2nd September 1922: Wigan Highfield 10 Wigan 25
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Wigan Highfield 10 Wigan 25 - Saturday 2nd September 1922
Venue: Tunstall Lane, Pemberton, Wigan
Competition: League
Kick Off: 3:30pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Jim Sullivan, 2. Johnny Ring, 3. Jerry Shea, 4. Syd Boyd, 5. Danny Hurcombe, 6. George Hesketh, 7. Syd Jerram
WiganlForwards:l 8. Tom Woods, 9. Wilf Hodder, 10. Percy Coldrick, 11. Bert Webster, 12. Fred Roffey, 13. Harry Banks

WiganlTries:l Bert Webster, Tom Woods, Jerry Shea
WiganlGoals:l Jim Sullivan 8

WiganlHighfieldlBacks:l 1. Winstanley, 2. Sammons, 3. Crossman, 4. Bate, 5. Langshaw, 6. Chapman, 7. Johnson
WiganlHighfieldlForwards:l 8. Green, 9. Gaskell, 10. Jackson, 11. West, 12. Thomas, 13. Shield

WiganlHighfieldlTries:l Crossman, Langshaw
WiganlHighfieldlGoals:l Green 2


Wigan Highfield had applied to join the league at the end of the previous season and got accepted, meaning Wigan now had two professional teams. They had been a successful amateur side, a feat shown by them forcing a cup replay against Widnes in the previous year's Challenge Cup. Highfield played at Tunstall Lane in Pemberton and this was their first league fixture, a derby against Wigan! 20,000 crammed into their ground for this intriguing match and although Wigan won, Highfield were credited for their efforts. Highfield actually led by three points at half time but they faded away for fitness late in the game.