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Match Report: Huddersfield 12 Wigan 32
Posted by cherryandwhite on May 19 2012 - 16:54

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Friday 18th May 2012
Huddersfield Giants 12 Wigan Warriors 32
Galpharm Stadium, Huddersfield
Stobart Super League 17 - Round 14 of 27

Kick Off 8:00pm


- Wigan       - Huddersfield    
1 Sam Tomkins  T   G2    29 Greg Eden  T   
2 Josh Charnley  T2      5 Jermaine McGillvary  T   
3 Darrell Goulding       3 Leroy Cudjoe    
4 George Carmont  T2      18 Jason Chan    
24 Anthony Gelling       20 Luke George    
6 Brett Finch       1 Scott Grix    
7 Thomas Leuluai       7 Danny Brough    G2 
22 Gil Dudson       8 Eorl Crabtree    
9 Michael McIlorum       9 Luke Robinson    
10 Lee Mossop       12 David Fa'alogo    
11 Harrison Hansen       4 Lee Gilmour    
12 Gareth Hock       2 Michael Lawrence    
13 Sean O'Loughlin       6 Kevin Brown    
14 Jeff Lima  T      13 David Faiumu    
16 Liam Farrell  T      15 Larne Patrick    
17 Chris Tuson       16 Dale Ferguson    
33 Dom Crosby       35 Scott Moore    


Wigan produced a classy second half performance to romp home in this 1st v 2nd clash at Huddersfield's Galpharm Stadium. It was a result that meant we will be at least a point clear top of the table ahead of next week's Magic Weekend.

We all left Huddersfield with a big concern though and that was the standard of goal kicking after we failed to convert each of first four tries on the night and five out of the seven in total. Thankfully those misses didn't cost us this match but you sense it is going to cost us a result sooner rather than later. Cold facts are that with Pat kicking our success rate was 85.4%. A combination of Josh Charnley and Sam Tomkins this year are kicking at just 59.7%. The worst team overall is Salford on 65.4%, so those are cold hard facts about our current standard following this display.

Luckily perhaps in this game, Huddersfield never got ahead enough to make us really sweat on those missed kicks. We eventually ground them down in the pack I think. I particularly though that once Eorl Crabtree went off after 28 minutes they began to drop off in intensity, whereas we had the luxury of arguably our best prop, Jeff Lima, coming on off the bench.

Wigan's pack depth came to fore again here. 21 year old "Henderson" Gil Dudson seamlessly came in to start in cover for Paul Prescott's absence whilst Dom Crosby, also 21, went on the bench in place of Eric Lauaki. Darrell Goulding returned at right centre for Jack Hughes and Anthony Gelling continued on the left wing for Pat Richards.

I thought this was a good arm wrestle early on. Huddersfield were competing well in the pack with impetus from Crabtree, and also David Fa'alogo. They had some early opportunities out wide attacking our right.

They almost scored in the first minute after Brough's kick over the top had caused havoc. Wasn't that good of an effort really but the ball fell kindly for Huddersfield and Leroy Cudjoe really should of sent Jermaine McGillvary in the corner, but they bombed the opportunity.

Wigan also had an excellent first set with a Tommy Leuluai grubber helping Brett Finch to trap Greg Eden in goal and force a drop out. Unfortunately on the second repeat set Tommy's last tackle bomb towards Gelling was dreadful.

The game went tight for a few minutes before Wigan forced a second goal line drop out on 9 minutes. Again a Leuluai kick saw Eden trapped in goal but sadly Finch was ruled to have knocked on trying to take the drop out in.

Fast paced start continued with Huddersfield attacking Gelling's defensive wing again a minute later. Eden hit McGillvary with a lovely pass but he was heading in touch. He did manage to flick the ball back and Gareth Hock had no choice but to force the ball out into touch. Just about survived that one.

Hardly a second to breath between the two sides and that probably led to the home sides decision to go for goal when getting a penalty on 13 minutes. It was 43 metres out but that didn't stop Brough attempting the two.

Brough missed but they soon claimed the games opening score from the 20 metre drop out. Again they attack down the right towards Gelling's defensive wing. Quick work by Luke Robinson at dummy half saw a quick exchange with Cudjoe and then to McGillvary, allowing the latter to slide over in the corner. Brough then converted for a 6-0 lead.

They probably just about deserved that Huddersfield but Wigan got back into the contest within five minutes. Offside penalty helped us down field and it was the familiar passing routine that got us in. McIlorum darts towards the right from dummy half then its Leuluai, Sam and Fuzzy Goulding combining to get Josh in the corner. Easy overlap. Conversion missed though so the Giants still led 6-4 after 20 minutes.

Clearly this season it is Wigan's bench that is most impressive for me. We don't seem to drop off in intensity when the interchanges happen, but our opponents are doing. I talked about Crabtree going off, but after 16 minutes Fa'alogo also went off to be replaced by Dale Ferguson and it just gradually began to see us get on top in the forwards.

