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Match Report: Wigan 62 Widnes 4
Posted by cherryandwhite on March 24 2013 - 21:41

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Wigan Warriors v Widnes Vikings - Super League 18 Round 8.
Saturday 23rd March 2013
. Kick Off 5:45pm at DW Stadium.

Match Report

Classy performance this from Wigan, who warmed up perfectly ahead of Friday's Easter derby with St Helens. And warming up was required on a freezing cold night, following the snow that had hit the North West in the 48 hours up to kick off.

An official crowd figure of 11,904 was announced, but as is standard by the club, they announce a figure of tickets sold rather than attendees and I was told the crowd was nearer 7,000 on the night with many season ticket holders choosing to stay at home and watch the game on Sky Sports. You could hardly blame them! That wind was awfully cold and some at the front of each stand had to endure snow falling on them.

You couldn't argue with what Wigan produced on the field. A thoroughly emphatic display of quality action. I did wonder whether this young side would be slightly distracted with one eye on what's to come, but their was none of that.

Widnes coach Denis Betts made a naive mistake midweek if offering extra motivation to Wigan. Our coach Shaun Wane commented post match that Betts comments saying we were "scared" laid down the challenge to our side and made the preparation for this game easy. One thing you can't afford to give a Waney coach side is extra motivation because I reckon he could motivate a cripple to walk if he tried it!

Wigan had a further injury to contend with following the loss to Leeds last week, but no one came in to replace "Henderson" Gil Dudson in the pack. Jack Hughes simply reverted from centre to the second row via the bench with Sam Tomkins returning at Full Back.

Widnes actually made a decent start. I reckon they had watched the video of our away match at Castleford in which The Tigers had massacred our right side defence, but we have improved strongly in that area since then. That seemed to be their only tactic to be honest and once that had failed, they looked clueless for the rest of the game.

Sadly it was our right side attack they needed to concentrate on because they were hammered down that wing, defended by Patrick Ah Van and Willie Isa. Josh Charnley in particular had a field day during the first half, scoring four tries and playing a part in two others.

He was provider for the first after 7 minutes. Darrell Goulding's pass got him away from 50 metres out and he just had to draw in the support to get Sam Tomkins over. Conversion for Pat Richards made it 6-0.

Then Charnley claimed three tries in eleven minutes to complete a 22 minute hat-trick. First of those saw Blake Green break through an awful tackle attempt from opposite number Lloyd White. He then hit Charnley with a lovely pass that had the hint of forward to be fair. Pat made it 12-0.

Second try came from a penalty moments later. Good hands this time saw Green, O'Loughlin, Sam and Goulding all combine before Josh finished well in the corner. Touchline conversion made it 18-0.

Then the hat-trick try saw Matty Smith break through a missed tackle by ex Warrior Eamon O'Carroll. Having run 40 metres, he had three defenders closing him down but he put in a lovely grubber that bounced nicely for Josh to get over. Easy conversion made it 24-0.

Widnes were unlucky not to get on the scoreboard next with Ah Van going close in the corner but Josh managed to tackle his foot onto the touchline, a bugs dick before it was grounded.

Fifth try soon came for Wigan and this was an individual one from Sam. To be honest I thought it was a bit greedy because we had a huge four man over lap to his right but he scored himself anyway, collecting his own grubber to beat two men to the try. Easy conversion again for 30-0 after half an hour.

Wigan still had time to get two more tries before half time, again doing damage down the right hand side. Goulding got Josh away and he shrugged off Ah Van in the tackle. Full Back Rhys Hanbury was back to stop him this time, but Chris Tuson was in support and Josh got a great offload away. Pat missed his first kick of the night though - 34-0.

Seventh try came soon after. This time a bomb by Smith was allowed to bounce and it fell into the hands of Scott Taylor, who had his best game of his Wigan career so far. Widnes players just stood off him and he raced towards the line and offloaded perfectly to send Josh in for his fourth. Second missed kick of the day left the score at 38-0, and that was carried to half time.

Other notes late in the first half were the withdrawal of Mike McIlorum and Sean O'Loughlin around the 30 minute mark. Neither returned with Sky reporting our captain had a rib injury and it's been suggested McIlorum has a shoulder knock. Post match report suggests both will be fine for Saints though, but the way these youngsters are stepping up we perhaps needn't worry!

