16th April 1976: St Helens 11 Wigan 28
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St Helens 11 Wigan 28 - Good Friday 16th April 1976
Venue: Knowsley Road, St Helens
Competition: League First Division
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. George Fairbairn, 2. Stuart Wright, 3. David Hill, 4. Bill Francis, 5. Keiron O'Loughlin, 6. Alan Whittle, 7. Jimmy Nulty
WiganlForwards:l 8. Brian Hogan, 9. Ray Martland, 10. Alan Bailey, 11. Bob Irving, 12. Brian Gregory, 13. Alan Greenall
WiganlSubs Used:l 15. David Regan


Stuart Wright 3, Bill Francis 2, Brian Gregory
WiganlGoals:l George Fairbairn 5

StlHelenslBacks:l 1. Geoff Pimblett, 2. Les Jones, 3. Billy Benyon, 4. Kenneth Thompson, 5. Roy Mathias, 6. Peter Glynn, 7. Jeff Heaton
StlHelenslForwards:l 8. John Mantle, 9. Tony Karalius, 10. Neil Courtney, 11. George Nicholls, 12. David Hull, 13. Harry Pinner
StlHelenslSubs Used:l 14. Eddie Cunningham


Les Jones
StlHelenslGoals:l Geoff Pimblett 4

Both Saints and Wigan had been going for the title but whilst Wigan's hopes had faded, Saints hopes of a League and Cup double were still alive as the Good Friday Derby came round at Knowsley Road. Saints though had been victims of a heavy schedule and in the end they just didn't have the legs to compete with Wigan second half who pushed on their 18-11 half time lead a further ten points second half without reply

Half Time:l

St Helens 11 Wigan 18




Live Coverage of the Second Half on BBC 1 during "Good Friday Grandstand" - Presenter: Frank Bough / Commentator: Eddie Waring