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Wigan Rugby League History - 1944-1945 Season (War Emergency)
Posted by cherryandwhite on November 06 2013 - 22:08
....Click to View: . 1943-1944 War Season


1945-1946 Season


During World War II the Northern Rugby League championship was suspended. However play did continue in "War Emergency Leagues". 1944-45 saw seventeen teams participate. This competition however did not count towards as an official league championship.
The Lancashire Cup was suspended during 1944-45. Wigan once again participated in the Yorkshire Cup having done so in the previous few seasons.

Wigan Final League Position: 4th in War Emergency League (Coach: Jim Sullivan)
War League Champions:
Bradford Northern (26-20 on aggregate v Halifax)
Challenge Cup Winners: Huddersfield (13-9 on aggregate v Bradford)
Lancashire Cup Winners: Not Held

1944-1945 War Emergency League CC = Challenge Cup CPO = Championship Play Off YC = Yorkshire Cup
Date Opposition Venue KO Resultl Tries Goals Report Aggregate
Sat 2 Sept Keighley Away 3:30 Won 27-00 Fleming 2, Johnson 2, Cayzer, Lawrenson, Doughty Lawrenson 3 Click Here
Sat 9 Sept Hunslet Home 3:30 Won 29-00 Lawrenson 3, Fleming 2, Maloney, Doughty Lowe 3, Lawrenson 1 Click Here
Sat 16 Sept Oldham Away 3:30 Won 12-05 Watkins, Belshaw, Maloney, Lawrenson - Click Here
Sat 23 Sept Wakefield Trinity Home 3:30 Won 21-02 Lawrenson 2, Fleming, Blan, Doughty Lawrenson 2, K.Gee 1 Click Here
Sat 30 Sept Hunslet Away 3:30 Won 19-00 Johnson 2, Belshaw, Blan, Lawrenson Lawrenson 2 Click Here
Sat 7 Oct Huddersfield Home 3:30 Won 18-03 Blan, Cayzer, Featherstone, O'Shea K.Gee 2, Case 1 Click Here
Sat 14 Oct Huddersfield Away 3:30 Won 14-05 Lawrenson 2, Bradshaw, Cayzer K.Gee 1 Click Here
Sat 21 Oct YC R1 1st Leg: Oldham Away 3:30 Won 18-05 Lawrenson 2, Blan, Bradshaw Lawrenson 2, Belshaw 1 Click Here

Sat 28 Oct

YC R1 2nd Leg: Oldham Home 3:30 Won 39-02 Lawrenson 4, Ashcroft, Belshaw, Bradshaw, Egan, Fleming Lawrenson 6 Click Here (Won 57-07)
Sat 4 Nov YC R2 1st Leg: Barrow Home 3:30 Won 09-05 Johnson 2, Ashcroft - Click Here

Sat 11 Nov

YC R2 2nd Leg: Barrow Away 3:15 Lost 02-05 - Belshaw 1 Click Here (Won 11-10)
Sat 18 Nov YC SF 1st Leg: Halifax Home 3:30 Lost 05-06 Johnson Belshaw 1 Click Here

Sat 25 Nov

YC SF 2nd Leg: Halifax Away 3:30 Lost 07-09 Maloney Lowe 2 Click Here (Lost 12-15)
Sat 2 Dec Batley Home 3:30 Won 05-03 Johnson Lowe 1 Click Here
Sat 9 Dec Leeds Away 3:30 Won 18-06 Ashcroft 2, Ryan, Toohey Lowe 2 Click Here
Sat 16 Dec Keighley Home 3:30 Won 06-03 Ashcroft, Belshaw - Click Here
Sat 23 Dec Barrow Away 3:15 Lost 02-11 - Lowe 1 Click Here
Mon 25 Dec St Helens Home 3:30 Won 20-05 Johnson 2, Ashcroft, Atkinson, Bowen, Bradshaw Belshaw 1 Click Here
Tue 26 Dec St Helens Away 3:30 Won 12-03 Ashcroft, Fleming Belshaw 3 Click Here

Abandoned - 57 Minutes Due to Pitch Invasion - Result Stood

Sat 30 Dec Oldham Home 3:30 Lost 03-05 Lowe - Click Here
Sat 6 Jan Halifax Home 3:30 Draw 05-05 Ryan Ryan 1 Click Here
Sat 13 Jan Bradford Northern Home 3:30 Postponed Due to Frozen Pitch - -
Sat 20 Jan Barrow Home 3:30 Postponed Due to Frozen Pitch - -
Sat 27 Jan Featherstone Rovers Home 3:30 Postponed Due to Frozen Pitch - -
Sat 3 Feb Batley Away 3:30 Won 13-06 Atkinson, Bradshaw, Featherstone Belshaw 2 Click Here
Sat 10 Feb Dewsbury Home 3:30 Won 19-04 Taylor 2, Blan Taylor 4, Blan 1 Click Here
Sat 17 Feb Halifax Away 3:30 Lost 06-15 Ashcroft 2 - Click Here
Sat 24 Feb Featherstone Rovers Away 3:30 Lost 08-09 Ashcroft, Maloney Belshaw 1 Click Here
Sat 3 March Leeds Home 3:30 Won 22-08 Cayzer 2, Maloney 2, Ashcroft, Simpson Taylor 2 Click Here
Sat 10 Mar Wakefield Trinity Away 3:30 Lost 05-26 Featherstone Taylor 1 Click Here

