28th March 1992: Bradford 10 Wigan 71
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Bradford Northern 10 Wigan 71 - Saturday 28th March 1992
Venue: Burnden Park, Bolton
Competition: Silk Cut Challenge Cup Semi Final
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Joe Lydon, 2. Frano Botica, 3. Dean Bell, 4. Gene Miles, 5. Martin Offiah, 6. Shaun Edwards, 7. Andy Gregory
WiganlForwards:l 8. Ian Lucas, 9. Martin Dermott, 10. Andy Platt, 11. Denis Betts, 12. Billy McGinty, 13. Phil Clarke

14. Neil Cowie (replaced Billy McGinty - 27th Minute), 15. Kelvin Skerrett (replaced Ian Lucas - 27th Minute)
18. Ian Lucas (returned to replace Denis Betts - Half Time), 12. Billy McGinty (returned to replace Andy Platt - 71st Minute)


Martin Offiah 5, Gene Miles 2, Frano Botica, Denis Betts, Ian Lucas, Joe Lydon, Shaun Edwards, Dean Bell

WiganlGoals:l Frano Botica 9
WiganlDrops:l Andy Gregory 1

BradfordlBacks:l 1. Green, 2. Cordle, 3. Shelford, 4. Simpson, 5. Gill, 6. Summers, 7. Iti
BradfordlForwards:l 8. Grayshon, 9. Noble, 10. Hamer, 11. Hobbs, 12. Medley, 13. Fairbank

Richards, Croft


Shelford, Gill

BradfordlGoals:l Hobbs 1

An absolute annihilation by Wigan against Bradford in this Challenge Cup Semi Final at Burnden Park. Amazingly it began with a drop goal in the 3rd Minute from Andy Gregory to make it 1-0 but by half time tries had flown in by Gene Miles, Ian Lucas, Miles again, Martin Offiah, Joe Lydon and Shaun Edwards had Wigan 35-0 up. Though Bradford scored twice second half, Wigan never let up with, as BBC commentator Ray French eloquently put it "Martin Offiah gets five tries (in the end) and doesn't even get the man of the match". 

Half Time:l

Bradford 0 Wigan 35




Robin Whitfield (Widnes)


Live Coverage on BBC 1 during "Grandstand"

1991-1992 Silk Cut Challenge Cup Semi Final Results

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Saturday 28th March 1992
Bradford Northern 10 Wigan 71 (at Burnden Park, Bolton - BBC Grandstand)