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Posted by Bilko on November 25 2014 - 13:46
Some old pictures of Wigan kits of yesteryear. If you can add any pictures to this page email me -
2016 Home Shirt (Errea) 2016 Away Shirt (Errea) 2016 Third Shirt (Errea) 2016 Academy Shirt (Errea)
2015 Home Shirt (Errea) 2015 Away Shirt (Errea) 2015 Academy Shirt (Errea)
2014 Home Shirt (ISC) 2014 Away Shirt (ISC) 2014 World Club Special (ISC)
2013 Home Shirt (ISC) 2013 Away Shirt (ISC) 2013 Man of Steel
Promotion Shirt (ISC)
2013 Double Winners
Commemorative Shirt (ISC)
2013 Home Shirt
Cup Final Sponsor (ISC)
2013 Home Shirt
Play Off Sponsor (ISC)
2012 Home Shirt (ISC) 2012 Away Shirt (ISC) 2012 Joining Jack
Charity Shirt (ISC)
2012 Sean O'Loughlin
Testimonial Shirt (ISC)
2011 Home Shirt (Kooga) 2011 Away Shirt (Kooga) 2011 World Club Special (Kooga)
2010 Home Shirt (Kooga) 2010 Away Shirt (Kooga) 2010 Home Shirt
with Sponsor (Kooga)
2010 Away Shirt
with Sponsor (Kooga)
2010 Home Shirt Catalan (A)
Charity Branding (Kooga)
2009 Home Shirt (Kooga) 2009 Away Shirt (Kooga) 2009 Charity Special (Kooga) 2009 Away Shirt Catalan (A)
Charity Branding (Kooga)
2008 Home Shirt (Kooga) 2008 Away Shirt (Kooga)
2007 Home Shirt (JJB) 2007 Away Shirt (JJB)
2006 Home Shirt (JJB) 2006 Away Shirt (JJB)
2005 Home Shirt (Patrick) 2005 Away Shirt (Patrick)
2004 Home Shirt (Patrick) 2004 Away Shirt (Patrick)
2003 Home Shirt (Patrick) 2003 Away Shirt (Patrick)
2002 Home Shirt (Adidas) 2002 Away Shirt (Adidas)
2001 Home Shirt (Adidas) 2001 Away Shirt (Adidas)
2000 Home Shirt (Adidas) 2000 Away Shirt (Adidas)
1999 Home Shirt (Nike) 1999 Away Shirt (Nike)
1998 Home Shirt (Nike) 1998 Away Shirt (Nike)
1997 Home Shirt (Puma) 1997 Away Shirt (Puma)
1995-96 & 1996 Home Shirt (Puma) 1995-96 & 1996 Away Shirt (Puma)
1994-1995 Home Shirt (Puma) 1994-1995 Away Shirt (Puma)
1992-1994 Home Shirt (Ellegren) 1992-1994 Away Shirt (Ellegren) 1992-1993 Wembley (Ellegren)
(Never worn or sold)
1989-1992 Home Shirt (Ellegren) 1989-1992 Away Shirt (Ellegren) 1989-1992 Combo Shirt (Ellegren)
1988-1989 Home Shirt (Umbro) 1988-1989 Away Shirt (Umbro) 1988-1989 USA Special Shirt (Umbro)
1986-1988 Home Shirt (Umbro) 1986-1988 Away Shirt (Umbro)
1983-1986 Home Shirt (Umbro) 1983-1986 Away Shirt (Umbro) 1983-1985 Home No Sponsor (Umbro)
1982-1983 Home Shirt (Umbro) 1982-1983 Away Shirt (Umbro)

1951 Challenge Cup Final Shirt as worn by Nat Silcock

Front Reverse

Shirt Sponsors

Wigan have had four shirt sponsors since they became the norm in the late 1980's. JJB first had their name on a Wigan shirt first when they sponsored them in the 1985 Challenge Cup Final.

Between 1989 and 1999 local electricity company Norweb sponsored Wigan through the most successful time in their history. The logo got great TV exposure as Wigan embarked on winning 8 Challenge Cups in a row and also won eight league titles during the sponsorship.

Following Dave Whelan's takeover of Wigan, his JJB Sportswear company took over as club shirt sponsor from 2000 to 2008. The company had also sponsored Wigan when they played Hull in the 1985 Challenge Cup Final

Mecca Bingo became Wigan's third shirt sponsor ahead of the 2009 Season and although they renewed in 2010, they only did so after the home and away kits went on sale.

Independent management consultancy firm Applicado FS became the clubs fourth major sponsor ahead of the 2011 season on a two year deal for an undisclosed six figure sum.