21st April 1991: Wigan 26 Featherstone 31
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Wigan 26 Featherstone Rovers 31 - Sunday 21st April 1991
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: Stones Bitter Premiership Trophy First Round (1st Place v 8th Place)
Kick Off: 3:00pm


1. Sean Tyrer, 2. David Myers, 3. Kevin Iro, 4. Paul Gartland, 5. Mark Preston, 6. Phil Clarke, 7. Bobbie Goulding

WiganlForwards:l 8. Graeme West, 9. Gus O'Donnell, 10. Ged Stazicker, 11. Ian Gildart, 12. Mike Forshaw, 13. Andy Goodway
WiganlSubslUsed:l 14. Denis Betts (replaced Phil Clarke), 15. Steve Blakeley (replaced Mike Forshaw)


Kevin Iro, David Myers, Steve Blakeley, Ian Gildart


Sean Tyrer 3


Trevor Clark 2, Chris Bibb, Terry Manning, Ian Smales, Chris Burton

FeatherstonelGoals:l Deryck Fox 3

Deryck Fox 1


After the exhaustive end to the season for Wigan, the prospect of the end of season Premiership Trophy wasn't high on the agenda, especially with a Wembley cup final just six days away. With that in mind Wigan rested eight of their Wembley line up including Steve Hampson, Dean Bell, Frano Botica, Shaun Edwards, Andy Gregory, Ian Lucas, Martin Dermott and Ellery Hanley. Considering the changes, Wigan put up a great effort here but Featherstone celebrating like they'd won a major trophy at the final whistle was a bit much considering Wigan's recent onslaught to win the league.




Robin Whitfield (Widnes)

1990-1991 Premiership Trophy First Round Results

Sunday 21st April 1991
1st Place v 8th Place:ll Wigan 26 Featherstone Rovers 31
2nd Place v 7th Place:ll Widnes 46 Bradford Northern 10
3rd Place v 6th Place:ll Hull 28 St Helens 12
4th Place v 5th Place:ll Castleford 20 Leeds 24

1990-1991 Premiership Trophy Semi Final Results

Sunday 5th May 1991
2nd Place v 8th Place:ll Widnes 42 Featherstone Rovers 28
3rd Place v 5th Place:ll Hull 10 Leeds 7

1990-1991 Premiership Trophy Final Result

Sunday 12th May 1989
1st Place v 3rd Place:ll Widnes 4 Hull 14 (at Old Trafford, Manchester)