17th May 1987: Wigan 8 Warrington 0 (Premiership Trophy Final)
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Wigan 8 Warrington 0 - Sunday 17th May 1987
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
Competition: Stones Bitter Premiership Trophy Final (1st Place v 3rd Place)
Kick Off: 3:30pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Steve Hampson, 2. Henderson Gill, 3. David Stephenson, 4. Dean Bell, 5. Joe Lydon, 6. Shaun Edwards, 7. Andy Gregory
WiganlForwards:l 8. Brian Case, 9. Nicky Kiss, 10. Shaun Wane, 11. Andy Goodway, 12. Ian Potter, 13. Ellery Hanley
WiganlSubslUsed:l 14. Richard Russell (replaced Joe Lydon - 76th Minute), 15. Graeme West (replaced Shaun Wane - 47th Minute)


Joe Lydon

WiganlGoals:l David Stephenson 1, Henderson Gill 1

WarringtonlBacks:l 1. Brian Johnson, 2. Des Drummond, 3. Joe Ropati, 4. Barry Peters, 5. Mark Forster, 6. Paul Cullen, 7. Paul Bishop
WarringtonlForwards:l 8. Kevin Tamati, 9. Mark Roberts, 10. Bob Jackson, 11. Tony Humphries, 12. Gary Sanderson, 13. Ronnie Duane
WarringtonlSubslUsed:l 14. Mike Gregory (replaced Tony Humphries - Half Time), 15. Bob Eccles (replaced Mark Roberts - 54th Minute)



WarringtonlGoals:l (None)

This was Wigan's first appearance in the end of season Premiership Trophy Final and it was also the first one to be played at Old Trafford in a double header with the Second Division Premiership Final, being held for the first time in this season. Warrington had been the only side to beat Wigan during the league campaign, winning both home and away but in a hard slog, Wigan would gain revenge with Joe Lydon's 35th Minute long dribble down the field being the crucial moment.

Half Time:l

Wigan 6 Warrington 0




Kevin Allatt (Southport)


Live Coverage from 20th Minute onwards on BBC 2 during "Sunday Grandstand" - Commentary: Ray French & Alex Murphy
*Coverage was joined later than scheduled due to Belgian Grand Prix requiring a race re-start and over-running.

BBC 2 - Sunday 17th May 1987
6:50am Open University
1:30pm Sunday Grandstand presented by Steve Rider including....
1:35 Formula 1: The Belgian Grand Prix from Spa-Francorchamps
3:00, 5:00 Sunday League Cricket: Essex v Leicestershire
3:30 Rugby League - Premiership Trophy Final: Wigan v Warrington
6:30 Football
6:35 Cycling: Milk Cup Preview
6:40pm The Money Programme
7:15 Growing for Gold (Peter Seabrook and Roy Lancaster report from Chelsea Flower Show)
7:45pm Theatre Night: "The Devil's Disciple"
9:45pm BBC Design Awards
10:25pm Grand Prix - The Belgian Grand Prix Highlights (Commentary: Murray Walker & James Hunt)
11:00pm Film: "Rebel Without Cause" (from 1955 starring James Dean, Natalie Wood, Dennis Hopper)
12:55am Closedown