Sat 17 Mar

CC R1 1st Leg: Halifax Away 3:30 Won 11-10 Ashcroft, Atkinson, Simpson Belshaw 1 Click Here

Sat 24 Mar

CC R1 2nd Leg: Halifax

Home 3:30 Lost 06-21 Bowen, Fleming - Click Here (Lost 17-31)
Sat 31 Mar Featherstone Rovers Home 3:30 Won 06-00 Ashcroft, Ryan - Click Here
Sat 14 April Barrow Home 3:30 Won 06-03 Robinson, Ryan - Click Here
Sat 21 April Dewsbury Away 3:30 Lost 06-11 Atkinson, Clinton - Click Here

Sat 12 May

CPO SF: Bradford Away 3:30 Lost 15-18 Featherstone, Bowen, Blan Taylor 3 Click Here
1944-1945 Team Sheets (*Denotes Player was a "Guest" from another club)
aalaDatealaa Opponent Resultl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Sat 2 Sept Keigh (A)


Lowe DoughtylT LawrensonlTlG3 Maloney* Johnson*lT2 FleminglT2 H.Gee K.Gee Egan J.Blan Featherstone Atkinson Cayzer*lT
Sat 9 Sept Huns (H)


LowelG3 DoughtylT LawrensonlT3lG Maloney*lT Johnson* FleminglT2 Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone J.Blan Watkins Cayzer*
Sat 16 Sept Old (H)


Lowe Doughty LawrensonlT Maloney*lT Ashcroft Belshaw*lT Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone WatkinslT J.Blan Cayzer*
Sat 23 Sept Wake (H)


Lowe DoughtylT LawrensonlT2lG2 Belshaw* Ashcroft FleminglT Bradshaw K.GeelG Egan Atkinson J.BlanlT Watkins Cayzer*
Sat 30 Sept Huns (A)


Lowe Doughty LawrensonlTlG2 Belshaw*lT Johnson*lT2 Fleming Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone J.BlanlT Watkins Cayzer*
Sat 7 Oct Hudd (H)


Lowe O'ShealT Toohey Ashcroft CaselG Fleming Bradshaw K.GeelG2 Noonan FeatherstonelT Atkinson J.BlanlT Cayzer*lT
Sat 14 Oct Hudd (A)


Lowe Ashcroft LawrensonlT2 Belshaw* Toohey Fleming BradshawlT K.GeelG Egan Featherstone Atkinson J.Blan Cayzer*lT
Sat 21 Oct Old (A)


Lowe Toohey LawrensonlT2lG2 Belshaw*lG Ashcroft Fleming BradshawlT K.Gee Egan Featherstone Atkinson J.BlanlT Cayzer*
Sat 28 Oct Old (H)


Lowe Toohey LawrensonlT4lG6 Belshaw*lT AshcroftlT FleminglT BradshawlT K.Gee EganlT Featherstone Watkins J.Blan Ryan
Sat 4 Nov Barr (H)


Lowe Toohey AshcroftlT Belshaw* Johnson*lT2 Fleming Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone J.Blan Atkinson Ryan
Sat 11 Nov Barr (A)


Lowe Toohey Belshaw*lG Ryan Ashcroft Fleming Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone J.Blan Atkinson Cayzer*
Sat 18 Nov Hal (H)


Lowe Ashcroft Toohey Belshaw*lG Johnson*lT Fleming Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone J.Blan Atkinson Ryan
Sat 25 Nov Hal (A)


LowelG2 Toohey Belshaw* Maloney*lT Ashcroft Fleming Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone J.Blan Atkinson Ryan
Sat 2 Dec Bat (H)


LowelG Ashcroft Belshaw* Maloney* JohnsonlT Fleming Toohey K.Gee Egan Featherstone J.Blan Atkinson Cayzer*
Sat 9 Dec Leeds (A)


LowelG3 AshcroftlT2 Belshaw* Maloney* Johnson Toohey Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone J.Blan Atkinson RyanlT
Sat 16 Dec Keigh (H)


Lowe Ashcroft Belshaw* Maloney* Johnson TooheylT Bradshaw Atkinson Egan Featherstone Watkins (A.N Other) Ryan
Sat 23 Dec Barr (A)


