9th May 1970: Castleford 7 Wigan 2 (Challenge Cup Final)
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Castleford 7 Wigan 2 - Saturday 9th May 1970
Venue: Wembley Stadium, London
Competition: Challenge Cup Final
Kick Off: 3:00pm


1. Colin Tyrer, 2. Keri Jones, 3. Bill Francis, 4. Peter Rowe, 5. Kevin O'Loughlin, 6. David Hill, 7. Frank Parr

WiganlForwards:l 8. Keith Ashcroft, 9. Bob Burdell, 10. Brian Hogan, 11. Bill Ashurst, 12. Dave Robinson, 13. Doug Laughton
WiganlSubs Used:l 14. Cliff Hill (replaced Colin Tyrer - 18th Minute)

WiganlTries:l (None)

Colin Tyrer 1

CastlefordlBacks:l 1. D.Edwards, 2. T.Briggs, 3. T.Thomas, 4. L.Stenton, 5. A.Lowndes, 6. A.Hardisty, 7. K.Hepworth
CastlefordlForwards:l 8. D.Hartley, 9. C.Dickinson, 10. M.Redfearn, 11. W.Kirkbride, 12. B.Lockwood, 13. M.Reilly
CastlefordlSubs Used:l D.Hargrave (replaced A.Hardisty - 61st Minute)

CastlefordlTries:l A.Lowndes

M.Redfearn 2


A Final remembered most for the injury suffered by Colin Tyrer in the 18th Minute, in which a vicious tackle by Keith Hepworth left him
with severe injury to his jaw and several teeth lost. Amazingly the savage attack did not result in a red card from referee Fred Lindop
and the loss of Tyrer proved too much for Wigan, particularly when it came to penalty goal opportunities.

Half Time:l Castleford 5 Wigan 2
Referee:l Fred Lindop (Wakefield)
Attendance:l 95,255
Television:l Live Coverage on BBC 1 during "Grandstand" - Presenter: Frank Bough / Commentator: Eddie Waring
Radio:l Live Commentary of the Second Half on BBC Radio 2 during "Sport on 2" - Commentary: Don Mosey, Bernard Ganley, Arthur Clues

BBC 1 - Saturday 9th May 1970
9:35am Square Two
10:00am Respondez S'il Vous Plait
10:30am Wie Bitte ? (till 11:00am)
12:40pm Weather
12:45pm Grandstand presented by Frank Bough from Wembley Stadium including.....
1:00 Amateur Boxing: ABA Championship Finals (Harry Carpenter)
1:20, 1:50, 2:25 Horse Racing from Kempton Park (Peter O'Sullevan, Clive Graham)
1:35, 2:05, 4:45 Athletics: Oxford v Cambridge (Norris McWhirter, Ross McWhirter)
2:40 Rugby League Cup Final: Castleford v Wigan (Eddie Waring)
5:05 Results Service
5:15pm Dr. Who
5:40pm Debbie Reynolds Show: Games Married People Play
6:05pm News
6:15pm Dad's Army: Room at the Bottom
6:45pm Film: "Yellow Sky"
8:20pm The Black and White Minstrel Show
9:05pm A Man called Ironside: A World of Jackals
10:10pm Football: England v France & Portugal v North Korea
11:00pm Whatever next ? (Music)
11:30pm Weather, National Anthem, Closedown