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Match Report: Wigan 66 Hull FC 6
Posted by Bilko on August 01 2008 - 22:43

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Wigan Warriors v Hull FC. Engage Super League XIII Round 23.
Friday 1st August 2008. Kick Off 8:00pm at JJB Stadium.

Thoughts on the Match

I went in the South Stand Bar after the match and Stuart Fielden came in and commented on what he saw as many "disgusting" comments made by Wigan fans last week.

Now I want to make it clear before I rant that I'm not on the Fielden scapegoat bandwagon and I'm only directing the following comments towards him because he said it. I don't have a problem with his performances in the last couple of months certainly and found many message boards rants at him a bit harsh. He's was class tonight and has does his fair share of work in recent matches. I think since Cardiff he's been our best prop.

He may have a point on some "disgusting" comments having been made on our message board. Personally I haven't been on it much recently so can't really comment on that but the simple fact is that if you'd have played like that the last three weeks we wouldn't have anything to moan about.

Tonight was simple, just like when they beat Leeds. Complete sets, don't make any errors and work your socks off. Easier said than done of course but that wasn't shown last week was it?

I suppose its a bit two faced for some fans to turn round and sing "Your the greatest club in the world" tonight seven days after singing "your not fit to wear the shirt" but nothing has changed for me. A 34-4 home defeat is still unacceptable at this club.

I should be absolutely delighted with a 66-6 home win but I'm not. I'm annoyed that the same passion was not on show last week or the week before or the week before that.

Stuart said it himself "it means nothing if we lose next week". Spot on! But time and time again this year we've made a good platform to gain some momentum but never made that push forward.

For me we should be right up Catalans backsides in the league table and making them sweat over 3rd place when we play them next weekend. But fact is we are six points behind them despite their loss at Hull KR tonight. Why? Because of complete no shows by our team at Castleford (despite getting a draw), at Hull KR, last week v Huddersfield and all three times against St Helens. And when you see us play like we did tonight and liek we've done against Leeds - it just frustrates the hell out of you.

We shouldn't have to reach rock bottom to get a reaction like that. It should be the norm. We might still lose derbies or games playing like that but at least you can come off the park with pride in the shirt your wearing. I couldn't say that last week and like Stuart said it means nothing if you don't do it next week. Not only next week but also the week after and the week after that!

Story of the Match

I remember two years ago being at the KC Stadium on an afternoon when Wigan got nailed 54-12 and it was painful. So revenge was sweet tonight. It hurt because it was a long way to go to watch a performance like that but fair credit to the travelling Hull fans. Not many left in fairness and that must have been a tough one for them.

God help them in the Cup Final though. That was a worse defeat than Leigh suffered at the JJB in 2005. Say's an awful lot that!

There's been some daft rumours about Tim Smith drinking himself silly on our boards apparently. Well if your gonna play like that fella - have ten beers on me. Clearly unfit but he ran the show tonight when he come off the bench. He was barking orders, leading the team around and taking big pressure off Trent Barrett's shoulders. Could be a big weapon in the play offs. Instead of defences being able to target and shut down Barrett they'll now have Smith to sort out as well. And having to target two key players opened up the gaps for Wigan to score 12 tries. Maybe a lot of this was down to Hull being so poor and him coming on with us in a commanding lead and under no pressure - but only time will tell. Next week in France will give us a clearer picture.

Last year in matches against Hull FC, Pat Richards completely dominated Matt Sing in the air and this pattern continued tonight.

Fifth minute and Barrett kicked towards Paaat's wing. Richards didn't collect the ball from his leap but he did enough to pressure Sing into fumbling and it was a simple touch down for Pat. Converted off the touchline as well to make it 6-0 early.

Second try soon followed with Fielden laying the platform. He was held up just short before Mick Higham darted over from dummy half which together with a second conversion from Pat made it 12-0 in 8 minutes.

Hull were playing as if their shorts were round their ankles. They showed absolutely nothing and Wigan made them pay.

17th minute and a Barrett kick was dropped by Hull which gave Cameron Phelps easy field position to score from although Richards failed to convert leaving it 16-0.

Phelps is looking a cracking buy. It was nice to see a big smile on his face when the Eaststanders chanted his name a he returned for the restart. I think he's loving it at Wigan. I just hope he doesn't move to Full Back next year. He's proving an effective Centre or Winger so leave him there. Him and Carmont are proving good cheap buys which is credit to chairman Lenegan and coach Noble. I wouldn't swap either for highly paid Matt King at Warrington.

