Match Report: Warrington 24 Wigan 44
Posted by Bilko on July 24 2011 - 00:57
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Saturday 23rd July 2011
Warrington Wolves 24 Wigan Warriors 44
Halliwell Jones Stadium, Warrington
Carnegie Challenge Cup Quarter Final

Kick Off 4:30pm


- Wigan       - Warrington    
1 Sam Tomkins  T      1 Brett Hodgson    G2 
25 Josh Charnley  T2      5 Joel Monaghan    
12 Joel Tomkins       20 Matty Blythe    
4 George Carmont       23 Ryan Atkins    
5 Pat Richards  T2   G6    3 Matt King  T2   
17 Brett Finch       4 Chris Bridge    
6 Paul Deacon       7 Richie Myler  T2   
10 Andy Coley  T      16 Paul Wood    
7 Thomas Leuluai       9 Michael Monaghan    
15 Jeff Lima       10 Garreth Carvell    
11 Harrison Hansen  T      11 Louis Anderson    
16 Ryan Hoffman       12 Ben Westwood    
13 Sean O'Loughlin  T      17 Simon Grix    
9 Michael McIlorum       14 Mick Higham    
14 Paul Prescott       15 Jon Clarke    
21 Lee Mossop       18 Mike Cooper    
34 Gareth Hock       26 David Solomona  T   


Well maybe, just maybe, this was the day that Warrington's policy of having key men well over the age of 30 coming back to haunt them because for what was the biggest game of the season so far, Adrian Morley (age 34) and Lee Briers (33) were injured, David Solomona (33) came off injured during the game and Brett Hodgson (33) had a stinker really, being mugged twice in defence by Wigan whipper-snappers on the break away.

For me this game won by Wigan by the back five. I know the pack worked tirelessly and never took a backward step all game but our full back and three-quarters totally slaughtered them. In the opposite back five only Matt King really put up any resistance, showing all his class to launch their fight back, but in the end he just couldn't do it all by himself. You look at Joel Monaghan, Matty Blythe and Ryan Atkins and for me they were totally anonymous in this contest as an attacking threat.

Warrington also lacked direction in the halves. Lee Briers dropped out, fair enough, but aren't they supposed to have this international class boy wonder at Scrum Half? Surely with Briers out this was an occasion for Richie Myler to step up to the plate? Granted he did score twice and you cannot doubt that he is a class support player but as a scrum half, he does nothing for me. He never once got Wigan on the back foot all game. It seemed to be Chris Bridge and Brett Hodgson doing all the control work?

For Wigan, I look at the whole 17 and can't fault too many players for their efforts. I know Josh Charnley has been getting stick for his defence but just remember the lad is still 20 and in his first full season. His opposite right winger, the vastly more experienced Joel Monaghan, was far worse in my view. He missed some poor tackles if you look at the video closely - particularly for the breakaway try that Charnley himself scored.

In the opening moments of the game I think Warrington settled better than Wigan. A good chance came on 9 minutes when Myler (ah he did do something at least!) put in a kick but it just went dead before Matt King could touch down.

Now these two sides are a class above any other sides in the league this year for being able to score tries from anywhere on the park and Wigan showed why from the tap 20. It took them just 43 seconds to go 80 metres for the game's opening score. Hit ups from Pat Richards, Jeff Lima and Ryan Hoffman drive us forward to their 30, then it's good passing that creates the overlap. Half backs Brett Finch and Paul Deacon combined to get Leuluai breaking through a huge hole and drawing in full back Hodgson he found Harrison Hansen in support for the score near the sticks. Louis Anderson tapped his ankles but he was able to roll over anyway. Easy conversion for Pat made it 6-0.

The next score for Wigan amazingly came just 22 seconds after Warrington restarted. Remember Brian Carney's try against Leeds in the 2003 Play Offs? This effort was pretty much an exactly replica. 80 metres out, Sam Tomkins took the play the ball and set off. Garreth Carvell, Michael Monaghan and Louis Anderson were all guilty of lazy, lazy defence around the play the ball and you can't be lazy when Sam is around. He got away, then his footwork put Hodgson flat on his arse and once he was past him, the try was never in doubt.

I think the BBC Commentary team summed that try up best. Dave Woods said "in the blink of an eye - Wigan have two tries. Sam Tomkins - mercurial genius" whilst John Kear added "if Simon Cowell is looking for the X-Factor, just look at Sam Tomkins, he's got it by the bucket full".