LowelG O'Shea Belshaw* Maloney* Ashcroft Ryan Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone (A.N Other) J.Blan Bowen
Mon 25 Dec STH (H)


Belshaw*lG AshcroftlT Lowe Maloney* Johnson*lT2 Fleming BradshawlT K.Gee Egan AtkinsonlT (A.N Other) J.Blan BowenlT
Tue 26 Dec STH (A)


Belshaw*lG3 FleminglT Lowe Maloney* AshcroftlT Ryan Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone Atkinson Cayzer* J.Blan
Sat 30 Dec Old (H)


Belshaw* Wilson LowelT Maloney* Ashcroft Fleming Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone Atkinson J.Blan Ryan
Sat 6 Jan Hal (H)


Belshaw* Wilson Lowe Fleming Ashcroft RyanlTlG Bradshaw K.Gee Egan Featherstone Atkinson Cayzer* J.Blan
Sat 3 Feb Bat (A)


Belshaw*lG2 Ashcroft Lowe Fleming Johnson* Ryan BradshawlT Noonan Egan FeatherstonelT Watkins AtkinsonlT Bowen
Sat 10 Feb Dews (H)


Belshaw* Ashcroft Lowe Fleming TaylorlT2lG4 Ryan Bradshaw Cayzer* Egan Featherstone Atkinson J.BlanlTlG Bowen
Sat 17 Feb Hal (A)


Belshaw* AshcroftlT2 Fleming Johnson* Taylor Ryan Bradshaw Atkinson Egan Featherstone Ellison J.Blan Bowen
Sat 24 Feb Feath (A)


Belshaw*lG Maloney*lT Lowe Gummer* AshcroftlT Toohey Bradshaw Atkinson Egan Featherstone J.Blan Watkins Bowen
Sat 3 Mar Leeds (H)


Lowe AshcroftlT (A.N Other) Maloney*lT2 TaylorlG2 Ryan Bradshaw Atkinson Egan J.Blan Featherstone SimpsonlT Cayzer*lT2
Sat 10 Mar Wake (A)


Lowe Ashcroft Fleming Maloney* TaylorlG Ryan Coyle Curran* Band J.Blan FeatherstonelT Atkinson Simpson
Sat 17 Mar Hal (A)


Belshaw*lG AshcroftlT Lowe Maloney* Johnson* Fleming Bradshaw Banks Egan J.Blan Bowen AtkinsonlT SimpsonlT
Sat 24 Mar Hal (H)


Belshaw* Ashcroft Lowe Maloney* Johnson* FleminglT Bradshaw Banks Egan Atkinson Watkins BowenlT Simpson
Sat 31 Mar Feath (H)


Belshaw* AshcroftlT Lowe RyanlT Johnson* Clinton Bradshaw Banks Egan J.Blan Simpson Atkinson Bowen
Sat 14 Apr Barr (H)


Lowe Ashcroft Robinson*lT Clinton Johnson* RyanlT Bradshaw Banks Egan J.Blan Atkinson Featherstone Bowen
Sat 21 Apr Dews (A)


Belshaw* Ratcliffe Ashcroft ClintonlT Johnson* Ryan Bradshaw Banks Egan J.Blan Featherstone AtkinsonlT Bowen
Sat 12 May Brad (A)


Lowe Ratcliffe Fleming Ashcroft TaylorlG3 Ryan Bradshaw Atkinson Egan J.BlanlT Watkins FeatherstonelT BowenlT

Castleford re-entered the competition.

War Emergency League

- Team P W D L Pts Pts%
1 Bradford Northern 20 17 0 3 34 85.00
2 Halifax 16 13 1 2 27 84.37
3 Wakefield Trinity 23 17 0 6 34 73.91
4 Wigan 24 17 1 6 35 72.91
5 Barrow 23 15 1 7 31 67.39
6 Castleford 23 14 2 7 30 65.21
7 Dewsbury 22 11 1 10 23 52.27
8 Batley 22 10 2 10 22 50.00
9 Huddersfield 24 8 6 10 22 45.83
10 Leeds 23 9 2 12 20 43.27
11 Hunslet 21 7 2 12 16 38.09
12 Hull 23 8 1 14 17 36.95
13 Oldham 23 8 1 14 17 36.95
14 Featherstone Rovers 22 8 0 14 16 36.36
15 Keighley 21 7 0 14 14 33.33
16 St Helens 23 4 1 18 9 19.56
17 York 23 4 1 18 9 19.56

Championship Play-Offs


    Bradford Northern 18 beat Wigan 15.
    Halifax 17 beat Wakefield Trinity 11.

Final (two legs):

    Halifax 9 beat Bradford Northern 2
    Bradford Northern 24 beat Halifax 11.
        Bradford Northern won 26-20 on aggregate.
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