One moan of the match came on 26 minutes. 16-0 up and cruising, Hull were showing nothing and Wigan got a penalty a couple of metres from the try line. It was decided to take a penalty goal much to Tommy Leuluai's frustration as he slammed the ball down in disgust. Bit negative for me. Most times I'd agree but not on this occasion. We had momentum and should have kept going, Funnily enough though Pat hit the post with an absolute sitter. It wasn't an hard angle.

It didn't matter though because two minutes later we scored a fourth try. Another Hull error gave Wigan easy field position which allowed Feka Paleaaesina to charge over from close range. I was stood with Hogan at the back on the East and he made a good point. If Feka charges at the line from close range with his body low how the bloody hell do you stop him. Simple answer is that you don't! Pat converted to make it 22-0 after half an hour.

That score became 28-0 three minutes later. A wide gap opened up in the Hull defence and Joel Tomkins shot through the hole. Richards converted and I went down for my half time pint with nothing to moan about which is a rarity in recent times. I also didn't miss any scores which is also unusual /

I was thinking at half time though two things. One was to keep up this attack for the full 80 and two was to "nil the bastards". Ok we only achieved one of these targets but it's better than none.

Wigan just kept on rolling and on 42 minutes they scored the try of the night. Tim Smith hit Barrett we a long bullet pass and an orgasmic flick out the back door without looking from Trent sent Tommy Leuluai over for the try, to which Richards converted and made it 34-0. Outstanding try!

Hull did show a bit of pride early in the second half which did result in a try from Jamie Thackeray on 47 minutes but it was a token gesture. Far too little too late.

Wigan just kept going all night. Completing sets and not conceding penalties. Simple but effective. It resulted in further scores for Tomkins (2), Richards, Carmont (2) and the last try of the night from Feka.

Joel Tomkins ended up with an hatrick and was a bugs dick away from a fourth late on which would have racked up 70 points for Wigan. Fair play to Tomkins, I think he's had a good season actually which is a far cry from what was deemed to be a poor loan spell at Widnes last year.

So 66-6 and you can't complain on the night. But as Stuart Fielden said himself "it means nothing if we don't do the same next week!". If your going to France enjoy it because I'm not :(.

Post Match Note

It was later deemed after reviewing video evidence that Joel Tomkins touched Wigan's 3rd try down before Cameron Phelps and so it was awarded to Tomkins which took his match tally to 4 tries - ( Click Here for Story)

Game Breaking Moment

Hull players forgetting to pull their shorts up.

Top Player

Stuart Fielden - Fantastic. Although notable mentions for Phelps and Tomkins.

Poor Player

Pat Richards - He scored two tries but missed four goals! Rubbish Paaat! Rubbish! ;)

Reaction to the Action

Brian Noble: "I'm really pleased and delighted for the players because I think some of the things said about them last week were unfair. I thought we were very vigorous tonight and forced a few errors. We took care of the ball and Hull didn't touch it in the second half.n It was similar to our story last week. But there's no dramas or crisis at the club. We just didn't play well last week and you don't become a bad team overnight."

Hull Coach Richard Agar: "I always knew it would be tough tonight but there was a complete lack of intensity from us from the start. It was a shocking effort and we had no desire or enthusiasm. There's no excuse for what we have seen tonight."

Team Sheets

- Wigan Position Hull FC -
1 Richard Mathers Full Back Craig Hall 4
2 Mark Calderwood Winger Matt Sing 2
21 Cameron Phelps Centre Graeme Horne 14
4 George Carmont Centre Kirk Yeaman 3
5 Pat Richards Winger Gareth Raynor 5
6 Trent Barrett Stand Off Danny Washbrook 13
7 Thomas Leuluai Scrum Half Thomas Lee 23
8 Stuart Fielden Prop Ewan Dowes 8
9 Mick Higham Hooker Shaun Berrigan 9
15 Andy Coley Prop Garreth Carvell 10
12 Phil Bailey 2nd Row Lee Radford 11
16 Harrison Hansen 2nd Row Danny Tickle 12
22 Joel Tomkins L.Forward Willie Manu 16
- - - - -
10 Iafeta Paleaaesina Substitute Danny Houghton 20
14 Liam Colbon Substitute Peter Cusack 26
24 Eamon O'Carroll Substitute Tom Briscoe 27
32 Tim Smith Substitute Jamie Thackeray 31