We didn't need either anyway. This game was won and I know some might point to the fact Wigan had a quiet last 30 minutes, but I think they played it well. It would have been absolutely pointless to keep bursting up the energy levels knowing Easter is around the corner. As soon as Liam Farrell claimed his fifth try of the season just 105 seconds into the second half.....well I wouldn't say we shut up shop but we dropped the pace a little, for good reason with what's to come.

This try was actually down the left. Pat and Iain Thornley could have had deckchairs over there in the first half, but here the latter was involved with the break and Farrell was, as ever, in good support to score. Pat converted for 44-0.

Think it's also worth noting that Widnes' right side defence had improved also. Much as the scoreline was poor for them, statistically they did ok. This was a performance that harked back to them being a joke 12 months ago, but they improved late last season and have carried that into this season with some good performances. They've all been at Stobart Stadium though, so the next step for them is to become more competitive in away games. If they can find that later this season, and remain competitive at home, then they could well be a dark horse for the top 8, who knows!

They had a decent spell on the Wigan line for a few minutes following Gingers try, but Wigan came out of that with a 40/20 from Smith. From that kick, Wigan got their ninth try. Down the left, Smith, Green and Sam all combined before Pat used his strength to fend with one hand and touch down with the other in the corner. Nailed his conversion as well to make it 50-0 after 54 minutes.

It was the 70th Minute before the next try came. Wigan were trapped on half way as "last" was signalled by referee Tim Roby, but we went for the powerplay. Goulding made the burst down the right and although his pass was suspect, it was collected by Jack Hughes who swung towards the left. Via Sam, the pass went out and Thornley had a stroll over. Conversion made it 56-0.

Widnes at least got a consolation with an unconverted Lloyd White try, but Sam Tomkins completed his hat-trick late on to complete a classy win.

Reaction to the Action

Shaun Wane: "The challenge was laid down (by comments made by Widnes) in the week and they took it on board. Some things were said which made it easy for me. It helped our preparation. I don't think you could say anyone in my team is scared of anybody. Those childish comments hurt my players. They were really focused going into the game. What they did today was how they practised all week. We were ruthless in how we attacked. It was a great win but I'm not going to get carried away. It one of those games where a lot went our way. This Friday (against St Helens) is a different challenge and our feet will be on the ground."

Widnes Coach Denis Betts: "Wigan were that hot, it was quite scary at times. They looked like they were on fast forward, whereas we looked like we were on pause. They just played the game so quickly and physically dominated us. They were very good tonight and scored some great tries. It wasn't a great performance by us but there were patches where we were just okay and then we'd break and they'd score. With the quality they've got on the edges, you make one mistake and you get hurt. We had too many people today who made mistakes, especially on our left edge. It was disappointing because I know we're a better side than we showed."

Team Sheets

- Wigan Position Widnes 1
1 Sam Tomkins Full Back Rhys Hanbury 7
2 Josh Charnley Winger Paddy Flynn 20
3 Darrell Goulding Centre Chris Dean 15
17 Iain Thornley Centre Willie Isa 2
5 Pat Richards Winger Patrick Ah Van 5
6 Blake Green Stand Off Lloyd White 18
7 Matty Smith Scrum Half Joe Mellor 14
26 Dom Crosby Prop Ben Cross 8
9 Mike McIlorum Hooker Jon Clarke 9
15 Ben Flower Prop Eamon O'Carroll 16
16 Chris Tuson 2nd Row Frank Winterstein 11
12 Liam Farrell 2nd Row Dave Allen 12
13 Sean O'Loughlin L.Forward Hep Cahill 13
4 Jack Hughes Substitute Ben Kavanagh 17
21 Scott Taylor Substitute Phil Joseph 23
23 Logan Tomkins Substitute Macgraff Leuluai 24
29 Greg Burke Substitute Alex Gerrard 25
- Shaun Wane Coach Denis Betts -

Score Sheet

Wigan Warriors 62 --- Widnes Vikings 4
Tries (11):
Sam Tomkins 3
Josh Charnley 4
Chris Tuson
Liam Farrell
Pat Richards
Iain Thornley
--- Tries (1):
Lloyd White
Pat Richards 9/11
--- Goals:
Patrick Ah Van 0/1

