Fan of the Week: Scully No2
Posted by Bilko on January 31 2005 - 18:15
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This weeks fan of the week is site moderator Scully No2.
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Extended News
Name: Sarah Message Board Name: Scully No2
Age: 18
Nicknames: Saz, Sazzles, Sazzy, Pem, Wench, ‘Oi’
Lives: The Deprived Suburb of Wigan known as Pem
Marital Status: In Relationship
Ideal Partner: Someone who'll put up with me :-)
Occupation: Tax Dodger
Primary School: St Johns C of E
Secondary School: Abraham Guest
Interests: Not much. I’m boring ;)
How did you become a Wigan fan: I’d been watching Wigan and Castleford in the CC on the TV and whinged to my Dad that I wanted to go watching them at Central Park. So he took me to quit my whinging and I was hooked.
First Wigan Match (if you can remember) : Not sure but I think it was Wigan and Castleford in the league.
Best moment supporting Wigan: Winning the Challenge Cup at Murrayfield.
Worst moment following Wigan: The amount of times we’ve been beaten in Grand Finals.
Best Wigan match you've attended: Wigan vs. Bradford with that Radlinski try.
Best Wigan try you can remember: That Radlinski try
Team(s) that you most like to see Wigan beat: St Helens on their own turf.
Favourite away ground: Can’t choose between Leeds and Hull
Favourite Wigan strip: I’ve liked them all with the exception of the Warriors face design in 97 that was designed by Stevie Wonder.
Favourite ever Wigan player and why: Gary Connolly – childhood hero.
Worst ever Wigan player and why: Doc Murray
Favourite current Wigan Player: : Danny Sculthorpe
Predict one current player for future glory: Sean O’Loughlin
Who would be your dream signing: A decent prop would be nice or Kirk Yeaman (purely for ogling purposes)
What single thing would most improve the JJB Stadium: Atmosphere.
Describe yourself in no more than six words: Sarcastic, lazy, drunken, fun-loving fool
What’s your match day routine: Depends on which game it is. Sometimes I go straight to the ground, sometimes I participate social activities ;)
If any, which pub(s) do you drink in on a home match day: Depends on the game
and what do you drink: Tart fuel.
Favourite Food: Corned beef and branston pickle sandwiches!
Favourite Music: Funky house, progressive dance, indie
Favourite TV Show: Shameless
Favourite Author: Martina Cole
Favourite Film: Dodgeball / 51st State
Favourite Club/Pub: Club – Liquid. Pub – Moon Under Water.
Favourite Animal: Penguin
Favourite Person: My Mam
Favourite Place: In bed, asleep.
Favourite possession/thing: Phone. I’d be truly lost without it.
You have three wishes what do you wish for:
1. To get decent grades to get into university.
2. To lead a happy life
3. Wigan to win the Grand Final.
If you could be any RLFANS member for the day, who would you be and why? : AP to learn true trolling skills.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? : Don’t trample on people on the way up cos you may need them on the way down.
And finally, you’ve got the chance to take any of the cherryandwhite moderators out for a night. Where would you take them and why?: I’d take South Stand Faithful to Maximes on a Friday and bust some moves to The Darkness.