Score Sheet

Wigan Warriors 66 --- Hull FC 6
Tries (12):
Pat Richards 2
Mick Higham
Joel Tomkins 4
Iafeta Paleaaesina 2
Thomas Leuluai
George Carmont 2
--- Tries (1):
Jamie Thackeray
Pat Richards 9/13
--- Goals:
Danny Tickle 1/1

Scoring and Incident Pattern

5th Minute Wigan 04 Hull FC 00 Try: Pat Richards
- Wigan 06 Hull FC 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (1/1)
9th Minute Wigan 10 Hull FC 00 Try: Mick Higham
- Wigan 12 Hull FC 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (2/2)
17th Minute Wigan 16 Hull FC 00 Try: Joel Tomkins
- Wigan 16 Hull FC 00 P.Richards Missed Coversion (2/3)
27th Minute Wigan 16 Hull FC 00 P.Richards Missed Penalty Goal (2/4)
29th Minute Wigan 20 Hull FC 00 Try: Iafeta Paleaaesina
- Wigan 22 Hull FC 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (3/5)
33rd Minute Wigan 26 Hull FC 00 Try: Joel Tomkins (2)
- Wigan 28 Hull FC 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (4/6)
Half Time Wigan Warriors 28 Hull FC 00
42nd Minute Wigan 32 Hull FC 00 Try: Thomas Leuluai
- Wigan 34 Hull FC 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (5/7)
47th Minute Wigan 34 Hull FC 04 Try: Jamie Thackeray
- Wigan 34 Hull FC 06 Conversion: Danny Tickle (1/1)
54th Minute Wigan 38 Hull FC 06 Try: Joel Tomkins (3)
- Wigan 38 Hull FC 06 P.Richards Missed Coversion (5/8)
58th Minute Wigan 42 Hull FC 06 Try: Pat Richards (2)
- Wigan 42 Hull FC 06 P.Richards Missed Coversion (5/9)
63rd Minute Wigan 46 Hull FC 06 Try: Joel Tomkins (4)
- Wigan 48 Hull FC 06 Conversion: Pat Richards (6/10)
68th Minute Wigan 52 Hull FC 06 Try: George Carmont
- Wigan 54 Hull FC 06 Conversion: Pat Richards (7/11)
74th Minute Wigan 58 Hull FC 06 Try: George Carmont (2)
- Wigan 60 Hull FC 06 Conversion: Pat Richards (8/12)
78th Minute Wigan 64 Hull FC 06 Try: Iafeta Paleaaesina (2)
- Wigan 66 Hull FC 06 Conversion: Pat Richards (9/13)
Full Time Wigan Warriors 66 Hull FC 06


Ben Thaler

Penalties Conceded

Wigan 3 Hull FC 6

Goal Line Drop Outs Forced

Wigan 0 Hull FC 0

Match Attendance




League Table at Conclusion of Super League 13 Round 23

- Team P W D L F A Diff Pts
1 St Helens 23 18 0 5 835 387 +448 36
2 Leeds Rhinos 23 17 0 6 699 355 +344 34
3 Catalans Dragons 23 15 1 7 600 517 +83 31
4 Warrington Wolves 23 14 0 9 596 578 +18 28
5 Wigan Warriors 23 12 1 10 568 592 -24 25
6 Bradford Bulls 23 11 0 12 585 549 +36 22
7 Wakefield Wildcats 23 10 0 13 480 618 -138 20
8 Hull Kingston Rovers 23 9 1 13 458 589 -131 19
9 Harlequins 23 9 0 14 473 665 -192 18
10 Huddersfield Giants 23 8 1 14 528 575 -47 17
11 Hull FC 23 7 1 15 466 585 -119 15
12 Castleford Tigers 23 5 1 17 473 751 -278 11

Round 23 Results
Fri 1 Aug Hull Kingston Rovers 30 Catalan Dragons 16 8,074
Fri 1 Aug Wigan Warriors 66 Hull FC 6 12,842
Sat 2 Aug Warrington Wolves 22 Leeds Rhinos 12 9,150
Sun 3 Aug Harlequins 36 Bradford Bulls 24 2,534
Sun 3 Aug Castleford Tigers 14 Huddersfield Giants 40 6,935
Sun 3 Aug Wakefield Wildcats 10 St Helens 42 5,781

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