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Wigan RL History - 1933-34 Season

Click to View: 1932-1933 Season or 1934-1935 Season

Wigan Final League Position: 2nd (Coach: Jim Sullivan)
League Champions:
Wigan (4 - 15-13 v Salford)
Challenge Cup Winners: Hunslet (11-5 v Widnes)
Lancashire Cup Winners: Oldham (21-15 v Wigan)
Lancashire League Winners: Salford

1933-1934 Northern Rugby Football League CC = Challenge Cup CPO = Championship Play Off LC = Lancashire Cup
Date Opposition Venue KO


Tries Goals
Sat 26 Aug Warrington Away 3:30 Lost 06-22 - Sullivan 3
Sat 2 Sept London Highfield Home 3:30 Won 43-11 Morley 4, Bennett 3, Twose, Wilson Sullivan 8
Sat 9 Sept St Helens Recreation Away 3:30 Lost 11-12 Morley Sullivan 4
Wed 12 Sept Rochdale Hornets Away 6:00 Lost 05-15 Morley Sullivan 1
Sat 16 Sept Hunslet Home 3:30 Won 53-05 Innes 3, Wilson 2, Gee, Griffiths, Houghton, Morley, Sullivan, Welsby Sullivan 10
Sat 23 Sept Tour: Australia Home 3:30 Lost 04-10 - Sullivan 2
Sat 30 Sept LC R1: Barrow Home 3:30 Won 21-02 Griffiths, Innes, Morley Sullivan 6
Wed 4 Oct Swinton Home 5:30 Won 12-02 Innes, Wilson Innes 3
Sat 7 Oct Hull Away 3:30 Lost 11-15 Davies 2, Morley Mason 1
Sat 14 Oct Widnes Away 3:30 Won 14-07 Howarth, Morley Mason 3, H.Gee 1
Sat 21 Oct Warrington Home 3:00 Lost 06-09 - Sullivan 3
Wed 25 Oct LC SF: Oldham Home 3:00 Lost 15-21 Morley 2, Bennett Sullivan 3
Sat 28 Oct Broughton Rangers Away 3:00 Lost 06-07 - Sullivan 3
Sat 4 Nov Castleford Home 3:00 Won 21-09 Morley 2, Wilson Sullivan 6
Sat 11 Nov Halifax Away 3:00 Lost 10-11 Bennett, Merritt Merritt 2
Sat 18 Nov Barrow Home 2:45 Won 22-08 Innes 2, Davies, Gee Sullivan 5
Sat 2 Dec Leigh Home 2:45 Won 18-10 Bennett, Wilson Sullivan 6
Sat 9 Dec Bradford Northern Home 2:30 Won 49-08 Bennett 3, Davies 2, Gee 2, Howarth 2, Morley, Sullivan Sullivan 8
Sat 16 Dec Featherstone Rovers Away 2:30 Abandoned Morley 2 -