A second Wigan try perhaps should of come on 24 minutes. Huddersfield got into a mess on a last tackle and Gelling scooped on a loose ball from sixty metres out. He was caught in two minds at what to do and in the end his indecision saw him take himself into touch. A bad error of judgement but I have to say I was thoroughly disgusted at some terrace members getting on the lads back during this game and already writing him off. They are probably the same fans who were writing Wane off after the Widnes debacle. I mean the lad was making his sixth appearance of his entire top grade career and what I'm seeing is a lad trying his heart out and he's inches away at times from being spot on but at times inexperience gets the better of him. Seriously give the lad a chance to learn from his mistakes. If he doesn't, he obviously won't prove good enough, but to be on his back so early in his career is scandalous really. I'd be more worried if the lad was getting mugged completely in defence and I haven't seen that yet.

By now the rain was getting heavy and Wigan were also beginning to turn the screw.  A third drop out was forced on 29 minutes after another Leuluai kick was batted dead by Luke George. From that drop out the Giants were caught out a bit after David Faiumu was forced off the field after being legally smashed by Lima. Our third try quickly followed with another sweeping attack towards the right wing. McIlorum, Finch and Leuluai combine before Sam leaves Scott Grix flat-footed with a lovely jinking step. He slides in the corner but Josh misses his extras again - 8-6 though Wigan lead.

I went off for a half time pint at this point but could see from the concourse that it was all Wigan in the minutes up to half time. Excellent late tackle kicking from Wigan again as this time Finch puts a bomb up for Gelling that got McGillvary flapping into conceding a fourth drop out. Or perhaps not! On further video referee inspection, Cudjoe had clearly took out Gelling off the ball and Wigan got a penalty. We didn't score from that but it all helped us keep the territory that got Josh over for his second on 39 minutes. Attacking down the right side once again and it was the same routine as well. McIlorum, Finch, O'Loughlin, Goulding then Josh in the corner. Lovely offload by the way here from Fuzzy to get him in.

I remind myself of the Sky Sports Online "Super League - Back Chat" programme the other week in which journalists Chris Irvine and Andy Wilson talked Luke George up to the nines as a England wing candidate. Ryan Hall and Tom Briscoe were also hyped up but our Josh didn't even get a passing reference, which I noted on twitter at the time was frankly laughable. Well George, god's gift to England, wasn't being caught out in defence for the third time in this contest and our Josh is clearly worse than Richard Mathers and Ricky Bibey combined. I mean for a player that is seven clear top try scorer in Super League, with a Challenge Cup winners medal in his back pocket, he lacks pace doesn't he and has zero ability to mug any defender - even Slug Wellens can catch him. Josh will be signing for Widnes before we know it. And if you can't spot the sarcasm in those last few sentences then you need to check out the word "idiot" in the dictionary.

What isn't god's gift to England is Josh's' goal kicking in this game because he failed to convert for a third time - meaning Wigan's lead was just 12-6 at the break.

Into the second half and Huddersfield began strongly after the restart. They forced a drop out themselves on 46 minutes, which eventually led to a soft try being scored by Eden under the posts. Easy conversion made it 12-12. You began to think at this point whether the missed conversions would end up costing us, but Wigan re-took the lead within two minutes and never looked back after that.

Eden went from hero to zero after another Wigan kick caused problems for the Giants defence. Shouldn't have been a big surprise to Nathan Brown because Eden went into this game with a league worst tally of 30 errors, with the second worst (Scott Dureau) only on 22. Finch did a bomb over the top, Eden flapped like he had a blind fold on and it fell easily for Carmont who scored a simple effort. Josh though failed to convert again - GO TO YOUR ROOM JOSHUA!

Four tries to two but only 16-12 to show for it was damn annoying. However, to back that try up with another on the restart was massive in the end context of the game. I talked about the bench effort of Lima but we also had the efforts of Ginger Farrell who claimed our fifth try. Farrell shrugged off wet lettuce defending from Kevin Brown and powered over from 10 out. Sam Tomkins by now had took over kicking and converted this for 22-12.

We had now found the roll on and should of added another score on the next restart. Farrell again did damage with a forty metre bust right up the gut of the Giants defence. Kudos Ginger's lovely jink to mug passed Eden on that break by the way! Defence never recovered and quick hands should have seen Gelling get over in the corner, but he knocked on a simple pass and you can't really excuse that one.

Luckily for him perhaps it didn't matter because we were in a minute later anyway. Fantastic passing again here. Attacking the left this time, McIlorum, Tommy, Finch and Hock were all involved to get Carmont over for his second. Sam couldn't convert this but it was now 26-12 and to be honest the game always looked dusted at this point, even though 22 minutes remained.

