28th March 1975: Wigan 2 St Helens 21
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Wigan 2 St Helens 21 - Good Friday 28th March 1975
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: League First Division
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. George Fairbairn, 2. Stuart Wright, 3. Dave Willicombe, 4. Bill Francis, 5. Green Vigo, 6. David Hill, 7. Jimmy Nulty
WiganlForwards:l 8. Brian Hogan, 9. Colin Clarke, 10. Dennis Ashcroft, 11. Bob Irving, 12. Brian Gregory, 13. Dave Robinson
WiganlSubs Used:l 14. Alan Taylor, 15. Terry Hollingsworth



George Fairbairn 1

StlHelenslBacks:l 1. Geoff Pimblett, 2. Les Jones, 3. Frank Wilson, 4. David Hull, 5. Roy Mathias, 6. David Eckersley, 7. Jeff Heaton
StlHelenslForwards:l 8. John Warlow, 9. Tony Karalius, 10. Mel James, 11. George Nicholls, 12. Eric Chisnal, 13. Kel Coslett
StlHelenslSubs Used:l 15. Eddie Cunningham


Frank Wilson, Eddie Cunningham, Roy Mathias, Eric Chisnall

Kel Coslett 3


Kel Coslett 2


Wigan had cost Saints the 1974 title by claiming a draw off them on Good Friday but they couldn't stop them winning the 1975 title. To rub Wigan's noses in it, Saints sealed the title with this humbling victory at Central Park. Saint's took the lead in just the 3rd Minute with a try from Frank Wilson but the only other first half score came from a George Fairbairn penalty in the 30th Minute. Saints superiority shone after the break with them scoring 18 points to nil, Wigan falling away dramatically.

Half Time:l

Wigan 2 St Helens 3




Live Coverage of the Second Half on BBC 1 during "Good Friday Grandstand" - Presenter: Frank Bough / Commentator: Eddie Waring

BBC 1 - Good Friday 28th March 1975
10:00am Advertures of Tin Tin
10:05am The White Horses
10:30am The DIY Film Animation Show
11:00am Good Friday Grandstand presented by Frank Bough including.......
11:05 Equestrian: Hickstead Derby (Dorian Williams, Raymond Brooks-Ward, David Vine)
12:40 Football Focus (Bob Wilson)
12:55pm News & Weather
1:00pm Laurel and Hardy (Double Bill)
1:45pm Bagpuss
2:00pm One Friday in Eternity
2:50pm My Jesus
3:00pm Good Friday Grandstand presented by Frank Bough including.......
3:05 Equestrian: Hickstead Derby (Dorian Williams, Raymond Brooks-Ward, David Vine)
3:40 Boat Race Preview (Harry Carpenter)
3:50 Rugby League: Wigan v St Helens (Harry Carpenter)
4:35pm Festival of Entertainment
5:15pm News, Weather, Sport, Regional Sport
5:30pm Disney Time introduced by Leslie Crowther
6:15pm Film: "Around the World in 80 Days"
9:05pm Porridge
9:35pm News, Weather
9:45pm Spy Trap
10:35pm Gala Performance
11:40pm Weather, Regional News
11:42pm Film: "Eye of the Cat"
1:22am Closedown