After 61 mins due to Fog. Featherstone led 8-6 - Result Void

Sat 23 Dec Barrow Away 2:30 Lost 08-12 Innes, Morley Sullivan 1
Mon 25 Dec Salford Home 2:30 Won 15-09 Howarth, Mason, Morley Sullivan 3
Tue 26 Dec St Helens Away 2:30 Won 21-08 Sullivan 2, Howarth, Innes, Morley Sullivan 3
Sat 30 Dec Oldham Home 2:30 Won 06-02 Bennett, Mason -
Mon 1 Jan Widnes Home 2:30 Lost 02-03 - Bennett 1
Sat 6 Jan Bradford Northern Away 2:30 Won 30-12 Bennett, Gee, Golby, Morley, Pilling, Sullivan Sullivan 6
Sat 13 Jan St Helens Recreation Home 2:45 Won 21-05 Bennett 2, Case, Howarth, Morley Twose 2, Morley 1
Sat 20 Jan Castleford Away 2:45 Won 09-07 Bennett Sullivan 3
Wed 24 Jan York Away 3:00 Lost 03-13 Bennett -
Sat 27 Jan Rochdale Hornets Home 2:45 Won 28-07 Morley 2, Bennett, Davies, Gee, Kershaw Sullivan 5
Wed 31 Jan London Highfield Away 8:00 Lost 12-30 Davies, Morley Sullivan 3
Sat 10 Feb CC R1: Wakefield Away 3:00 Won 14-07 Case, Morley Sullivan 4
Wed 14 Feb Featherstone Rovers Away 4:00 Won 26-02 Morley 2, Twose 2, Bennett, Howarth Sullivan 9
Sat 17 Feb Broughton Rangers Home 3:30 Won 39-00 Bennett 2, Gee, Howarth, Innes, Mason, Targett Sullivan 9
Sat 24 Feb CC R2: York Home 3:30 Lost 07-13 Twose Sullivan 2
Sat 3 March Featherstone Rovers Home 3:30 Won 45-03 Morley 3, Gee 2, Bennett, Howarth, Kershaw, Twose Sullivan 9
Wed 7 Mar Leigh Away 5:00 Won 09-03 Mason Sullivan 3
Sat 10 Mar Tour: France Home 3:30 Won 30-27 Morley 2, Twose 2, Davies, Howarth Sullivan 6
Sat 17 Mar Swinton Away 3:30 Lost 07-09 Davies Twose 2
Wed 21 Mar York Home 5:00 Won 21-14 Bennett, Case, Davies, Golby, Twose Sullivan 3
Sat 24 Mar Oldham Away 3:30 Postponed Due to Oldham in Challenge Cup Semi Final -
Fri 30 Mar St Helens Home 3:30 Won 27-03 Davies 2, Bennett, Mason, Morley Sullivan 6
Sat 31 Mar Hunslet Away 3:30 Won 25-14 Morley 2, Bennett, Mason, Twose Sullivan 5
Mon 2 April Salford Away 3:30 Won 21-10 Morley 2, Twose 2, Sullivan Sullivan 3
Sat 7 April Halifax Home 3:30 Won 30-00 Davies 3, Morley 2, Gee, Targett, Twose Sullivan 3
Tue 10 Apr Oldham Away 6:00 Won 12-07 Davies, Mason Sullivan 3
Sat 14 April Hull Home 3:30 Won 35-10 Davies 2, Bennett, Gee, Mason, Morley, Seeling Twose 7
Sat 21 April CPO SF: Leeds Home 3:30 Won 14-10 Bennett, Morley Sullivan 4
Sat 28 April CPO Final: Salford Warr'ton 3:30 Won 15-13 Davies, Morley, Targett Sullivan 3