Scoring and Incident Pattern

06mins:45 Wigan 04 Widnes 00 Try: Sam Tomkins
- Wigan 06 Widnes 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (1/1)
10mins:36 Wigan 10 Widnes 00 Try: Josh Charnley
- Wigan 12 Widnes 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (2/2)
13mins:47 Wigan 16 Widnes 00 Try: Josh Charnley (2)
- Wigan 18 Widnes 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (3/3)
21mins:46 Wigan 22 Widnes 00 Try: Josh Charnley (Hat-Trick)
- Wigan 24 Widnes 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (4/4)
30mins:14 Wigan 28 Widnes 00 Try: Sam Tomkins (2)
- Wigan 30 Widnes 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (5/5)
33mins:14 Wigan 34 Widnes 00 Try: Chris Tuson
- Wigan 34 Widnes 00 P.Richards Missed Conversion (5/6)
36mins:12 Wigan 38 Widnes 00 Try: Josh Charnley (4)
- Wigan 38 Widnes 00 P.Richards Missed Conversion (5/7)
Half Time Wigan Warriors 38 Widnes Vikings 0
41mins:45 Wigan 42 Widnes 00 Try: Liam Farrell
- Wigan 44 Widnes 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (6/8)
54mins:48 Wigan 48 Widnes 00 Try: Pat Richards
- Wigan 50 Widnes 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (7/9)
70mins:10 Wigan 54 Widnes 00 Try: Iain Thornley
- Wigan 56 Widnes 00 Conversion: Pat Richards (8/10)
74mins:13 Wigan 56 Widnes 04 Try: Lloyd White
- Wigan 56 Widnes 04 P.Ah Van Missed Conversion (0/1)
77mins:31 Wigan 60 Widnes 04 Try Sam Tomkins (Hat-Trick)
- Wigan 62 Widnes 04 Conversion: Pat Richards (9/11)
Full Time Wigan Warriors 62 Widnes Vikings 4

Video Highlights


Tim Roby

Key Stats

Clean Breaks: lll Wigan 11 lll Widnes 3
Offloads:   Wigan 11   Widnes 11
Penalties Conceded:   Wigan 8   Widnes 7
Errors:   Wigan 5   Widnes 5
Set Completion:   Wigan 89%   Widnes 86%
Possession   Wigan 51%   Widnes 49%

Match Attendance

11,904 (Away Stand Attendance: 692)


Freezing Cold with light snow.

League Table at Conclusion of Super League 18 - Round 8

- Team P W D L F A Diff Pts
1 Huddersfield Giants 8 6 0 2 190 125 +65 12
2 Wigan Warriors 8 5 1 2 259 101 +158 11
3 Warrington Wolves 8 5 1 2 201 121 +80 11
4 Catalan Dragons 8 5 1 2 210 155 +55 11
5 St Helens 8 5 1 2 178 134 +44 11
6 Bradford Bulls 8 4 1 3 209 164 +45 9
7 Leeds Rhinos 6 4 0 2 136 92 +44 8
8 Hull Kingston Rovers 8 4 0 4 228 214 +14 8
9 Hull FC 8 2 2 4 162 172 -10 6
10 Wakefield Wildcats 7 2 1 4 149 182 -33 5
11 London Broncos 8 2 1 5 142 214 -72 5
12 Widnes Vikings 7 2 1 4 126 220 -94 5
13 Castleford Tigers 8 1 1 6 123 239 -116 3
14 Salford City Reds 8 1 1 6 99 279 -180 3

Top Eight Qualify for the Play Offs

Round 8 Results
Fri 22 Mar St Helens 14 Salford City Reds 10 5,348
Fri 22 Mar Warrington Wolves 28 Huddersfield Giants 2 9,797
Sat 23 Mar London Broncos 18 Hull FC 18 1,865
Sat 23 Mar Catalan Dragons 30 Bradford Bulls 10 7,357
Sat 23 Mar Wigan Warriors 62 Widnes Vikings 4 11,904
Sun 24 Mar Hull Kingston Rovers 26 Castleford Tigers 22 6,489
Postponed Wakefield Wildcats v Leeds Rhinos -

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