14th December 1986: Wigan 6 Leigh 2
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Sunday 14th December 1986
Wigan 6 Leigh 2
Central Park, Wigan
John Player Special Trophy - Quarter Final
Kick Off: 3:00pm

Wigan Team
1.  Steve Hampson    
2.  David Stephenson    G 
3.  Joe Lydon    
4.  Dean Bell    
5.  Henderson Gill    
6.  Ellery Hanley  T   
7.  Shaun Edwards    
8.  Ian Roberts    
9.  Martin Dermott    
10.  Brian Case    
11.  Rob Louw    
12.  Ian Potter    
13.  Andy Goodway    
Sub.  Mike Ford    
Sub.  Richard Russell    


Tries: (None)
Goals: Chris Johnson 1


Wigan had settled their issues with Ellery Hanley but had other problems to deal with now. In the midweek prior to this game, Wigan had been hit by news that their ground capacity was to be cut from 30,000 to 12,000 by new government ground regulations following the 1985 Bradford City Stadium Fire. Wigan were averaging around 14,000 crowds during the season and Central Park had twice hosted crowds above 20,000 during the campaign to date. The club would end up spending 100,000 to bring the stadium quickly up to new standards so the capacity could be restored before the New Years Day visit of Warrington. Meanwhile, having beaten Leigh 35-0 and 31-0 during the season so far, Wigan were expected to progress easily into the John Player Semi Finals but found themselves 2-0 down early, but a 6-2 lead was established in the 31st Minute with a 75 metre try created by Steve Hampson and finished by Hanley. Amazingly no further scoring occurred in the final 49 minutes with Wigan having to sweat all the way to the hooter.

Half Time:  

Wigan 6 Leigh 2



Referee:  Stephen Haigh (Ossett)

1986-1987 John Player Special Trophy Quarter Final Results

Saturday 13th December 1986
Bradford Northern 8 Hull 20 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 1)

Sunday 14th December 1986
Barrow 6 Widnes 16
St Helens 20 Warrington 22
Wigan 6 Leigh 2