24th October 1978: Wigan 13 Rochdale 2
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Wigan 13 Rochdale Hornets 2 - Tuesday 24th October 1978
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: BBC 2 Floodlit Trophy First Round
Kick Off: 7:30pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. George Fairbairn, 2. Dennis Ramsdale, 3. Dave Willicombe, 4. Alan Greenall, 5. Jimmy Hornby, 6. Keiron O'Loughlin, 7. Bernard Coyle
WiganlForwards:l 8. Steve Breheny, 9. Ray Martland, 10. John Wood, 11. John Foran, 12. Steve O'Neill, 13. Dennis Boyd
WiganlSubs Used:l 14. Terry Hollingsworth (replaced Steve Breheny), 15. Bill Melling (replaced John Wood)


Dave Willicombe, Dennis Ramsdale, Bernard Coyle
WiganlGoals:l George Fairbairn 2


Wigan progressed past Rochdale in the First Round of the BBC Floodlit Trophy.


Delayed Highlights on BBC 2 between 10:30 and 11:15pm. Commentator: Eddie Waring


Wigan had won and were due to meet Huddersfield in Round 2 at Central Park on Tuesday 14th November 1978 (7:30pm). However Rochdale lodged an appeal after it emerged that Wigan's Steve Breheny should not have played in this match due to a six match suspension occurred following the red card in a match against Wakefield in September. The Rugby League Council originally fined Wigan 500 for playing him, but Rochdale went further and appealed for Wigan to be kicked out the competition. Four days before the scheduled tie against Huddersfield on 10th November, a special Council meeting upheld Rochdale's complaint and Wigan were duly kicked out the competition with Rochdale re-instated. Even though Rochdale beat Huddersfield on 15th November, Wigan still did not let things lie. They maintain Breheny had completed his six match ban and they applied for a court injunction on November 28th to stop the Rochdale v Widnes Semi Final from being played on December 4th. A writ was issued against Rugby League Secretary David Oxley, chairman Sumner Baxendale and all members of the Rugby League Council over the decision to eliminate them and a hearing was set for Manchester Crown Court on December 3rd. However at that hearing, an agreement between the two parties was reached within just five minutes. The conclusion of all that was that Wigan had indeed played Steve Breheny whilst he still had one match to serve on his six match ban and thus the decision to eliminate them remained. Rochdale went on to lose their Semi Final at home to Widnes.

1978-1979 BBC 2 Floodlit Trophy First Round Results

Tuesday 26th September 1978
Castleford 20 Wakefield Trinity 11 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)

Thursday 28th September 1978
Barrow 17 Leigh 5

Tuesday 3rd October 1978
Halifax 12 Hull Kingston Rovers 31 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)
Keighley 15 Huddersfield 25
Widnes 17 Whitehaven 13

Tuesday 10th October 1978
Leeds 8 Hull 14 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)

Tuesday 17th October 1978
Salford 15 St Helens 17 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)

Tuesday 24th October 1978
Wigan 13 Rochdale Hornets 2 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)*

*Tie was later awarded to Rochdale with Wigan found guilty of playing an illegible player.

1978-1979 BBC 2 Floodlit Trophy Second Round Results

Tuesday 31st October 1978
Barrow 0 Hull 6 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)

Tuesday 7th November 1978
St Helens 47 Castleford 5 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)

Wednesday 15th November 1978
Rochdale Hornets 10 Huddersfield 9*

Tuesday 21st November 1978
Hull Kingston Rovers 10 Widnes 13 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)

*Because Rochdale had only been re-instated at short notice, the tie was not able to be televised on Tuesday 14th November.

1978-1979 BBC 2 Floodlit Trophy Semi Final Results

Tuesday 28th November 1978
Hull 5 St Helens 13 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)

Friday 8th December 1978
Rochdale Hornets 9 Widnes 26*

*Was postponed when due to be televised on Tuesday 5th December.

1978-1979 BBC 2 Floodlit Trophy Final Result

Tuesday 12th December 1978
St Helens 7 Widnes 13 (Delayed Highlights on BBC 2)


BBC 2 - Tuesday 24th October 1978
10:30am Working for Safety (till 10:55am)
11:00am Play School (till 11:25am)
2:30pm Tecair Ltd (till 2:55pm)
3:00pm Film as Evidence (till 3:25pm)
3:30pm Living in the City (till 3:55pm)
5:15pm Open University (till 5:40pm)
6:55pm News Headlines, Weather
7:00pm Digame! (Spanish Lessons for Beginners)
7:25pm News, Weather
7:30pm One Man and His Dog: Second Semi Final - England v Ireland (Sheepdog Trials presented by Phillip Drabble & Eric Halsall)
8:00pm One More Time (30 Minutes of Songs)
8:30pm Roots of England: Farming in East Anglia
9:00pm Roots (Part 6 - Serialisation of a book by Alex Haley)
10:30pm Floodlit Rugby League: Wigan v Rochdale
11:15pm News, Weather
11:25pm The Old Grey Whistle Test (Guests: Whitesnake, The Average White Band)
12:05am Poem Reading, Closedown