1933-1934 Season Team Sheets List
aalaDatealaa Opponent alllResultIllL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Sat 26 Aug Warr (A) L06-22 SullivanlG3 Davies Wilson Kinnear Twose H.Gee Howarth Mason Price Dixon Davis Jones Griffiths
Sat 2 Sept Lon H (H) W43-11 SullivanlG8 MorleylT4 WilsonlT Davies TwoselT H.Gee BennettlT3 Morgan Welsby Houghton Mason Jones Griffiths
Sat 9 Sept St H R (A) L11-12 SullivanlG4 MorleylT Wilson Davies Pilling Bennett H.Gee Hall Welsby Morgan Mason Jones Griffiths
Wed 12 Sep Roch (A) L05-15 SullivanlG MorleylT Wilson Davies Pilling Howarth H.Gee Hall Welsby Morgan Mason Jones Griffiths
Sat 16 Sep Huns (H) W53-05 SullivanlTlG10 MorleylT WilsonlT2 InneslT3 Davies Howarth H.GeelT HoughtonlT WelsbylT Morgan Mason Jones GriffithslT
Sat 23 Sep Aus (H) L (TOUR) SullivanlG2 Morley Wilson Innes Davies Howarth H.Gee Houghton Welsby Morgan Mason Jones Griffiths
Sat 30 Sep Barr (H) W (LCR1) SullivanlG6 MorleylT Wilson InneslT Davies Howarth H.Gee Houghton Welsby Morgan Mason Jones GriffithslT
Wed 4 Oct Swin (H) W12-02 Howarth Morley WilsonlT InneslTlG3 Davies Bennett H.Gee Houghton Welsby Morgan Mason Jones Griffiths
Sat 7 Oct Hull (A) L11-15 Howarth MorleylT Wilson Innes DavieslT2 Bennett H.Gee Houghton Welsby Morgan MasonlG Jones Griffiths
Sat 14 Oct Wid (A) W14-07 HowarthlT MorleylT Wilson Innes Davies Bennett H.GeelG Houghton Welsby Morgan MasonlG3 Jones Griffiths
Sat 21 Oct Warr (H) L06-09 SullivanlG3 Morley Wilson Innes Davies Bennett H.Gee Houghton Welsby Morgan Mason Jones Griffiths
Wed 25 Oct Old (H) L (LCSF) SullivanlG3 MorleylT2 Wilson Davies Twose BennettlT H.Gee Houghton Welsby Morgan Mason Jones Griffiths
Sat 28 Oct Bro (A) L06-07 SullivanlG3 Morley Wilson Innes Merritt Bennett H.Gee Hall Welsby Morgan Mason Jones Davis
Sat 4 Nov Cas (H) W21-09 SullivanlG6 MorleylT2 WilsonlT Davies Merritt Bennett H.Gee Hall Leonard Gaskell Mason Davis Griffiths
Sat 11 Nov Hal (A) L10-11 Howarth Morley Wilson Davies MerrittlTlG2 BennettlT H.Gee Hall Leonard Gaskell Jones Davis Mason
Sat 18 Nov Barr (H) W22-08 SullivanlG5 DavieslT Wilson InneslT2 Howarth Bennett H.GeelT Hall Leonard Gaskell Mason Davis Griffiths
Sat 2 Dec Leigh (H) W18-10 SullivanlG6 Morley WilsonlT Innes Howarth BennettlT H.Gee Edwards Leonard Hall Mason Davis Griffiths
Sat 9 Dec Brad (H) W49-08 SullivanlTlG8 MorleylT Innes DavieslT2 HowarthlT2 BennettlT3 H.GeelT2 Hall Edwards Mason Gaskell Davis Hathway
Sat 23 Dec Barr (A) L08-12 SullivanlG MorleylT Wilson InneslT Howarth Bennett H.Gee Edwards Leonard Hall Mason Davis Hathway
Mon 25 Dec Salf (H) W15-09 SullivanlG3 MorleylT Wilson Innes HowarthlT Bennett H.Gee Edwards Leonard Hall MasonlT Davis Hathway
Tue 26 Dec St H (A) W21-08 SullivanlT2lG3 MorleylT Wilson InneslT Pilling Bennett HowarthlT Hall Leonard Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Sat 30 Dec Old (H) W06-02 Howarth Pilling Wilson Innes Twose BennettlT Regan Hall Leonard Edwards MasonlT Davis Hathway
Mon 1 Jan Wid (H) L02-03 Howarth Pilling Griffiths Innes Twose BennettlG Regan Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Sat 6 Jan Brad (A) W30-12 SullivanlTlG6 MorleylT Howarth Innes PillinglT BennettlT H.GeelT Targett GolbylT Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Sat 13 Jan St H R (H) W21-05 TwoselG2 CaselT Davies HowarthlT MorleylTlG BennettlT2 H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Sat 20 Jan Cas (A) W09-07 SullivanlG3 Morley Davies Howarth Case BennettlT H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Wed 24 Jan York (A) L03-13 Sullivan Morley Howarth Davies Twose BennettlT H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Sat 27 Jan Roch (H) W28-07 SullivanlG5 MorleylT2 Howarth DavieslT Case BennettlT H.GeelT Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis KershawlT
Wed 31 Jan Lon H (A) L12-30 SullivanlG3 MorleylT Howarth DavieslT Case Bennett H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Kershaw
Sat 10 Feb Wake (A) W (CCR1) SullivanlG4 MorleylT Howarth Innes CaselT Bennett H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Wed 14 Feb Feath (A) W26-02 SullivanlG9 MorleylT2 HowarthlT Innes TwoselT2 BennettlT H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Sat 17 Feb Bro (H) W39-00 SullivanlG9 Morley HowarthlT InneslT Twose BennettlT2 H.GeelT TargettlT Golby Edwards MasonlT Davis Hathway
Sat 24 Feb York (H) L (CCR2) SullivanlG2 Morley Howarth Innes TwoselT Bennett H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Hathway
Sat 3 Mar Feath (H) W45-03 SullivanlG9 MorleylT3 BennettlT Griffiths TwoselT HowarthlT H.GeelT2 Targett Golby Edwards Mason Hathway KershawlT
Wed 7 Mar Leigh (A) W09-03 SullivanlG3 Morley Bennett Davies Twose Howarth H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards MasonlT Hathway Griffiths
Sat 10 Mar Fra (H) W (TOUR) SullivanlG6 MorleylT2 HowarthlT DavieslT TwoselT2 Bennett H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Hathway Davis
Sat 17 Mar Swin (A) L07-09 Howarth Morley Case DavieslT TwoselG2 Bennett H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Hathway Seeling
Wed 21 Mar York (H) W21-14 SullivanlG3 CaselT Howarth DavieslT TwoselT BennettlT H.Gee Targett GolbylT Edwards Mason Davis Seeling
Fri 30 Mar St H (H) W27-03 SullivanlG6 MorleylT Howarth DavieslT2 Twose BennettlT H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards MasonlT Davis Seeling
Sat 31 Mar Huns (A) W25-14 SullivanlG5 MorleylT2 MasonlT Davies TwoselT BennettlT H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Mason Davis Seeling
Mon 2 Apr Salf (A) W21-10 SullivanlTlG3 MorleylT2 Mason Davies TwoselT2 Bennett H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Davis Seeling Hathway
Sat 7 Apr Hal (A) W30-00 SullivanlG3 MorleylT2 Mason DavieslT3 TwoselT Bennett H.GeelT TargettlT Golby Edwards Davis Hathway Seeling
Tue 10 Apr Old (A) W12-07 SullivanlG3 Morley MasonlT DavieslT Twose Bennett H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Davis Hathway Seeling
Sat 14 Apr Hull (H) W35-10 Griffiths MorleylT MasonlT DavieslT2 TwoselG7 BennettlT H.GeelT Targett Golby Edwards Davis Hathway SeelinglT
Sat 21 Apr Leeds (H) W(CPOSF) SullivanlG4 MorleylT Mason Davies Twose BennettlT H.Gee Targett Golby Edwards Hathway Hall Griffiths
Sat 28 Apr Salf (N) W (CPOF) SullivanlG3 MorleylT Mason DavieslT Twose Bennett H.Gee TargettlT Golby Edwards Hathway Davis Griffiths



