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Grand Final Match Report: Warrington 16 Wigan 30
Posted by cherryandwhite on October 07 2013 - 01:10

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Saturday 5th October 2013
Warrington Wolves 16 Wigan Warriors 30
Old Trafford, Manchester
Super League 18 Grand Final

Kick Off 6:00pm


- Wigan       - Warrington    
1 Sam Tomkins       19 Stefan Ratchford    G2 
2 Josh Charnley  T      5 Joel Monaghan  T   
3 Darrell Goulding  T      3 Chris Bridge    
17 Iain Thornley       4 Ryan Atkins    
5 Pat Richards  T   G5    2 Chris Riley    
6 Blake Green  T      6 Lee Briers    
7 Matty Smith       7 Richie Myler    
20 Gil Dudson       16 Paul Wood    
9 Michael McIlorum  T      14 Micky Higham    

Lee Mossop


Chris Hill

11 Harrison Hansen       13 Ben Harrison    
12 Liam Farrell       12 Ben Westwood  T   
13 Sean O'Loughlin       15 Simon Grix  T   
4 Jack Hughes       8 Adrian Morley    
15 Ben Flower       9 Michael Monaghan    
21 Scott Taylor       10 Garreth Carvell    
26 Dom Crosby       17 Mike Cooper    


I must admit to feeling a daft now for the article I wrote in mid August talking about the flagging morale of Wigan's support base and how massive Wembley was for this club going forward. But I still stand by it. That's how it was at the time and now less than two months on we are in dreamland celebrating a league and cup double.

Shaun Wane has made mugs of a lot of people with his decisions to take it easy in the league during July and August but he played this season to absolute perfection. We won all the games that mattered and in some style as well.

I think Wane has been highly underestimated by many. I say that because, whilst I've been doing this website since 2002, Wane has been coming through the coaching ranks at Wigan and I've seen the difference he's made.

Put it this way. In 2002 and 2003 when I first started Wigan were giving youngsters opportunities like we do today. Shaun Briscoe, Stephen Wild, Martin Aspinwall, Luke Robinson, Kevin Brown, Stuart Jones, Gareth Hock, Dave Allen, Bryn Hargreaves, Bob Beswick and Ricky Bibey are all examples.

Now you can argue that it was harsh that Wigan had got rid of pretty much all those players not long after that period but when you check the harsh reality - most of them didn't move on to win any trophies.

Most of that list should sit down today with big regret. The regret being that they didn't come through a year or two later when Shaun Wane started coaching at the academy level. Because I believe that was a list of players with plenty of ability BUT they didn't get the mental strength instilled into them that many players have had under the guidance of Shaun Wane.

Sam Tomkins, Iain Thornley, Lee Mossop, Mike McIlorum and Liam Farrell in particular all came through the academy set up alongside Wane - and they were all out there on that field last Saturdays. So mentally strong, full of belief.

Now I've no inside knowledge or input behind the scenes at Wigan, but Wane should have got far more credit for the two trophies won under Michael Maguire, when he was assistant coach. Madge took a ton of credit for that success, but I'm convinced that we wouldn't have had that success without Wane.

His speech after this game epitomises what he is all about. The guy bleeds cherry & white like all us fans do. All those players there, hanging on his every word. It's a great moment that, captured by the Wigan Observer.

What made this win so sweeter though was how we all felt after 28 minutes when Wigan trailed 16-2. Was chatting to long time forum moderator "Jack the Biscuit" in the Anvil afterwards on Saturday Night and he was telling me that he'd never experienced a final like that one. Coming back from the absolute dead. This for me further highlights the qualities of Wane. He has those players keeping hold of the mental belief and despite being down that far, they never looked like collapsing, which I'm confident would have happened under Brian Noble for example.

And it was a funny lead wasn't it. Because I don't think we'd played too badly in the opening minutes. It was just that in just a whirlwind 6 minutes and 48 seconds, we'd gone from leading 2-0 to being 14 behind.

Take those minutes away and I think he dominated the contest. Of course the two injuries to first Joel Monaghan and Stefan Ratchford played a huge part in the comeback, BUT it has to be remembered that Wigan were already well on the fight back when Ratchford left the field. We'd got back to 16-12 by then and I believe we would still have gone on to win that game, even if Ratchford had stayed on the field.

The blunt truth was that Warrington tired out for old age. Nine of that Warrington team on Saturday played in the 2009 Cup Semi Final that they won against us back then. Wigan had just four players who played that day.

Remember I talked about the mental belief instilled at Academy Level? Well Warrington's team on Saturday included ZERO players that had come through their academy and been given a debut by Tony Smith. None at all. That's the ultimate difference. Shaun Wane has given our own academy bred youth a chance time and time again and whilst not all of those playing for us on Saturday were coached by Wane, they still are coming through with that same belief instilled in them AND that is why they are winners!

Tony Smith has stuck with the same players for five seasons now and the only major incomings have been players brought from outside their academy. Don't get me wrong. losing in two Grand Finals is a massive achievement for them because that club was nowhere near that standard when he came in, but when I look at the youngsters they've given opportunities to, none of them have really pushed a top player out of his position. Zero debuts under Tony Smith playing in that final, proves the point. And that comes back to the difference in mentality that we have instilled here.

