22nd February 1992: St Helens 6 Wigan 13
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St Helens 6 Wigan 13 - Saturday 22nd February 1992
Venue: Knowsley Road, St Helens
Competition: Silk Cut Challenge Cup Quarter Final
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Steve Hampson, 2. Frano Botica, 3. Dean Bell, 4. Gene Miles, 5. Martin Offiah, 6. Shaun Edwards, 7. Andy Gregory
WiganlForwards:l 8. Ian Lucas, 9. Martin Dermott, 10. Kelvin Skerrett, 11. Denis Betts, 12. Andy Platt, 13. Billy McGinty

14. Neil Cowie (replaced Martin Dermott - 32nd Minute), 15. Joe Lydon (replaced Andy Platt - 29th Minute)
12. Andy Platt (returned to replace Steve Hampson - Half Time)


Steve Hampson, Shaun Edwards

WiganlGoals:l Frano Botica 2
WiganlDrops:l Frano Botica 1

StlHelenslBacks:l 1. Phil Veivers, 2. Alan Hunte, 3. Gary Connolly, 4. Tea Ropati, 5. Anthony Sullivan, 6. Jonathan Griffiths, 7. Paul Bishop
StlHelenslForwards:l 8. Kevin Ward, 9. Paul Groves, 10. George Mann, 11. Sonny Nickle, 12. Bernard Dwyer, 13. Shane Cooper

14. Mike Riley (replaced Gary Connolly - 77th Minute), 15. Paul Forber (replaced Paul Groves - 52nd Minute)


Gary Connolly

StlHelenslGoals:l Paul Bishop 1

A penalty goal from Paul Bishop put Saints 2-0 ahead but a try from Steve Hampson put Wigan into a 6-2 lead in the 7th Minute. That score held all the way to half time with Saints fans bemoaning a no try against George Mann. Wigan took further control with a second try being scored during a spell when Tea Ropati was sin binned for punching Kelvin Skerrett. Shaun Edwards finished a move that had begun with a burst from Frano Botica down the right wing from 80 metres out. Saints screamed for a double movement but referee John Holdsworth allowed the try and Wigan went 12-2 up. Wigan began to struggle with injuries. They'd already been disrupted by losing Martin Dermott and Andy Platt and now Martin Offiah limped all over the place, but had to stay on the field with no substitutes remaining. A try from Gary Connolly brought Saints back to 12-6 on 57 minutes but a poor missed conversion kept Wigan a converted try ahead. It was all about survival from Wigan in the final quarter and Frano Botica's drop goal eased the pressure with Wigan winning 13-6. After the game Saints coach Mike McClennan was asked if his side had mental problems when facing Wigan. "Bullshit" was his response before he stormed out of the press conference.

Half Time:l

St Helens 2 Wigan 6




John Holdsworth (Kippax)


Live Coverage on BBC 1 during "Grandstand" - Commentary: Ray French & Ross Strudwick

1991-1992 Silk Cut Challenge Cup Quarter Final Results

Saturday 22nd February 1992
St Helens 6 Wigan 13 (BBC Grandstand)

Sunday 23rd February 1992
Castleford 19 Featherstone Rovers 12
Halifax 4 Bradford Northern 12
Workington 8 Hull 24