26th April 1992: Wigan 42 Widnes 16
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Wigan 42 Widnes 16 - Sunday 26th April 1992
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: Stones Bitter Premiership Trophy First Round (1st Place v 8th Place)
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Steve Hampson, 2. Frano Botica, 3. Dean ll, 4. Gene Miles, 5. Martin Offiah, 6. Shaun Edwards, 7. Andy Gregory
WiganlForwards:l 8. Kelvin Skerrett, 9. Martin Dermott, 10. Andy Platt, 11. Denis Betts, 12. Billy McGinty, 13. Phil Clarke

14. Joe Lydon (replaced Steve Hampson), 15. Sam Panapa (replaced Andy Gregory)


Martin Offiah 2, Frano Botica, Denis Betts, Shaun Edwards, Martin Dermott

WiganlGoals:l Frano Botica 9

WidneslBacks:l 1. Stuart Spruce, 2. Andy Currier, 3. John Devereux, 4. Darren Wright, 5. Brian Carbert, 6. Alan Tait, 7. Chris Kelly
WidneslForwards:l 8. Kurt Sorensen, 9. Phil McKenzie, 10. Harvey Howard, 11. Paul Hulme, 12. Richie Eyres, 13. Les Holliday

14. Jason Critchley, 15. David Marsh


Richie Eyres, Andy Currier, Brian Carbert

WidneslGoals:l John Devereux 2

Wigan had gone straight out of the Premiership trophy in three of the last four seasons since they had won the competition for the only time in 1987. Normally Widnes would have been too good to be meeting Wigan in the First Round but they had fallen away from title chasing grace without Martin Offiah to finish 8th in this season. Wigan ran away with the victory second half but injury to Andy Gregory just six days before Wembley tarnished the result.

Half Time:l

Wigan 18 Widnes 12




Russell Smith (Castleford)

1991-1992 Premiership Trophy First Round Results

Sunday 26th April 1992
1st Place v 8th Place:ll Wigan 42 Widnes 16
2nd Place v 7th Place:ll St Helens 52 Halifax 6
3rd Place v 6th Place:ll Castleford 28 Wakefield Trinity 18
4th Place v 5th Place:ll Warrington 18 Leeds 18

Wednesday 29th April 1992
Replay: 5th Place v 4th Place:ll Leeds 22 Warrington 8