Tries Goals
Len Mason 46 8 4
Hector Gee 43 11 1
George Bennett 41 25 -
Jack Morley 41 41 1
Jim Sullivan 37 6 159
Gwynne Davies 33 19 -
Billy Howarth 33 10 -
Albert Davis 31 - -
Harold Edwards 30 - -
Reg Hathway 25 - -
Joe Golby 24 2 -
Bill Targett 24 3 -
Dicky Twose 24 12 12
Ossie Griffiths 21 2 -
Gordon Innes 21 10 3
Joe Wilson 21 6 -
Hal Jones 14 - -
Bill Hall 13 - -
Bill Morgan 12 - -
Joe Welsby 12 1 -
Lou Houghton 9 1 -
H Leonard 8 - -
Charlie Seeling 8 1 -
Vernon Case 7 3 -
A Pilling 5 1 -
Bob Gaskell 4 - -
George Kershaw 3 2 -
Bill Merritt 3 1 2
Michael Regan 2 - -
George Dixon 1 - -
Roy Kinnear 1 - -
Billy Price 1 - -

Top Try Scorers


Jack Morley 41
George Bennett 25
Gwynne Davies 19
Dicky Twose 12
Hector Gee 11
Billy Howarth 10
Gordon Innes 10
Len Mason 8
Jim Sullivan 6
Joe Wilson 6
Joe Golby 2
Vernon Case 3
Bill Targett 3
Ossie Griffiths 2
George Kershaw 2
Lou Houghton 1
Bill Merritt 1
A Pilling 1
Charlie Seeling 1
Joe Welsby 1

Top Goal Scorers


Jim Sullivan 159
Dicky Twose 12
Len Mason 4
Gordon Innes 3
Bill Merritt 2
Hector Gee 1
Jack Morley 1

