27th August 1921: Wigan 21 Widnes 0
Posted by cherryandwhite on November 14 2013 - 23:33

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Wigan 21 Widnes 0 - Saturday 27th August 1921
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: League
Kick Off: 3:30pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Jim Sullivan, 2. Tom Coles, 3. Tommy Howley, 4. Danny Hurcombe, 5. Ivor Llewellyn, 6. George Hesketh, 7. Syd Jerram
WiganlForwards:l 8. Wilf Hodder, 9. Fred Roffey, 10. Tom Woods, 11. Harry Banks, 12. Percy Coldrick, 13. Ernie Shaw

WiganlTries:l George Hesketh, Tom Coles, Percy Coldrick
WiganlGoals:l Jim Sullivan 5, Syd Jerram 1

WidneslBacks:l 1. Jack Brassington, 2. Robert Gregory, 3. Chris Redmond, 4. Harry Taylor, 5. Frank Stockley, 6. John Kelly, 7. Jack O'Garra
WidneslForwards:l 8. William Townsend, 9. John Corcoran, 10. Jack Higgins, 11. Arthur Johnson, 12. William Reid, 13. Tommy Higgins

WidneslTries:l (None)
WidneslGoals:l (None)


It was on this day that welsh man Jim Sullivan made his Wigan debut and it could hardly be predicted that he would go on to play another 773 times for the club over the next 25 years and become not only such a huge part in this clubs history, but also the history of St Helens as coach in the 1950s and Rugby League in general.