The only fear was the clock but we saw it out with relative ease. The home side just got more and more desperate. Apart from the early damage done down their right wing, they struggled in most parts of this game to do any damage at all to us out wide. Luke George was anonymous really. Wigan managed to add a cherry on top of the cake try late on with Lima scoring from close range. Sam converting to complete an excellent 32-12 win.

When you think about it though, five missed conversions could of made it 42-12, then you could add in two bombed chances by Gelling and this could of been 50+ against second placed Huddersfield who didn't actually play that bad. I dread to think what damage Pat would of caused with both boot and power.

All that really leaves me very excited about the rest of this season. We have a far more dominating pack I think this season and the experienced Finch and Leuluai in the halves are now having a field day off the back of that. That's before I even mention the class out wide that Charnley, Carmont and Sam Tomkins help provide. We also had the luxury of a quality kicking game to boot in this game. Tommy and Finchy were excellent with those four first half drop outs highlighting that. Mix all that together and we look pretty unstoppable if the squad can remain pretty healthy.

I'm now left thinking that Saints, Leeds and Catalan will all be seen off and we will be well pretty at the top of the table after that. I'm certain that it'll take a hell of a performance to stop us in current form, even with our goal kicking worries. Let's see what a third meeting in eight weeks against St Helens brings next weekend.

13mins:44 Huddersfield 00 Wigan 00 D.Brough Missed Penalty Goal (0/1)

Huddersfield 04

Wigan 00 Try: Jermaine McGillvary

Huddersfield 06

Wigan 00 Conversion: Danny Brough (1/2)
19mins:46 Huddersfield 06 Wigan 04 Try: Josh Charnley
- Huddersfield 06 Wigan 04 J.Charnley Missed Conversion (0/1)
28mins:30 Huddersfield 06 Wigan 08 Try: Sam Tomkins
- Huddersfield 06 Wigan 08 J.Charnley Missed Conversion (0/2)
38mins:02 Huddersfield 06 Wigan 12 Try: Josh Charnley (2)
- Huddersfield 06 Wigan 12 J.Charnley Missed Conversion (0/3)
Half Time Huddersfield Giants 06 Wigan Warriors 12

Huddersfield 10

Wigan 12 Try: Greg Eden

Huddersfield 12

Wigan 12 Conversion: Danny Brough (2/3)
49mins:54 Huddersfield 12 Wigan 16 Try: George Carmont
- Huddersfield 12 Wigan 16 J.Charnley Missed Conversion (0/4)
53mins:16 Huddersfield 12 Wigan 20 Try: Liam Farrell
- Huddersfield 12 Wigan 22 Conversion: Sam Tomkins (1/1)
57mins:42 Huddersfield 12 Wigan 26 Try: George Carmont
- Huddersfield 12 Wigan 26 S.Tomkins Missed Conversion (1/2)
78mins:04 Huddersfield 12 Wigan 30 Try: Jeff Lima
- Huddersfield 12 Wigan 32 Conversion: Sam Tomkins (2/3)
Full Time Huddersfield Giants 12 Wigan Warriors 32

Ben Thaler



Super League 17 - Round 14 Results
Fri 18 May Huddersfield Giants 12 Wigan Warriors 32 10,123
Fri 18 May Salford City Reds 20 Bradford Bulls 20 6,829
Sun 20 May London 12 Hull FC 14 (at Gillingham FC) 3,930
Sun 20 May Hull Kingston Rovers 70 Castleford Tigers 12 7,312
Sun 20 May Widnes Vikings 34 Catalan Dragons 42 4,684
Sun 20 May Wakefield Wildcats 12 Warrington Wolves 42 8,483
Mon 21 May Leeds Rhinos 18 St Helens 31 15,343

Stobart Super League 17 Table - After This Round
- Team P W D L F A Diff Pts
1 Wigan Warriors 14 11 0 3 498 229 +269 22
2 Warrington Wolves 14 10 1 3 437 270 +167 21
3 Huddersfield Giants 14 10 0 4 383 235 +148 20
4 Catalan Dragons 13 10 0 3 433 290 +143 20
5 Hull FC 13 9 1 3 324 250 +74 19
6 St Helens 14 8 1 5 407 247 +160 17
7 Bradford Bulls 14 7 1 6 283 305 -22 15
8 Leeds Rhinos 13 7 0 6 348 273 +75 14
9 Hull Kingston Rovers 14 6 1 7 386 344 +42 13
10 Salford City Reds 14 4 1 9 300 392 -92 9
11 Castleford Tigers 14 4 0 10 256 466 -210 8
12 Wakefield Wildcats 13 3 0 10 218 380 -162 6
13 London Broncos 14 2 0 12 292 451 -159 4
14 Widnes Vikings 14 2 0 12 207 640 -433 4

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