21st May 1995: Wigan 69 Leeds 12 (Premiership Trophy Final)
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Wigan 69 Leeds 12 - Sunday 21st May 1995
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
Competition: Stones Bitter Premiership Trophy Final (1st Place v 2nd Place)
Kick Off: 4:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Henry Paul, 2. Jason Robinson, 3. Kris Radlinski, 4. Gary Connolly, 5. Martin Offiah, 6. Frano Botica, 7. Shaun Edwards
WiganlForwards:l 8. Kelvin Skerrett, 9. Martin Hall, 10. Neil Cowie, 11. Denis Betts, 12. Andy Farrell, 13. Phil Clarke

14. Mick Cassidy (replaced Kelvin Skerrett - 20th Minute), 15. Simon Haughton (replaced Andy Farrell - 49th Minute)


Kris Radlinski 3, Gary Connolly 3, Kelvin Skerrett, Shaun Edwards, Denis Betts, Henry Paul, Martin Hall, Simon Haughton

WiganlGoals:l Frano Botica 10
WiganlDrops:l Andy Farrell 1

LeedslBacks:l 1. Alan Tait, 2. Jim Fallon, 3. Kevin Iro, 4. Phil Hassan, 5. Francis Cummins, 6. Craig Innes, 7. Graham Holroyd
LeedslForwards:l 8. Harvey Howard, 9. Jimmy Lowes, 10. Esene Faimalo, 11. George Mann, 12. Richie Eyres, 13. Gary Mercer

14. Marcus Vassilakopoulos (replaced Phil Hassan - Half Time), 15. Neil Harmon (replaced Harvey Howard - 29th Minute)


Richie Eyres, Craig Innes
LeedslGoals:l Graham Holroyd 2

All the Leeds headlines were about them avenging their Wembley defeat in this Premiership Final at Old Trafford but instead they suffered the humiliation of a record defeat in a final. Wigan produced a merciless display with tries from Kris Radlinski (2), Kelvin Skerrett, Gary Connolly (2) and Shaun Edwards helping Wigan build up a 36-6 lead by half time with only Richie Eyres responding for Leeds to make it 6-6 at one point. During the second half both Radlinski and Connolly completed hat-tricks, becoming the first men to score three in Premiership Finals, whilst Denis Betts, Henry Paul, Martin Hall and Simon Haughton all crossed. Craig Innes had provided some rest bite for Leeds but salt was certainly rubbed into their wounds when Andy Farrell kicked a drop goal for with the score at 64-12. So Wigan had completed the "Grand Slam" of winning the League, Challenge Cup, Regal Trophy and Premiership Trophy but few would have betted on them doing so with 12 tries and fewer still would have bet on Martin Offiah not getting on the score sheet with 69 points scored!


Wigan 36 Leeds 6




Stuart Cummings (Widnes)


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