29th August 1993: Wigan 16 Hull 8
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Sunday 29th August 1993

Wigan 16 Hull 8
Central Park, Wigan
Stones Bitter Championship - Round 1 of 30
Kick Off 3:00pm    (Delayed: 7pm-9pm)

Wigan Team
1.  Frano Botica    G4 

Jason Robinson

3.  Dean Bell    

Joe Lydon


Danny Ellison

6.  Nigel Wright    
7.  Shaun Edwards    
8.  Kelvin Skerrett    
9.  Martin Dermott    
10.  Ian Gildart    
11.  Denis Betts    
12.  Barrie-Jon Mather  T   
13.  Phil Clarke    
Sub.  Martin Crompton    
Sub.  Andy Farrell    


1. Richard Gay, 2. Paul Eastwood, 3. Rob Danby, 4. James Grant, 5. Kevin Gray, 6. Rob Nolan, 7. Mark Hewitt, 8. Mark Jones, 9. Mike Dixon, 10. Steve McNamara, 11. Daniel Divet, 12. Anthony Jackson, 13. Dean Busby. Subs: Jon Sharp, Jez Cassidy.

Tries: Richard Gay
Goals: Paul Eastwood 2


Wigan had a new coach in John Dorahy but although they won it was an unspectacular start. They also had new 140,000 half back Nigel Wright at Stand Off with Frano Botica expected to slot in at full back now Steve Hampson had departed. "Hull shoot themselves in the Sin Bin" was one headline to describe this opening day 1993/94 season fixture. Wigan had amassed ten points during one of two sin bin periods Hull had to endure.

Half Time: 

Wigan 12 Hull 8




Russell Smith (Castleford)


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