15th March 1992: Leeds 0 Wigan 24
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Leeds 0 Wigan 24 - Sunday 15th March 1992
Venue: Headingley, Leeds
Competition: Stones Bitter Championship
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Joe Lydon, 2. David Myers, 3. Dean Bell, 4. Gene Miles, 5. Frano Botica, 6. Shaun Edwards, 7. Andy Gregory
WiganlForwards:l 8. Ian Lucas, 9. Martin Dermott, 10. Andy Platt, 11. Denis Betts, 12. Neil Cowie, 13. Billy McGinty

14. Sam Panapa (replaced David Myers - 67th Minute), 15. Phil Clarke (replaced Neil Cowie - 27th Minute)
11. Neil Cowie (returned to replace Denis Betts - 70th Minute)


David Myers, Phil Clarke, Shaun Edwards, Dean Bell

WiganlGoals:l Frano Botica 4

LeedslBacks:l 1. M.Edwards, 2. Gibson, 3. Creasser, 4. Innes, 5. Bentley, 6. Schofield, 7. Goulding
LeedslForwards:l 8. Heugh, 9. Maskill, 10. Wane, 11. Dixon, 12. Divorty, 13. Hanley

Heron, Anderson


David Myers, Phil Clarke, Shaun Edwards, Dean Bell

LeedslGoals:l Frano Botica 4

Leeds had nilled Wigan at Central Park earlier in the season, so this was a sweet return compliment from Wigan here. A lovely one handed pass by Gene Miles sent David Myers over for the first try on 23 minutes before good work from Joe Lydon created a try for Phil Clarke. This helped Wigan lead 14-0 half time and they never looked back second half. Shaun Edwards claimed his 22nd try of the season before poor discipline from Bobbie Goulding allowed Dean Bell to return a "quick tap" all 75 metres by himself. The win put Leeds out of the title race and Wigan were continuing to easily head towards the title.

Half Time:l

Leeds 0 Wigan 14




Robin Whitfield (Widnes)