8th February 1997: St Helens 26 Wigan 12
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St Helens 26 Wigan 12 - Saturday 8th February 1997
Venue: Knowsley Road, St Helens
Competition: Silk Cut Challenge Cup Fourth Round
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Kris Radlinski, 16. Danny Ellison, 15. Andy Johnson, 3. Va'aiga Tuigamala, 2. Jason Robinson, 6. Henry Paul, 7. Shaun Edwards
WiganlForwards:l 8. Neil Cowie, 27. Martin Hall, 10. Terry O'Connor, 11. Simon Haughton, 9. Mick Cassidy, 13. Andy Farrell

14. Craig Murdock, 17. Stephen Holgate, 23. Ian Sherratt (not used), 24. Sean Long,


Kris Radlinski

WiganlGoals:l Andy Farrell 4

StlHelenslBacks:l 1. Steve Prescott, 14. Danny Arnold, 21. Alan Hunte, 4. Paul Newlove, 5. Anthony Sullivan, 20. Tommy Martyn, 7. Bobbie Goulding
StlHelenslForwards:l 8. Apollo Perelini, 9. Kerion Cunningham, 15. Julian O'Neill, 11. Chris Joynt, 16. Derek McVey, 6. Karle Hammond

10. Ian Pickavance, 22. Vila Matautia, 23. Andy Northey, 24. Chris Morley


Apollo Perelini, Karle Hammond, Paul Newlove, Alan Hunte

StlHelenslGoals:l Bobbie Goulding 3, Tommy Martyn 2

The 1997 season began in turmoil for Wigan. Failure to win the Challenge Cup in 1996 and top of a well below par average attendance during the first summer season left Wigan's finances with a huge hole. They really needed a good cup run in this season but got the worst draw possible with a visit to double holders and big rivals St Helens. Wigan would have been reasonably happy at 10-10 at the break but even more so when Bobbie Goulding was sent off right on half time for a high shot on Neil Cowie. Instead though the red card inspired 12 men Saints to a brilliant second half performance that knocked Wigan out. The fall out proved to be huge. Graeme West was sacked and both Shaun Edwards and Va'aiga Tuigamala were sold to ensure well needed money entered the Central Park coffers.

Half Time:l

St Helens 10 Wigan 10




Russell Smith (Castleford)


St Helens 7. Bobbie Goulding was Sent Off in the 40th Minute for a High Tackle on Neil Cowie


Live Coverage on BBC 1 during "Grandstand"