26th April 1987: Wigan 22 Widnes 18
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Wigan 22 Widnes 18 - Sunday 26th April 1987
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: Stones Bitter Premiership Trophy First Round (1st Place v 8th Place)
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Steve Hampson, 2. Henderson Gill, 3. David Stephenson, 4. Dean Bell, 5. Joe Lydon, 6. Ellery Hanley, 7. Andy Gregory
WiganlForwards:l 8. Graeme West, 9. Nicky Kiss, 10. Brian Case, 11. Shaun Wane, 12. Ian Potter, 13. Andy Goodway
WiganlSubs Used:l 14. Dave Beswick (replaced Graeme West), 15. Richard Russell (replaced Dave Beswick)


Dean Bell 2, Steve Hampson, Joe Lydon

WiganlGoals:l Henderson Gill 3

WidneslBacks:l 1. Barry Dowd, 2. Rick Thackray, 3. Darren Wright, 4. Graham Worgan, 5. John Basnett, 6. Tony Myler, 7. David Hulme
WidneslForwards:l 8. Kurt Sorensen, 9. Phil McKenzie, 10. Steve O'Neill, 11. Mike O'Neill, 12. Paul Hulme, 13. Harry Pinner
WidneslSubs Used:l 15. Richie Eyres


John Basnett, Stuart Wright, Harry Pinner

WidneslGoals:l Barry Dowd 3

Wigan may have romped to the league title but they had a tough battle in the Premiership First Round match against a Widnes side that had finished eight in the table. Having found themselves 14-6 down at the break, tries from Steve Hampson, Dean Bell and Joe Lydon had put them 22-14 up but Harry Pinner's try brought them back to 22-18 and Wigan were left to sweat that score out until the end.

Half Time:l

Wigan 6 Widnes 14




John Holdsworth (Kippax)

1986-1987 Stones Bitter Premiership Trophy First Round Results

Sunday 26th April 1987
1st Place v 8th Place:ll

Wigan 22 Widnes 18

2nd Place v 7th Place:ll

St Helens 46 Bradford Northern 14

3rd Place v 6th Place:ll

Warrington 24 Hull Kingston Rovers 12

4th Place v 5th Place:ll

Castleford 6 Halifax 18