1933-1934 Table

 1 Salford              38 31  1  6  -  715  281       63
 2 Wigan                38 26  0 12  -  739  334       52
 3 Leeds                38 26  0 12  -  597  376       52
 4 Halifax              38 26  0 12  -  457  340       52
 5 York                 38 24  1 13  -  481  370       49
 6 Hunslet              38 23  1 14  -  608  441       47
 7 Widnes               38 21  4 13  -  393  324       46
 8 Warrington           38 22  1 15  -  508  370       45
 9 Swinton              38 22  1 15  -  418  322       45
10 Hull                 38 21  3 14  -  553  438       45
11 Keighley             38 22  1 15  -  429  367       45
12 Huddersfield         38 20  1 17  -  500  330       41
13 St Helens            38 20  0 18  -  550  500       40
14 London Highfield     38 20  0 18  -  509  489       40
15 Oldham               38 17  3 18  -  400  520       37
16 Castleford           38 17  1 20  -  476  468       35
17 Rochdale Hornets     38 17  0 21  -  442  524       34
18 St Helens Rec        38 16  1 21  -  455  477       33
19 Hull Kingston Rovers 38 16  1 21  -  444  482       33
20 Batley               38 16  1 21  -  390  436       33
21 Leigh                38 15  2 21  -  479  537       32
22 Wakefield Trinity    38 15  2 21  -  332  404       32
23 Broughton Rangers    38 15  1 22  -  415  495       31
24 Barrow               38 15  0 23  -  375  464       30
25 Dewsbury             38 12  1 25  -  313  587       25
26 Bramley              38 11  1 26  -  367  790       23
27 Bradford Northern    38  8  0 30  -  337  714       16
28 Featherstone Rovers  38  4  0 34  -  232  734        8
                                   (R.L.Yearbook 1995-96)

Championship Play-Off


    Salford 28 beat Halifax 3.
    Wigan 14 beat Leeds 10.


    Wigan 15 beat Salford 3. - CLICK HERE FOR MATCH DETAILS


Wigan's 4th league title came in 1933-1934, despite a very average start to the campaign. Wigan won just 5 of their first 12 league matches and so it was a dramatic turnaround which saw them claw their way back. Jim Sullivan, who had been a legendary player for over ten years had now, become Wigan's first ever coach in October 1932 and so this was his first full season.

The season began with a poor 22-6 loss at Wilderspool to Warrington, Wigan failing to score a try. The first home match saw the visit of London Highfield. This would have been the "Wigan Derby" clash with Wigan Highfield but they had left the Tunstall Lane ground in Pemberton following financial difficulties and following a takeover they were moved out of town to the White City Greyhound Stadium in London.

London Highfield only lasted one season and were trounced 43-11 on their only visit to Central Park with Jack Morley scoring 4 tries and George Bennett 3. Dicky Twose and Jack Wilson scored a try each with Jim Sullivan kicking 8 goals.

Then came two back to back road losses. A narrow 12-11 loss to St Helens Recreation was followed by a 15-5 loss at Rochdale. Then Wigan hammered Hunslet 53-5 at Central Park. Innes (3), Wilson (2), Gee, Griffiths, Houghton, Morley, Sullivan and Welsby all scored tries with Sullivan kicking 10 goals.

Next came the visit of the touring Australians, who were embarking on a massive 37 game tour of Great Britain and France. They played virtually every club side and against the clubs the 15,172 crowd which turned up at Central Park was only beaten by Salford and Hull. Wigan went down 10-4 despite two goals from Sullivan. The Aussies would go on to be whitewashed 3-0 in the test series against England.

After the tour match Wigan opened their Lancashire Cup campaign with an easy 21-2 victory over Barrow at Central Park. After recieving a bye in round 2 they would crash out in the semi finals against Oldham.

Back in the league Wigan continued to be so inconsistent. They beat Swinton, Widnes, Castleford and Barrow but lost to Hull, Broughton, Warrington and Halifax. As they went into December they must have been well away from the top 4 places needed to make the play offs. Won 6 Lost 7 was not the form of a title chasing side. In fact Wigan at this stage of the season had already lost more matches than league leaders Salford would lose in the entire regular season.

