12th March 1947: Wigan 8 AS Carcassonne 11
Posted by cherryandwhite on November 19 2012 - 01:02
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Wigan 8 AS Carcassonne 11 - Wednesday 12th March 1947
Venue: Central Park, Wigan
Competition: Tour Match
Kick Off: 3:00pm

WiganlBacks:l 1. Ted Ward, 2. Jack Hilton, 3. Johnny Lawrenson, 4. Ernie Ashcroft, 5. Stan Jolley, 6. Ces Mountford, 7. Frank Tracey

8. George Woosey, 9. Joe Egan, 10. Joe Shovelton, 11. Emrys Evans, 12. Frank Barton, 13. Harry Atkinson

WiganlTries:l Emrys Evans, Jack Hilton
WiganlGoals:l Ted Ward 1


Note:l This Match was played in Heavy Snow Conditions (See Picture). It was the return of a challenge match between the champions of England and France, with Wigan having visited Carcassonne in November 1946. My Grandad attended this game and remember that Carcassone came with a joke mentality and tried to play with mini rugby balls. He also noted the french full back Puig Aubert who was smoking a fag with one hand, whilst catching the ball with the other. He was quite famous for this, hence his nickname "Pipette"