4th September 1897: Widnes 11 Wigan 2
Posted by Bilko on December 17 2014 - 00:48
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Widnes 11 Wigan 2 - Saturday 4th September 1897
Venue: Lowerhouse Lane, Widnes
Competition: League - Lancashire Senior Competition


1. Rueben Collier, 2. John Timoney, 3. Jimmy Walkden, 4. Percy Jago, 5. Frank Dixon, 6. Billy Halliwell, 7. Peter Foster

WiganlForwards:l 8. J.Perkins, 9. Billy Benson, 10. Jack Brown, 11. Jack Blackburn, 12. J.Catterall, 13. J.Walsh, 14. George Rigby, 15. Edward Peet




Frank Dixon 1


Prior to this season scoring had been standardised with three points for a try and two points for any type of goal. This system remained until 1974 when they then reduced the value of a drop goal to one point. Try value was only increased to four in 1983. The weather was awful for this season opener at Widnes with showers and gale strength winds. Wigan went ahead with a drop goal from Frank Dixon but it fell apart after that.