Those two tries in two minutes left Warrington stunned and Wigan are now all over them. 17th Minute - Deacon puts the bomb in the air and Hodgson is totally flapping at Full Back. He can only concede the drop out and 40 seconds after that, Wigan are in again. Carmont is on a half break but it looked like he'd been stopped by Joel Monaghan but referee Richard Silverwood deemed the tackle wasn't complete and he played on with an offload away to Sam Tomkins. He found Brett Finch who's pass sent Andy Coley through a missed tackle from Garreth Carvell and he powered over from twenty metres out, close to the sticks.

Now on this try, referee Silverwood went to video screen to have a look at whether that Carmont tackle had been completed. I think that is total garbage and we shouldn't be using the video ref for stuff like that. Carmont played on because the referee said play on. So instead of checking whether a try has been put down or whatever, we are now using the video ref to determine whether the referee has made a mistake or not? That is an example of what has gone wrong with the video ref since Stuart Cummings became officiating boss. In the early day's of Super League it was a simple tool to decide whether a try had been scored or not. These day's it is just a massive back coverer for the referee. Their could well be an argument that is was a completed tackle but if the ref said play on, it's play on simple as that - how can it be the players fault? Anyway..........the try was given! Pat converted for 18-0.

Wigan continued on this massive roll and claimed a fourth score on 24 minutes. The territory was set up when a bomb from Finch was allowed to bounce. Hodgson was flapping again with him and Joel Monaghan leaving the ball for each other. It ended up in touch off the hand of Monaghan for a Wigan scrum ten metres out. Warrington had survived five tackles but on the last we went left. Great passing - Deacon, Finch, O'Loughlin, Sam Tomkins and Carmont all got a touch before Pat squeezed in the corner. He couldn't convert though but 22-0 in 24 minutes was a hell of a scoreline.

After that though, the game amazingly swung the other way towards Warrington. For the first time for ages they had made us kick from deep in defence and then a penalty conceded by Finch for holding down got Warrington into our half. Good hands for this try from the Wires, spreading the ball from right wing to left. Chris Bridge, Michael Monaghan, David Solomona and Ryan Atkins all got a touch before Matt King was sent through the overlap. Hodgson failed to convert - 22-4.

They were desperate for that score and it certainly lifted them because they scored again on 31 minutes. Lovely dummy from Hodgson fooled our defenders and got King breaking down the left from half way. Sam was their to halt King but the supporting Myler easily burned off Gareth Hock for the score. Not sure if Hock was injured or just showing his lack of match fitness there but I don't think he played at all second half? Hodgson converted this time for 22-10. All of a sudden we'd gone from dream land to now sweating in a mind process of "get to half time, get to bloody half time!!!".

Warrington were clearly all over us down the left wing but on 35 minutes a great gang tackle from Joel, Charnley, Deacon and Hock barrelled King over the touchline. Didn't matter because two minutes later they were in again. Great break on half way from Monaghan and Myler was in support again to claim his second. Hodgson's conversion made it 22-16 and that's how it remained until half time.

Very negative at half time from Wigan fans. The mood seemed to be fearing the worst. The thought of having a 22-0 lead and blowing this was not good to think about. I'm thinking first try of the second half is massive, but we actually didn't get it. Warrington did. 43rd minute - David Solomona, who had given them a massive boost off the bench, scored it, again in that left corner. Charnley had no chance stopping him. Hodgson missed the extras though, so it was still 22-20 to Wigan.

Unfortunate for Warrington that would prove to be Solomona's last act in this game. He went off injured a couple of minutes later. Some Wire fans having a go at the tackle technique but their was absolutely nothing in that. Coley was just tackling his legs from behind and unfortunately his knee got injured. He certainly wasn't a third man in. Just an unlucky injury for me. Also, whilst Warrington fans can rightly argue about how big an impact he had for them - I'd also argue that taking Leuluai off for Mike McIlorum on a mirrored timescale took a lot away from us. Tommy was on fire in that first 25 minutes.

Now if you look at the scoring incident time line below you will see that Wigan dominated the beginning and back end of the game with it being all Warrington in the middle. Except for this next try that went to Wigan. It was the only try scored by a team that was struggling for momentum and it helped us establish a two score lead at a vital time.

It was a lovely move between Hoffman and Finch that set this one up. Finch's pass to Hoffman wasn't quite taken. He passed but Hoff just kind of pushed back to him and this took out three defenders to create an overlap for Carmont to half break. Watch George on the video hand off Ben Westwood before offloading to send Pat in for his second. Not an easy conversion but when it really matters we all know Pat delivers. The extra two made it 28-20 and allowed Wigan to recompose themselves into the dog fight.