But Christmas is so often an important period in these title campaigns and Wigan scrapped out some important results. December began with the visits of Leigh and Bradford to Central Park. Leigh were beaten 18-10 before Bradford got smacked 49-8 thanks to another hatrick from George Bennett. Gwynne Davies (2), Hector Gee (2), Howarth (2), Morley and Sullivan also scored tries with Sullivan adding 8 goals.

After a week off Wigan went into the Christmas period facing 5 matches in 10 days. First up was a trip to Barrow's new Craven Park ground which had opened two years earlier. This was our third visit there and like the previous two visits we lost, this time 8-12.

Christmas Day and it was league leaders Salford who visited Central Park. Wigan fought out a 15-9 win with tries from Howarth, Mason and Morley and perhaps it was this result which gave the team, the belief they could challenge for the play offs.

Boxing Day saw us travel to St Helens and a 21-8 victory was sealed with tries from Jim Sullivan (2), Howarth, Innes and Jack Morley. Two days later they won narrowly 6-2 against Oldham at Watersheddings before a tight 3-2 defeat to Widnes on New Years Day.

Wigan then beat Bradford, St Helens Recs, Castleford and Rochdale in January but suffered defeats away at York and London Highfield. All the defeats were coming away from home. The only home league defeat of the year was the 3-2 loss to Widnes.

Into February and Wigan really needed a big run of wins to make the play offs. Salford were well clear at the top and behind them it was tight for the top 4. Despite being knocked out of the cup against York, Wigan finished the regular season by winning 11 of the last 12 league matches. Featherstone (twice) and Broughton were comprehensively beaten before a 9-3 win at Leigh. Then they lost in a tight game away at Swinton 9-3.

Then came four games over the Easter period which were pivotal in this title success. York and Hunslet were chasing the top 4 play off spots and Wigan faced them in a tough run which included the Good Friday derby and a clash with league leaders Salford on Easter Monday..

First York, who had beaten Wigan in January and also knocked them out of the Challenge Cup, travelled to Central Park. Bennett, Case, Davies, Golby and Twose scored the tries that sealed a 21-14 win. Then Saints came to Central Park for a 27-3 hammering, this time Davies (2), Bennett, Mason and Morley scored in an easy win. It was the next day, Easter Saturday, that Wigan travelled to Hunslet and beat them 25-14. Morley (2), Bennett, Mason and Twose scored in that match.

That hatrick of victories sent Wigan away to league leaders Salford in great spirits. Salford were 11 points clear of Wigan and top spot in the table was already secured for them but it was still a great victory when Wigan came away with a 21-10 win.

We still had work to do to make the play offs but victories in the final three games over Halifax, Oldham and Hull saw Wigan finish 2nd in the table.

In the Semi Finals of the play offs Wigan met Leeds at Central Park. Only points difference separated the teams going into the match and in a tight game Wigan went into the final with a 14-10 win. Bennett and Morley scored the tries with Jim Sullivan kicking 4 goals. In the other semi final Salford hammered Halifax 28-3 at the Willows.

Into the Final and we were very much the underdog but Salford had been beaten by Wigan twice in the regular season. The match was played on a blustery afternoon at Wilderspool in Warrington. The Salford team included Rugby League hall of famer Gus Risman and they were coached by former Wigan player Lance Todd. Risman though would have a nightmare in this one, missing four penalty shots in the first half. Salford had forced Wigan to face the strong wind but this move backfired as Wigan took total control. 10 minutes in and Gwynne Davies raced away for an interception try which together with Jim Sullivan's conversion made it 5-0. It was still nip and tuck until just before the break a Salford error was punished. Jack Morley collected a loose pass and then kicked ahead and touched down his own kick which rested nicely in the in-goal. Sullivan again converted to send us in 10-0 ahead.

The Reds came out stronger second half and scored early through Stand Off Emlyn Jenkins but another missed kick from Risman would provide a big lift for Wigan. They defended brilliantly until the final 10 minutes when a drop goal (worth two points) from Jim Sullivan would forced Salford to scored two converted tries and considering Risman's nightmare it wasn't likely. A last minute try from Bill Targett sealed Wigan's fourth championship with 31,564 watching.

1933-1934 End of Season Friendly
Date Opposition Venue


Tries Goals
Sat 12 May Irish Hospitals Trust Cup: Warrington Shelbourne Park, Dublin Won 32-19 (Unknown) Sullivan 7

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