4th September 1965: Wigan 12 New Zealand 17
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Wigan 12 New Zealand 17 - Saturday 4th September 1965
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: Tour Match
Kick Off: 3:00pm


2. Billy Boston, 1. John Nixon, 3. Eric Ashton, 4. Cliff Hill, 5. David Stephens, 6. Chris Hesketh, 7. Frank Parr


8. Danny Gardiner, 9. Bill Sayer, 10. Brian McTigue, 11. Tony Stephens, 12. Tom Woosey, 13. Roy Evans

WiganlSubs Used:l


WiganlTries:l David Stephens, Cliff Hill

Eric Ashton 3


1. Jack Fagan, 2. Brian Reidy, 3. Graham Kennedy, 4. Roger Bailey, 5. Roy Christian, 6. Paul Schultz, 7. William Snowden

NewlZealandlForwards:l 8. Sam Edwards, 9. William Schultz, 10. Maunga Emery, 11. Bill Deacon, 12. Don Hammond, 13. Graham Mattson
NewlZealandlSubs Used:l


WiganlTries:l Roger Bailey 2, Brian Reidy

Jack Fagan 4


The Kiwis were on the fifth match of the tour and looking for the fourth victory with three weeks still to go before the first test. They met a Wigan side that was struggling with injury. Billy Boston, despite wearing shirt number 2, played at full back throughout the game and was reported to "not look fully fit". This didn't stop Wigan competing but New Zealand more than deserved their victory.


J.P Hebblethwaite (York)