 Challenge Cup Final Result

Saturday 4th May 1935
Castleford 11 Huddersfield 8 (at Wembley Stadium, London)