Warrington were still not giving up though and they scored another try down our left wing on 59 minutes. Charnley was getting the stick for allowing King to power over him, but the fault should lay with three defenders who let Westwood offload. Still the conversion was on the touchline and with Hodgson missing the extra's Wigan still held a 28-24 lead but goal kicking was the now the only difference on the score board. It show's how valuable Pat is to us!

Massive moment for Wigan was their response to that try, which came within two minutes. Hodgson continued his awful game with a knock on at the restart and with good territory, Finch put a bomb up on the last. No Warrington player jumped and this allowed Joel to bat the ball back in the air to Deacon who sent Charnley in for a simple score. Pat missed this conversion to leave the score at 32-24 but claiming such a quick response to last Wire try put a dagger in their hearts I felt. You just cannot keep chasing and chasing and chasing the game and expect to win if your conceding tries whilst your doing the chasing.

Still 18 minutes remained on the clock and although I'm now very confident, you still want to get another try to make the result totally out of doubt and if you can picture book a try to win any game of rugby league - this one would be it!

Charnley picks the ball up one metre from his own line. Warrington players are stood around claiming a knock on but it clearly went back you plonkers! Charnley's not wasting time, he's on the run. The Monaghan brothers both put in pathetic tackle attempts on him which leaves Charnley with just Hodgson to beat. On today's display he was always going to fail. Young put in a beautiful side step to beat him and ended going the full length for the score. He was running towards the Wigan fans as well, it makes it oh so much a better feeling! You cannot buy moments like that. Even "Gladys" wasn't bothered by the inevitable beer shower! It's what makes these cup tie/play off sudden death games so special. Easy Pat conversion. 38-24 now and it's game over despite 12 minutes remaining.

The clock ticked down nicely now and Wigan managed to get a cherry on top of the cake try with 3 minutes left. Sam was showing his class at spotting a gap again. He kicked into space, King was flapping at the bouncing ball and Sam forced him into an error with Sean O'Loughlin being able to just scoop up and claim a gift try. Pat converted again to make the final score 44-24.

So in conclusion...........not a bad 20 spent eh? :-D Bring on the semi finals!

09mins:16 Warrington 00 Wigan 04 Try: Harrison Hansen
- Warrington 00 Wigan 06

Conversion: Pat Richards (1/1)

11mins:15 Warrington 00 Wigan 10 Try: Sam Tomkins
- Warrington 00 Wigan 12

Conversion: Pat Richards (2/2)

17mins:06 Warrington 00 Wigan 16 Try: Andy Coley
- Warrington 00 Wigan 18

Conversion: Pat Richards (3/3)

24mins:01 Warrington 00 Wigan 22 Try: Pat Richards
- Warrington 00 Wigan 22

P.Richards Missed Conversion (3/4)

27mins:26 Warrington 04 Wigan 22 Try: Matt King
- Warrington 04 Wigan 22

B.Hodgson Missed Conversion (0/1)

31mins:53 Warrington 08 Wigan 22 Try: Richie Myler
- Warrington 10 Wigan 22

Conversion: Brett Hodgson (1/2)

37mins:08 Warrington 14 Wigan 22 Try: Richie Myler (2)
- Warrington 16 Wigan 22

Conversion: Brett Hodgson (2/3)

Half Time Warrington Wolves 16 Wigan Warriors 22
42mins:03 Warrington 20 Wigan 22 Try: David Solomona
- Warrington 20 Wigan 22

B.Hodgson Missed Conversion (2/4)

48mins:33 Warrington 20 Wigan 26 Try: Pat Richards (2)
- Warrington 20 Wigan 28

Conversion: Pat Richards (4/5)

58mins:41 Warrington 24 Wigan 28 Try: Matt King (2)
- Warrington 24 Wigan 28

B.Hodgson Missed Conversion (2/5)

61mins:55 Warrington 24 Wigan 32 Try: Josh Charnley
- Warrington 24 Wigan 32

P.Richards Missed Conversion (4/6)

65mins:09 Warrington 24 Wigan 36 Try: Josh Charnley (2)
- Warrington 24 Wigan 38

Conversion: Pat Richards (5/7)

76mins:21 Warrington 24 Wigan 42 Try: Sean O'Loughlin
- Warrington 24 Wigan 44

Conversion: Pat Richards (6/8)

Full Time Warrington Wolves 24 Wigan Warriors 44

Richard Silverwood


13,105 (Sold Out)


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Warrington Wolves 24 Wigan Warriors 44 (Live on BBC 2)

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