13th October 2001: Bradford 37 Wigan 6 (Grand Final)
Posted by Bilko on January 27 2016 - 22:34

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Saturday 13th October 2001
Bradford Bulls 37 Wigan Warriors 6
Old Trafford, Manchester
Tetley's Super League 6 Grand Final

Kick Off 6:30pm


- Wigan       - Bradford      
1 Kris Radlinski       5 Michael Withers  T3     
5 Brian Carney       2 Tevita Vaikona      
3 Steve Renouf       20 Scott Naylor      
4 Gary Connolly       23 Graham Mackay  T   G   
5 Brian Carney       3 Leon Pryce      
6 Matthew Johns       6 Henry Paul    G5   DG 
7 Adrian Lam  T      1 Robbie Paul      
8 Terry O'Connor       8 Joe Vagana      
9 Terry Newton       9 James Lowes  T     
20 Harvey Howard       22 Brian McDermott      
11 Mick Cassidy       11 Daniel Gartner      
14 Dave Furner    G    19 Jamie Peacock      
13 Andy Farrell       12 Mike Forshaw      
10 Neil Cowie       7 Paul Deacon      
12 Denis Betts       10 Paul Anderson      
15 Paul Johnson       15 Shane Rigon      
19 Chris Chester       29 Stuart Fielden  T     


I cannot really put into words how I feel at the moment. My views might not be want we want to hear. But I am speaking from the heart as a Wigan fan

I just couldn't see us losing. Everything was set up for the great night. Another grand final victory. Everything was set over 60,000 in Old Trafford.

Before I go off on one about Wigan. I would like to pay the biggest complement possible to he Bradford Bulls, they were fantastic - the best rugby I have seen in the first half I think I have ever seen we got battered there is no other word for it Lowes and Withers were tremendous well played.

Now to the good stuff!!!!!

If that is how a Wigan side can play in the biggest game of the year then there is no point in bothering going next year. We were a shambles. Not one Wigan player deserves any credit at all. How many runs from dummy half was made? How many clean breaks from Bradford?.

So why did we lose? Personally I think Andy Farrell has a lot to answer for. When you are in a big game you need relaxing. Everybody knows how bigger game it is. All week he has been saying how they need to be focused and up for it. I just think he got so worked up. He worked his players up so much that they froze. That has been Bradford's problem in big games. In games like this we need to relax the players.

The players though should have been up for it and they weren't. Wigan who pay there players the most. Wigan who pride themselves in being the best in the world, and have been. Wigan who everyone loves to hate. We are the laughing stock of Rugby League tonight. I urge all fans tonight to write to Wigan Rugby League and demand there monies back from them.

Some of the players like Connolly, Howard, Dallas, Lam and the biggest one of all Mathew Johns. Should take a long hard look at themselves and realise what wearing the shirt means for people like us who travel all over the country watching them. paying there hard earned money. And they should say do I want to play for Wigan?. If they don't then quite frankly they can go and play for another club. Because I for one do not want to see them in a Wigan shirt ever again. That side out there tonight were a disgrace to Wigan. the town and the fans.

As for the game Bradford were in front in the first minute and never looked back 37-6 is a totally fair result. We did well to get 6.

There will be more reaction to the game tomorrow when I have had chance to calm down. But again hats off to Bradford and well played.

Half Time:  Bradford 26 Wigan 0



Stuart Cummings (Widnes)