6th November 1988: Wigan 10 Widnes 24
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Sunday 6th November 1988

Wigan 10 Widnes 24
Central Park, Wigan
Stones Bitter Championship - Round 9 of 26
Kick Off: 3:00pm

Wigan Team
1.  Sean Tyrer    G3 
2.  Tony Iro  T   
3.  Kevin Iro    
4.  Dean Bell    
5.  Mark Preston    
6.  Shaun Edwards    
7.  Andy Gregory    
8.  Ian Lucas    
9.  Martin Dermott    
10.  Adrian Shelford    
11.  Andy Platt    
12.  Andy Goodway    
13.  Ellery Hanley    
Sub.  Denis Betts    
Sub.  Brian Case    


1. Alan Tait, 2. Rick Thackray, 3. Andy Currier, 4. Darren Wright, 5. Martin Offiah, 6. Tony Myler, 7. David Hulme, 8. Kurt Sorensen, 9. Phil McKenzie, 10. Joe Grima, 11. Mike O'Neill, 12. Richie Eyres, 13. Paul Hulme. Sub: Emosi Koloto.

Tries: Kurt Sorensen, Alan Tait, Martin Offiah, Darren Wright
Goals: Andy Currier 4


Widnes may have been champions but they hadn't beaten Wigan in a competitive game for almost three years, so they would have enjoyed this visit to Central Park. They led 12-6 at the break after tries from Kurt Sorensen and Alan Tait either side of Tony Iro's response for Wigan. Although Sean Tyrer kicked a goal to reduce that to 12-8 but Martin Offiah increased their lead and Darren Wright finished Wigan off with eight minutes to go.

Half Time: 

Wigan 6 Widnes 12



Referee:  Geoff Berry (Batley)