For now let us all bask in the glory. One think this double has done has stopped fans worrying about Sam Tomkins leaving. Probably only for now, but keep the faith! We have some quality in that Under 19s side and they, by winning the Under 19s Grand Final, are proving they have the same mental belief. Only time will tell if that converts to top level!

09mins:10 Warrington No Try Joel Monaghan (Knocked On)
09mins:40 Wigan Penalty (1) Ball Strip by Mick Higham
10mins:47 Warrington 00 Wigan 02 Penalty Goal: Pat Richards (1/1)
13mins:44 Warrington Penalty (1) Interference by Darrell Goulding
15mins:00 Wigan Interchange (1/10)

OFF: Gil Dudson
ON: Ben Flower

18mins:00 Wigan Interchange (2/10) OFF: Lee Mossop
ON: Scott Taylor
18mins:57 Warrington Penalty (2) Dragging into touch by Josh Charnley
19mins:00 Warrington Interchange (1/10) OFF: Ben Harrison
ON: Mike Cooper
19mins:00 Warrington Interchange (2/10) OFF: Chris Hill
ON: Adrian Morley
20mins:16 Warrington 04 Wigan 02 Try: Joel Monaghan
- Warrington 04 Wigan 02 S.Ratchford Missed Conversion (0/1)
22mins:09 Warrington Penalty (3) Kick Off Out on the Full
23mins:25 Warrington 08 Wigan 02 Try: Simon Grix
- Warrington 10 Wigan 02 Conversion: Stefan Ratchford (1/2)
27mins:08 Warrington 14 Wigan 02 Try: Ben Westwood
- Warrington 16 Wigan 02 Conversion: Stefan Ratchford (2/3)
30mins:00 Warrington Interchange (3/10) OFF: Mick Higham
ON: Michael Monaghan
30mins:00 Warrington Interchange (4/10) OFF: Paul Wood
ON: Garreth Carvell
30mins:42 Warrington Penalty (4) High Tackle by Blake Green
32mins:19 Warrington Penalty (5) Interference by Darrell Goulding
33mins:49 Wigan Penalty (2) High Tackle by Garreth Carvell
36mins:09 Wigan Penalty (3) Ball Steal by Ryan Atkins
37mins:33 Warrington Interchange (5/10) OFF: Joel Monaghan
ON: Ben Harrison
37mins:46 Warrington 16 Wigan 06 Try: Darrell Goulding
- Warrington 16 Wigan 06 P.Richards Missed Conversion (1/2)
Half Time Warrington Wolves 16 Wigan Warriors 06
42mins:20 Wigan Penalty (4) Broke too soon from Scrum
44mins:12 Warrington Penalty (6) High Tackle by Sean O'Loughlin
46mins:00 Wigan Interchange (3/10) OFF: Scott Taylor
ON: Lee Mossop
46mins:34 Wigan Penalty (5) Offside at Play the Ball
47mins:34 Warrington 16 Wigan 10 Try: Mike McIlorum
- Warrington 16 Wigan 12 Conversion: Pat Richards (2/3)
49mins:00 Wigan Interchange (4/10) OFF: Sean O'Loughlin
ON: Dom Crosby
50mins:00 Warrington Interchange (6/10) OFF: Ben Harrison
ON: Chris Hill
51mins:18 Wigan Penalty (6) Kick Interference by Ryan Atkins
51mins:18 Warrington Interchange (7/10) OFF: Stefan Ratchford
ON: Mick Higham
52mins:50 Warrington 16 Wigan 16 Try: Josh Charnley
- Warrington 16 Wigan 18 Conversion: Pat Richards (3/4)
54mins:43 Wigan Penalty (7) Markers not Square
57mins:00 Warrington Interchange (8/10) OFF: Garreth Carvell
ON: Paul Wood
59mins:00 Wigan Interchange (5/10) OFF: Ben Flower
ON: Sean O'Loughlin
59mins:00 Wigan Interchange (6/10) OFF: Dom Crosby
ON: Gil Dudson
62mins:49 Wigan Penalty (8) Ball Steal by Mike Cooper
64mins:16 Warrington 16 Wigan 22 Try: Blake Green
- Warrington 16 Wigan 24 Conversion: Pat Richards (4/5)
67mins:00 Warrington Interchange (9/10) OFF: Adrian Morley
ON: Garreth Carvell
67mins:18 Warrington Penalty (7) High Tackle by Gil Dudson
67mins:56 Wigan Penalty (9) Crossing by Richie Myler
70mins:00 Wigan Interchange (7/10) OFF: Harrison Hansen
ON: Jack Hughes
71mins:35 Wigan Penalty (10) Punch in Tackle by Mike Cooper
72mins:00 Wigan Interchange (8/10) OFF: Gil Dudson
ON: Ben Flower
73mins:25 Warrington 16 Wigan 28 Try: Pat Richards
- Warrington 16 Wigan 30 Conversion: Pat Richards (5/6)
76mins:00 Warrington Interchange (10/10) OFF: Chris Hill
ON: Adrian Morley
Full Time Warrington Wolves 16 Wigan Warriors 30

Richard Silverwood



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